Pro Crew Schedule's Crew Leader Access

Keep close attention and incorporate a personalized approach when managing field production and monitoring project status with Pro Crew Schedule.

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Project Management

Monitor Daily Site Activities and Progress

With Pro Crew Schedule, you can easily monitor and update daily site activities and progress by doing construction logs to check what items were accomplished for the day, week, or month. Update the status of each task through the list and calendar views - pending, in progress, complete or on-hold. 

Gain Access to Critical Documents

Anyone in the project team may access every aspect of the project on the web, no matter where they are. Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based software allows you to upload and review critical documents and files.

Keep Open Communication with Your Stakeholders

Your project stakeholders have a significant impact and can affect the project's progress and outcome. Keep your stakeholders well-informed and engaged with the overall project status and real-time updates readily available through the cloud. 

Analyze Project Data to Get Critical Insights

Pro Crew Schedule records critical information that keeps you informed about the status and progress of your project. Getting a behind-the-scenes view of your team's productivity can help you guarantee client satisfaction and exceed client expectations. 

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Inventory Management

Efficiently Monitor Your Inventory and Equipment

Easily track the movement of all your construction assets. From delivery, warehouse storage, and material usage, be alert about how your construction crew handles the onsite materials, tools, and equipment.

Optimize Inventory Control

Keep your inventory levels at optimum and track material consumption per activity to boost transparency and accountability within the team. Set up a low stock alert for materials and receive an alert when inventories reach a specific minimum volume and need to be reordered.

Construction Crew Management

Manage Employee Records

Maintain and safeguard every employee's information in one secure, centralized digital platform like Pro Crew Schedule. Employee information, such as start date, pay rate, last raise, and termination date, is easily accessible and safely secured. This data can be categorized by the crew or job title.

Keep Track and Assign Work Shifts

With Pro Crew Schedule, you can easily keep track and allocate tasks to your construction crew. Get detailed information on assigning and distributing tasks daily or weekly without the risk of overloading or double-booking a specific team. 

Efficient Tasks Management

One of the most daunting jobs when managing construction used to be task scheduling. With Pro Crew Schedule, you can have an overall view of your tasks management system and observe if a worker is overloaded or underloaded with workloads and modify accordingly. You will also be able to identify which crews excel at a specific task. 

Control Your Workflow Processes

Gain control over your workflow processes by breaking down your construction milestones into smaller tasks. Get a bird-eyes view on how your tasks and activities are connected and add start and end dates. You can visualize your workflow process will progress and be able to create accurate timelines.

With Pro Crew Schedule’s powerful features, you can have a clear grasp of how your project works. Its color-coding scheme and simple user interface offer a real-time birds-eye perspective of how the project progresses and which activities are crucial for completion, allowing you to manage your project efficiently and effectively.

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