Unassigned Tasks

Like supply and demand, the Unassigned Task feature is a great way to plan work for tasks that still need to be assigned when you are not sure who should do the job.

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Plan By Creating Unassigned Tasks

With Pro Crew Schedule's new feature, you can create an unassigned task if it cannot be done yet, or you will assign it to someone new. Having unassigned tasks allows you to keep track of your activities, even if you have yet to determine the exact plan. This way, you can account for the resources needed to complete it once you start putting it together.

Create Your Work Breakdown Structures with Unassigned Tasks

You can make a WBS now with Unassigned Tasks and give resources later. You can plan your project from start to finish, see what activities you need to do, and create your schedule, budget, and scope baselines.

Evaluate If The Project is Right For Your Organization

Before accepting or rejecting a project, this workflow makes it easy to get a sense of whether your organization's currently available resources can handle the project's schedule, demands, and requirements.

Use Unassigned Tasks as Project Notes

It can be hard to decide who to give a job to because it is only sometimes doable immediately once you create it and identify the person to do it. In these situations, you can leave a job open so that it can be claimed or given later. You can use unassigned tasks as project notes or open-ended tasks or keep track of future ideas that still need a plan.

Easy Access and Visibility

When you go to the task view page, you can easily see the list of all unassigned tasks. You can easily monitor the tasks that have yet to be assigned to anyone and update them with just a few simple clicks.

Efficient Project Planning

If you often use the same layout for your projects, you can create a template to streamline the way you plan your projects. Unassigned tasks can help you efficiently and effectively plan out your tasks, resources, and timelines. You can check which tasks need specific resources or teams and plan accordingly.

Check Your Current Workload

You can check your organization's current workload and see which crews will be freed up and which ones you can assign to the new tasks. Having an itemized list where you can see all your pending workload can help you know which tasks need to be prioritized or which ones need to be assigned.

Perfect Your Processes

This list can help you fix bugs, make more complex assignments, or figure out why some tasks are not being given.

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How to Access Your Unassigned Tasks

Creating Unassigned Tasks

First, get into your Schedule View and typically create a task. You can clear out the date, time, and crew assigned or any combination of the information you have.

Accessing The List

In the upper right corner, click "Show Unassigned Tasks" to get a quick overview of all the tasks waiting to be assigned.

Assigning Your Tasks

You can easily update your tasks once you have finalized your schedules, allocated resources, or assigned your crews. Once you have assigned it, it will be reflected immediately in a specific time frame or on a crew's dashboard. If you prefer to plan your project plans and work breakdown structures (WBS) first and then do your resource planning, then unassigned tasks are a great choice to lead your project to success.

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