Request Time Off

You can use this feature to request vacation time, days off, school schedule or a doctors appointment.

Step 1 

Login to your account. (Only users with logins and request time off.) 

Click on the “Account” button

Step 2 

Click “Request Time Off

Step 3 

Select the date field and choose the day or days you are resting off

Step 4 

Choose the time you need off or select All Day

Step 5 

Type in a Reason for the time off

Step 6 

Click the submit button

Step 7 

Now that you have submitted your time off request ,it was sent to your supervisor or an Admin for approval.

Step 8 

For Supervisor role or Admin role only for Steps 8-

When a Crew Member or employee requests time off , you will see an icon alerting you to a new request.

Step 9 

Click on Time Request

Step 10 

You will see a list of Time Off Request and have been approved, rejected or pending

To see the reason why someone is requesting time off, click “view” , we hide the reason by default in case it’s a personal matter.

Approve or Decline the request

Step 11 

Everything is done 

Supervisor or Admin view 

Employee View

  • If a task is already scheduled for the day the employee requests off, they will receive an error message asking them to select another date. 
  • If there is an approved time off request, you can not schedule a task for that time frame. You will receive an error message tell you the employee is scheduled off.

Watch it in Action

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