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Pro Crew Schedule's Time Off Request Management has made managing employee requests easier than ever. Reduce the time wasted on paper forms and spreadsheets using automated time-off request management software.

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Streamline Your Employee's Leave Monitoring Experience

Whether paid, unpaid, ill, or business-specific leave of absence, improve your employee leave monitoring experience. Get rid of all the tedious, laborious, inefficient practices of manually checking records for your leave balances or chasing after your boss to approve leaves. Easily file and monitor time-off requests with just a few simple clicks.

Managing Your Crew Has Never Been Simpler and Easier

Pro Crew Schedule's cloud-based time-off request management solution allows both employees and managers to clearly view their pending requests, records, and remaining vacations and sick leaves to provide total visibility and accurate data for employees on leave or absent.

Made Specially for Managing Interns

Apprenticeship training is a type of education that combines on-the-job training with technical education in the classroom. If you have interns on the job, this feature was intended to allow apprentices to efficiently manage their time working on the job while also attending college. It's also utilized for vacations, leaves, doctor's visits, and other excuses to miss work.

Efficient and Simple Time-Off Monitoring System

Say goodbye to time-consuming pen-and-paper monitories and spreadsheets. Its cloud-based system only takes a few clicks to create a leave and absence report. Employee trends, plans made, leaves tracked, personnel in danger of burnout identified, and other valuable insights may be discovered.

Reduce the Number of Unauthorized Leaves and absences

Unexpected leaves and absences are costly to the company. Business interruption, overtime, missed deadlines, or customer displeasure are all substantial indirect absence costs. An efficient time-off request management system where project managers can access data on each employee's behavior and patterns can help reduce unplanned absences.

By effectively managing your personnel, you can make your company as efficient and productive as possible.

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How Pro Crew Schedule's Time Off Requests Work

Employee Requests

Employees can book their requests with just a few simple clicks. Just log into the software and select the date range or hours they require using a simple calendar format and add any comments or specifics. They can also see all of their previous requests in one place.

Check and Balances

If a task is scheduled for the day requested off, the employees will be prompted to choose a different day or period for their time-off request. If they genuinely require a time off, they can request that the job be rescheduled through the scheduling administrator. Similarly, an error will occur if an employee has previously filed time off on a given day and a scheduling administrator attempts to schedule a task

Manager-Level Visibility

Pro Crew Schedule will notify you immediately when you have a pending request. Managers can evaluate the employee's time off request, recent history, and who is out that day. You can also provide private remarks on the request for your own records, which you can share with the employee.

Approval workflows

Project managers will get the necessary information immediately after registering the request time. With a simple click, managers may accept time-off requests. When they decline a request, they can explain why and return it for modification. Pro Crew Schedule's automated time-off request management system saves time and improves efficiency.

Alerts and Notifications

After the leave has been accepted, the employee is notified and added to the employee's history, ensuring correct recordkeeping standards are followed. Crew calendars, project reports are also simultaneously updated.

How Pro Crew Schedule's Time Off Requests Work

Easy to Use

Requesting and authorizing time off is easier with employee self-service. The process is simple and quick, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and inefficient communication. Employees won't have to chase down approvers to find out the status of their time-off request since they are notified once there is a movement on their request.

Accuracy and Visibility

Time-off policies help you manage leave requests consistently and adequately. All approved, pending, canceled, and refused requests will be visible to both managers and employees. You can also utilize the procedure to specify how the time off will be used, whether paid time-off, vacation leave, sick time, or unpaid time off, and automatically adjust balances accordingly.


Employees may check on the status of any request for time off or vacation, whether authorized or rejected, without disturbing you. They can update a pending request or mark it as canceled if their plans alter. Managers and supervisors can also undertake follow-up work for their direct subordinates, provided you give them permission.


Requesting, evaluating, and granting time off in seconds reduces admin time. Accessing data from many devices leads to increased efficiency and speed. Manual involvement is reduced, allowing everyone to focus on the tasks.

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