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Construction Crew Time Tracking Made Simple

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Get valuable crew management and labor productivity insights through real-time updates from Pro Crew Schedule’s time tracking feature.

Streamline Your Crew Management Processes

Easily Track Time While on the Move

With Pro Crew Schedule's built-in time tracker, crew leaders can log each team member's work hours with just a few simple clicks. This cloud-based construction management software is easily accessible through desktop and mobile apps, regardless of where you may be. 

Digital Timecards

Track time for your whole organization without having to pay for each individual crew member. A supervisor, administrator, or crew leader can access the time tracking schedule and ensure accuracy when logging in work hours. It eliminates the need to pass paperwork back and forth, turn in timesheets for the cut-off dates, and risk document mishandling. Everything is readily available through the cloud.

Fast-Track Approvals

Easily check and balance each crew's work hours for accountability and transparency. Supervisors or administrators get notified when a crew leader logs data for approval and can approve, edit, or decline each log with a simple click.

Keep Track of Billable Hours

You won't have to be worried about missing a payment ever again. You can keep track and evaluate a crew member's billable hours for a certain period or cut-off date in order to adequately compensate them for their time and work.  

Work Smarter: Gain All the Information You Need

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Track Time for a Specific Project or Tasks

Time may be allocated to activities, projects, work orders, customers, or places. You can examine how much time your team spends on various projects and specific tasks, as well as how long a job may take to be done.

Plan an Efficient Tasks Delegation System

With automatic time-tracking, it lets you know which team excels in a specific project or task. Knowing how to place the right team member for the right job can significantly increase work morale, individual performance, and overall project productivity.

Monitor Your Profitability Margins

Monitor labor expenses in real-time, identify at-risk scopes of work and respond quickly to make choices that benefit the budget and profitability of your project. From a desktop or mobile device, both employees in the office or onsite can make sound and tactical business decisions based on real-time information and high project visibility.

Keep Your Productivity Levels on Track

Ensure that your project is steadily progressing while keeping budget and schedule on track by reviewing budgeted hours versus actual hours worked. With high visibility on your productivity levels through time-tracking, you can set a realistic production target and track the daily progress of each task against those goals.

Analyze Time Records to Get Critical Insights

Pro Crew Schedule records valuable data that lets you know how each team works for activities and tasks. Getting an inside look at your crew's productivity can help you optimize your workflows, create a better working environment, and get projects done successfully within budget and time constraints.

Pro Crew Schedule supports you in keeping track of all areas of your construction crew management, no matter how large or complicated your projects are. Efficiently manage your project to ensure it is completed on schedule and under budget while maintaining unsurpassed quality standards.

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