Pro Crew Schedule's Tasks Management

Get real-time project visibility on your entire construction operations through Pro Crew Schedule's task management system.

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Organize Tasks and Get More Done in Less Time

Keep All Your Tasks in One, Single Platform

Stay on schedule by allocating and monitoring tasks in one single-source solution. With a cloud-based platform, data is synced across all devices and all team members. Say goodbye to missing deadlines, forgetting tasks, and frantically searching for information.

Retain Your Project at Your Fingertips

You can monitor, manage, update, and review your team's work on the go using a desktop and mobile, no matter where you are. Maintain an accurate view of your project's progress at all times. 

Breakdown your Workflows

Break down large projects into more minor activities to increase productivity and efficiency. Pro Crew Schedule allows you to categorize each task by construction crews to track who is working on what, when, and how it fits into the bigger picture. 

Track and Review All Assigned Tasks

Track and review all tasks assigned to you or your team in one place. Increase accountability and transparency through task assignments, which allows your team members to take ownership of the job.

Prioritize Critical Tasks

Task tracking allows you and your stakeholders to see which tasks are most essential or time intensive. See which critical tasks may have potential issues and strategize accordingly. 

Never Miss a Deadline

With Pro Crew Schedule, you can easily assign tasks to team members. Its automation system hinders you from overworking or double booking a specific crew and allows you to adjust accordingly. Set deadlines for all projects and subtasks and keep track of them with simple list and calendar views.

Improve Team Collaboration

For quick filing, share files and maintain all necessary documents categorized by task, crew, or project. Get all information across to those who need it to improve productivity and team collaboration. 

Keep Track of Every Movement of Every Task

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Track Your Team's Progress Anytime, Anywhere

In just a few clicks, you may check on the status of your team's projects. With Pro Crew Schedule's basic yet intuitive dashboard, you can quickly check status changes and updates on crew duties at a glance.

Utilize Daily Lists

Edit and add everything you need to get done today, tomorrow, and every day, or by the hour. Crew leaders can update tasks by changing the status - either pending, in progress, completed, or on hold. 

Color-Coded Scheme

With Pro Crew Schedule's built-in color-coded scheme, you can quickly get an overview of the workload for each crew and its progress. See which team excels in their work and review which tasks need additional support. 

Automate Tasks

Pro Crew Schedule allows you to create the flow of your tasks by inputting the preceding and succeeding tasks for a specific activity. If the previous tasks are still in progress, the software will notify you that you will be unable to proceed with the task at hand. 

Pro Crew Schedule’s task management system lets you get a clear picture of how your project progresses. You will be able to optimize and streamline your task management system with access to critical data and insights, ensuring high-quality projects are finished on time and on budget.

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