What to Expect When Using Cloud for Your Landscaping Business?
What to Expect When Using Cloud for Your Landscaping Business?

What to Expect When Using Cloud for Your Landscaping Business?


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With the revival of home enhancements, landscaping services have increased as more people take on lawn and garden projects. According to a report, annual revenue has grown to several million over the last few years, and the industry continues to expand.

The confidence in the landscaping industry continues to grow, and many landscaping business owners are expected to be bombarded with project requests from homeowners. And as clients come and go, the question of growing a landscaping company becomes a big deal and growth is a favorite thing to discuss.

Growth is necessary, especially in a landscaping business like yours, and it requires effort and takes longer to achieve. But don’t worry because business growth can be achieved in many ways. And cloud technologies will give be the fitting solution you will ever have.

In this article, discover and learn how the cloud impacts your business, how it forever changed the industry, and what future cloud trends you will expect in the near future.

How Cloud Solutions Impact Your Business?


Did you know that 60% of the world’s corporate data is stored via the cloud? And it only means that your company will utilize a cloud solution one way or another. Cloud solutions are often available as web-based or mobile solutions, running on flexible architecture and leveraging automation. The goal of these solutions is to adapt and serve your landscaping business.

Do you have cloud solutions in mind right now? If not, then the following are some of the solutions you will most likely adopt for your business:

  • SaaS products (Software-as-a Service)
  • Cloud services for sharing, updating, and storing data and files, like construction schedule software and other project management tools.
  • Cloud computing for processing data and providing server infrastructure.

Even email and other applications do exist in the cloud today. So, you better keep up with the trends and new technologies today. You have to know what they are, their purposes, their advantages and how your business can benefit from the cloud. And this is very necessary, especially when you aim to scale up your landscaping business and thrive in the future. Always know that it is important to have comprehensive and inclusive technology knowledge and strategy, especially nowadays.


Cloud Has Forever Changed the Industry


The cloud is so much more than what you think. It is more than just a favorable way of storing and accessing your company’s digital assets. The truth is it forever changed the industry, and it is for the better. Below you can see how much impact the cloud has in some of the most important aspects of a business – proving that it is a vital investment for all modern businesses.


1. High level of efficiency

Now phones and tablets are being used nowadays in many settings. Your team also uses their devices to create estimates, communicate with other coworkers, and get the information to the clients with a few clicks. But with a cloud-enabled crew dispatching software like Pro Crew Schedule, your team can have full functionalities and create estimates quickly.

And instant access to info creates efficiency and ensures a better experience for your clients. Again, things can be done on a snap, digitally. And it means there will be less room for errors and quicker turnaround times, so you can close any deal immediately and get that new client straight to the platform.


2. Enhanced security

The lack of security is a primary concern for all types of businesses today as the dangers posed by many cybercriminals possess the possibility to destroy your landscaping business. Unless your company is air-gapped, security threats are real, and when you remove access to the information, you ignore the advantages of sharing information.

Cloud technologies offer the best of both worlds since most tech providers focus more on enhancing their security barriers to protect their platforms. And this provides a more improved and enhanced security. As a matter of fact, 94% of businesses stated they experienced enhanced security after transitioning to a cloud solution.


3. A more productive team

Having a cloud software solution like construction employee scheduling software in place can mean so much to your team. Again, people need instant information right away. So, your team members expect quick replies and faster turnarounds occasionally. And only with cloud software accessibility becomes easier, and communication with one another becomes easier. So, expect to have a boost of team effort and productivity in time.

Cloud solutions can significantly increase the outputs of your workforce. And in many cases, they have enabled new ways of operating the business and people as one. 


4. Lower costs

Cloud-based applications cost much less than typical software in the market these days. As a small landscaping business, big organizations do not spend the same amount of capital on software solutions. And the gap is so apparent.

But cloud applications change the game. It closes the gap by designing and providing quality industry software solutions at a fraction of the costs. And with increased efficiency and low costs, cloud solutions are the most preferred long-term investment.

5. Create a virtualized environment

52% of top businesses today turn to cloud software to speed up innovation and lessen time to market. Most cloud solutions today offer features that can help you create virtualized environments tailored to your business needs. And this ultimately allows you to create environments according to your taste but with a quicker set-up and more flexibility.

Pro Crew Schedule is a leading choice as a cloud-based platform. This one-stop software solution acts as a central hub – where everyone can communicate and connect anytime and anywhere. This construction dispatching and scheduling software is perfect for fostering an environment that ties people together, making exchanging important project updates easier and flawless.  


6. Ensure Business Continuity

As a business owner of a landscaping company, you already know that building resiliency is key to reducing expensive downtime that can impact your company’s revenue, productivity and brand reputation. When you use cloud technologies, you can rest assured that you can achieve that resiliency. And it all starts with how your data is protected against human errors, power outages, malicious acts, and damages with cloud technology.

And having that level of protection indicates that your business can thrive over the years. Only with the cloud is a guaranteed continuity of your landscaping business and flowing revenue.


The Future of Digital Transformation – What We Know Yet


Cloud technologies have come a long way in a short time. And there is no doubt that the cloud will significantly revolutionize the business industry for years. To better understand the future of cloud technology, take a closer look at the upcoming trends and assess one.


1. Hybrid or Multi-Cloud

The most anticipated scenario is that multi-cloud will become the norm in cloud solutions. Actually, 90% of large enterprises have already adopted multi-cloud infrastructures. In no time, businesses of all types and sizes will increasingly use multiple private and public clouds to meet their specific needs. On the other hand, the hybrid will become even more common as industries move more of their workloads via the cloud. So, what will be the future of cloud security and storage?

Obviously, it will become a mix of multi-cloud and hybrid deployments as many businesses seek to find the right balance of flexibility, agility, control, and security. 


2. Enhanced data storage capabilities

It is very safe to say that the future of cloud solutions is looking super bright. Data storage capabilities are continuously growing at an unpredictable rate, making it cheaper and easier for businesses to store their data via the cloud. Moreover, the adoption of cloud-based solutions and services is also gaining popularity as more and more business leaders recognize the benefits of using these intuitive tools. Expect that cloud technology will only rise in the coming years.


3. Kubernetes

The future of cloud solutions is very thrilling and exciting! With the arrival of Kubernetes or K8s, we will see more and more companies from different industries transitioning to the cloud. If you do not know about Kubernetes, it is an open system for automating containerized applications’ deployment, management and scaling. 

Kubernetes automates all operational tasks from container management, making it easier to manage applications in the cloud. You can scale up applications up and down when necessary. Many implementers of Kubernetes found it very useful and a game changer. 


4. Cloud Orchestration and Optimization

The process of managing and automating cloud resources’ deployment, integration, configuration, and maintenance is called cloud orchestration. Cloud optimization, on the other hand, is the process of ensuring that those resources are used as efficiently as possible. Together, the two processes can help ensure that the company’s cloud infrastructure can cost-effectively abide by its ever-changing needs.


5. Service Mesh

Service mesh is the new model for cloud technology that ensures efficiency and scalability. In a service mesh, to put it simply, every separate service is isolated from one another, making it easier to track and monitor. As a result, identifying and resolving problems becomes way easier and scaling up or down services. 

Service mesh has built-in auto-scaling and load balancing, which focuses on improving scalability and efficiency.

These are the many future technology trends in cloud solutions for the coming years. So, pay attention and keep an eye on the trends, now and in the upcoming years.


Your Technology Partner for Cloud – Pro Crew Schedule


Something needs to change, and it only means one thing – you have to deploy the best cloud technology today. And it is a must, especially if you want to change how things work in your business operations and get a competitive edge.

We introduced to you our software, Pro Crew Schedule

Pre-Crew Schedule is a cloud-enabled construction scheduling software with the most intuitive and powerful features. It is among the easiest-to-use business software in the market today, designed to help contractors, project leaders, and tradesmen in their day-to-day job activities. 

Pro Crew Schedule offers project management, and inventory features all rolled into one platform. And it is the only one in the market that offers combined features! It is flexible and has all the key features you need to manage your landscaping business better. In addition, it integrates with more than 3000 tools out there. The level of efficiency is outstanding!

Request for a free demo. And start scheduling, dispatching and tracking in real-time with Pro Crew Schedule.

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