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See Your Project's Progress from Every Angle

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Pro Crew Schedule’s Task View gives you a bird’s eye perspective of every task, allowing you to keep track of every progress and stop bottlenecks before they even start. 

Access Critical Facts at a Glance

Each task card offers essential metrics for each activity at a quick look. From the dates, durations, and status to the customer, address, area, and specific crew, you can easily view all the data associated with the task.

Get A Wider Perspective with a Single Click

You will find a whole ecosystem of things like attachments, notes, descriptions, picklists, or task assignments with just a click. Quickly fill in or change details about the project's tasks if necessary.

Filter Out All Relevant Tasks

You can retrieve all tasks related to the project you need by entering an address or a date period. Sort and filter all the relevant tasks you need to view for your specific project.

Find Out Right Away How Each Task is Going

When a crew starts working on a task, you or your team member can change the status from "pending" to "in progress." When it is done, you can change it to "completed." This feature makes it effortless for you and your team to see the progress of each task, check if it is finished on time, and figure out where the problems are.

Organize Your Project into Smaller, Easier to Handle Tasks

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Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Task cards contain every detail of the task at hand. It allows you to streamline and optimize how you handle your project by keeping everyone on the team on the same page, managing expectations, and ensuring everyone knows their role.

Promotes a More Collaborative Environment

When everyone on a team works toward the same goal and has the same priorities and goals, projects tend to go more smoothly. This feature makes it easier to communicate and see how things are going. It ensures that the team's goals and objectives stay the same throughout the project and lets you track the progress of tasks in the workflow.

Breakdown Communication Barriers

This feature lets you keep track of how your work is going without bothering other people. It makes it easier to keep everyone up to date when things change, so you do not have to call hour-long meetings every time you need an update on the project or want to let the right teams know about any changes.

Prevent Any Roadblocks in Your Project

Pro Crew Schedule makes it easier for project managers to find slowdowns and bottlenecks that cause enormous delays. You can see who is working on a card and where a project has stopped. From there, you can talk to the teams to find out what's causing the delays and devise a plan to fix the problem that's causing them.

Assign the Right Tasks to the Right Team

The task card view makes it easy to see how each crew performs on a given task. Before giving a team a task, you can set the estimated time and due date. If the team takes longer than the time you gave them, then you might have a team member who needs more training, or you might have overestimated the size of your team when you planned your projects.

Increases Accountability and Independence

This feature strengthens accountability because everyone can see what is happening. Since we know who is working on what, people often take pride in their work. It can help workers control their day-to-day work with less top-management interference.

Continues Learning and Improvement

Since you can quickly see potential delays in your tasks, you can figure out what is going wrong and strategize accordingly. You can better understand how your teams work and where you can help them improve.

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