User Roles

• This is a paid user role
• Full access to everything, billing, plan changes, credit card info
• All employee data.
• Change subscription plan

• This is a paid user role
• Add and delete employees
• Add Schedules
• Create task.
• Add and Remove Users
• Add and Remove Employees
• Add and Remove Crews
• Multi-Crew Viewing on one screen
• Approving time inside Time Tracker

Crew Leader
• This is a paid user role
• Can only view their schedule
• Can only add their crews time to Time Tracker
• Can view and download pictures and documents
• Add actual time worked to a task for P&L calculations

• This role is included in all plans
• Only one Auditor per Subscription
• View only
• Download Task and Schedules

• Not Concerned a user role
• Unlimited amount of employees
• Employees are assigned to crews for Time Tracking

FeaturesAdministratorSupervisorCrew Leader
Change Subscriptionx  
Adding/Viewing Credit Cardsx  
Adding Paid Usersxx 
Adding Employeesxx 
Adding Schedulesxx 
Adding Taskxx 
Creating Estimatesxx 
Creating Crewsxx 
View Multiple Crews Schedulexx 
Rescheduling and Moving Taskxx 
Approving Time in Time Trackerxxx
Adding Time to Time Trackerxxx
Changing Status of a Taskxxx
Adding Actual Time Workedxxx
View and Download Documentsxxx
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