Pro Crew Schedule's Document Management

Create, organize, and store crucial documents and information in a single resource through Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based platform.

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Go Digital with Your Document Management System

Centralized Document Management

Store, organize, and manage all critical data and documents in one single platform. You can access and retrieve records in a few simple steps to receive a copy of the most recent file versions. 

Limitless Document Storage

Pro Crew Schedule offers limitless storage for any document - from job images, estimates and quotations, contracts and invoices, maps, blueprints, to other designs or plans. Never lose or misplace an important document ever again. 

Easily Access Your Documents

Keep your files easily accessible throughout your company. Quickly locate and browse files and documents arranged on a micro-and macro-level. Electronic documents with varied permission levels are available to your stakeholders and team members.

Remove the Barrier Between the Office and Field 

Capture what's going on in the field and efficiently display the project progress in the software. Keep your stakeholders up to date with real-time updates and get a comprehensive overview of what is happening within your project. 

Improve Transparency and Accountability

Keep open communication and close collaboration with your stakeholders across all projects. Secure and control each documents' access at the levels of individual employees, crews, partners, projects, locations, and more.

Upload Files on the Go

With Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based platform, you can easily upload files anytime, anywhere. This platform allows you and your team to access documents and references from the office, field, or home via a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Eliminate the need of tediously passing paperwork back and forth.

Increase Project Visibility Throughout Your Organization

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Optimize Your Process Workflows

Pro Crew Schedule can be integrated into thousands of productivity tools, software, and apps through Zapier, including QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and MailChimp. This key feature makes it easier to streamline the task of managing data, documents, and files across multiple platforms. 

Stay on Track

Capture, organize, and exchange data in documents, keeping everyone aware of what is going on in the project. Avoid document mismanagement and mishandling which can disrupt your project cycle. Pro Crew Schedule's list and calendar views allow you to keep track of your team's progress at any time and what exactly they are working on.

Increase Your Construction Crew's Productivity

Remove obstacles, misinformation, and allow your construction crew to swiftly access the data they need to be productive and keep tasks moving. Files are easily accessible and immediately shared with the teams who require them.

Sound Decision-Making Process

Making decisions has always been a part of any business, regardless of industry. Having access to all project aspects and documentation can assist you in making sound business decisions that will ensure your project's success.

When it comes to managing construction projects, your data is your most valuable asset. However, with the increasing digitalization of the construction industry, the traditional ways of keeping paper files on essential documents are now gone. With Pro Crew Schedule, keep your team on the same page and easily access, communicate, and collaborate on every file – at home, in the office, or on the field, wherever you may be.

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