Pro Crew Schedule's Unified Search Feature

With Pro Crew Schedule's new search feature, you can easily find all tasks scheduled for any job or project and search by date range.

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Single Source of Information

With everyone easily having access to the same and latest data and information, there is no room for miscommunication, misinformation, and errors.

Unified Search

Pull up critical information based on specific search terms for your entire team and organization. Maintain task tracking and monitoring across projects, assignees, location, description keywords, and more.

Search List

Search lists are tasks that meet the criteria you specified to display in a list view. Create a search list to quickly locate any specific group of tasks that you need to access. 

Search Terms

Using the right search term speeds up the process of finding exactly what you're looking for. You have the option of narrowing or broadening your search by entering the builder's name, location, or even a description.

Date Range

Look for a specific task in a given timeframe that you choose. Depending on the information you need, you can access tasks on a daily, weekly, or even on a monthly basis.

Search Quicker with a Few Simple Clicks

Find what you’re looking for at a faster rate. You can now search across your projects and the entire organization using unified search, resulting in a more accessible, efficient, and more thorough search experience.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.


Once you find a particular task, you can easily add, edit, reschedule, and view documents and attachments—no more rummaging through multiple files, folders, and emails looking for specific documents or information. 


With task scheduling, inventory management, and notifications all included in Pro Crew Schedule, knowing where everything should be at any given time has never been easier. Every team member can easily access required information with the search feature. Keep track of your workflows and see which tasks are slowing down the project's development.


Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based platform offers a convenient approach to obtaining relevant data, documents, and attachments with a few simple clients. Simply search for a specific task and get the information you need through desktop, tablet, or mobile apps. 


Construction professionals will find Pro Crew Schedule to be intuitive and straightforward to use. You can use its comprehensive search feature to look for data based on a search term, eliminating the need to retain all of the ever-increasingly complex detailed information.

Pro Crew Schedule allows you to search for tasks quickly across your organization. Even if you are handling various projects at different locations at the same time, its unified search feature will enable you to pull up a specific task and access all relevant information at once. 

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