Pro Crew Schedule's Software Views

Stay on top of everything. Get a bird's eye view of every project's intricate detail and technical aspects across your organization with Pro Crew Schedule's list and calendar views. 

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Use Different Views Depending on the Information You Need

Choose the perfect view for your management needs and effortlessly switch between them to see project details and information in a new light, filter, or group. 

List View 

Get a general detailed view of what is happening in your project, be it hourly, daily, or weekly.

Calendar View

Displays date-driven tasks as events in a week or month calendar for a complete overall view of the project progress. 

Pro Crew Schedule offers an extensive combination of features to help you efficiently manage your project:

Filters and Group 

Customize which data you want to see and how you want to see it, either for a specific date range or a specific crew. 

Activity Tracking

Keep track of recent changes, tasks that need to be completed, and updates.

Progress Tracking

Update task status, check off completed tasks, and track overall project progress. 

Concentrate on the Big Picture of the Project

Sync Across All Devices

Organize your tasks, lists, and calendar with one easy-to-use software. Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based platform allows you to sync seamlessly across all your devices, no matter where you are. Whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, easily access essential data.

Get a Big-picture View of Progress

No more of those dreaded meetings are required. Get real-time status updates and visual highlights to see where each task is and identify projects at risk with lists or calendar views.

Effectively and Efficiently Hit Your Construction Deadlines

View all your construction crew's tasks and activities in a single, robust software. Keep track of every progress and make educated strategies so you can hit your construction deadlines every time.

Access Relevant Data and Information

Pro Crew Schedule allows you to attach all relevant files in every task, visible in both list and calendar views, to anyone who may need it. Reduce the risk of document mishandling - no more searching for critical records that may be hidden in emails, folders, or message threads.

Stay Organized and In Command

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Keep Track of Your Scheduling

Never miss an important task or double-book a schedule again. Pro Crew Schedule's list and calendar views allow you to keep track of the status of every task scheduled to keep you from missing deadlines. 

Boost Productivity

Perform a weekly task review, visualization, and progress tracking to determine how productive you and your team are. You can plan the job the way you want with a real-time, overall view of how your project works.

Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

With Pro Crew Schedule's color-coded scheme, you can easily see which of your teams excels in a specific task and can effectively hit their deadlines. Having a clear overview of the project increases accountability and task ownership among the crew, improving teamwork and collaboration throughout the project duration. 

Automate Your Workflows

Connect your productivity tools and make your workflows automated with Zapier. Pro Crew Schedule can be integrated into thousands of applications, allowing you to focus more on how to run your project instead of keeping an eye on all the intricate details. 

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