Benefits Of Teaming Up With Construction Technology for Landscape Projects
Benefits Of Teaming Up With Construction Technology for Landscape Projects

Benefits Of Teaming Up With Construction Technology for Landscape Projects


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Managing and delivering construction projects are not just about hammers, nails, and screws anymore; the same applies to landscaping projects. Gone are the days when you could manage a project with pen and paper. Now, project management is so much more than that.

In Today’s modern world, many general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors, like landscaping contractors, turn to technology to make things easier. Construction technology, such as project management software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, building information modeling, and even modern, electric-powered tools and equipment, has changed how people manage and deliver projects and has set a new standard of excellence. Technology gave companies the boost to grow their business and reach their goals.

In this article, we look at how landscape contractors can benefit from using construction technology. But first, let us look at the roles and functions of a landscape contractor.

The Role Of A Landscape Contractor 

A landscape contractor does more than plant trees or maintain the grass in a backyard. A landscaper’s job is to plan, direct, and organize all the work from start to finish. Their specialty is planning, designing, and caring for the land by fixing up the outside of your house. Landscaping contractors work in private and public spaces for businesses and people’s homes. 

Handling Landscape Projects For Clients

One major role of a landscape contractor is delivering projects that ensure each client’s wants and needs are met. It is critical to have constant communication and close collaboration between the landscaping contractor, general contractors, and clients to work out the details. Being involved early in the project allows everyone to understand the result and see the bigger picture. Landscape contractors will also handle any changes or improvements to the project. This helps keep everyone else on the job on track and budget.

Translate Each Client’s Vision Into A Reality

Landscape contractors can offer insights to ensure each project provides the best value possible. Even though a landscaper can do almost anything a client wants, they need to ensure that the client is happy with the result and that the budget is on schedule and within budget. A landscape contractor will work with the client to help them make the right decisions as they go through the process. 

Ensure Successful Results

Landscaping only sometimes gets the thought and care it needs, but it is an important part of your property. It is easy to get caught up in the small details of a job, especially if the client only seems interested in one area. The landscape contractor should be able to see how everything fits together and keep everyone on track. They can also handle the tasks in the project, so if something comes up that means the schedule needs to change, they know the deadlines and the budget and can make changes as required.

How Can Landscape Contractors Use Construction Technology?

Many people who work in the construction industry leverage the power of technology to speed up their projects and be better for the environment. Today, many landscapers use smart technology-powered robotic lawnmowers to free up their teams from routine tasks like mowing. This allows them to spend more time on the little things that make a big difference. Advanced lighting, electrical, and programmable irrigation systems will help the client save water when their project is already operating. 

Many of the behind-the-scenes tasks of a landscape project, both on the job site and in the back office, also use cutting-edge technology and computer programs. For example, a landscaper can use computer programs to create design renderings so clients can visualize the result. Electronic images, GPS, drones, or scanners can help figure out the state of the land. Project managers and estimators can use construction management software to coordinate key tasks, keep track of finances, and ensure that logistics work easily. 

Benefits of Utilizing Construction Technology in Landscape Projects

Landscape project management is all about having a specialized project manager for your outdoor living design so that everything comes together exactly as planned. Details matter when it comes to managing a project. Keeping track of the contract, insurance certificates, subcontractor licenses, permits, and other papers is important to ensure you’re keeping your end of the deal and delivering a finished project on time and within budget.

The best way to keep track of these details is to utilize construction technology to automate all the tedious tasks and give you a clear overview of everything happening with the project. This section lists some benefits you can realize when incorporating technology into your landscape project. 

Ensure Well-Planned Landscape Projects 

Creating a good plan for your landscape project before it even starts is a way to ensure its success. Construction software can help you document all the project’s baselines – scope, schedule, and budget, and ensure everything is completely delivered and within those constraints. This strategy reduces the risk of going through all that trouble to take a chance that the project will not turn out as planned. 

Document Change Orders

Sometimes, changes are inevitable, especially in construction projects involving a million moving parts. Things do happen when a building is being built. Even though we try to think of and plan for everything that could go wrong, once the building starts, something unexpected can happen. Being involved throughout the projects and having a clear overview of everything can help you spot potential problems and stop them before they become a bigger roadblock.

Streamline and Optimize Processes

If your process is messy, you could lose money and not even know it. Using software can give you access to the information you need about your job in one place. You can access everything from your schedule and daily to-do list to conversations with clients and saved papers right from the palm of your hand. Keeping everyone on the same page ensures a smooth and seamless project delivery.

Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service is more important to landscapers than to people who work in buildings, as you will be dealing with nature. This includes sharing job schedules for more openness, leaving daily logs to keep customers in the loop, signing agreements, making choices, making payments, and more.

Boost Profitability

Regarding keeping track of every dollar, these estimating and accounting systems should be as accurate as a bullseye. They have all the tools you need to handle billing, process payments, track your budget, handle purchase orders, and even connect with popular accounting systems. This way, you can monitor your cashflows and ensure you get bigger and better profits.

Keep Track of The Schedule 

Construction scheduling software can help you evaluate if your project is progressing according to plan or if you need to adjust. You can see which of your crew is taking too long to finish the job and if they need assistance. Monitoring your project’s schedule is critical to ensure it is completed promptly. Try to incorporate some contingencies in your schedule to account for possible delays, such as inclement weather or late deliveries. 

Tracking Purchases and Deliveries

Keeping track of purchases and stock is another important part of finishing landscape construction jobs. Most of your supplies, especially the softscape, are hard to store, so the site needs to be ready so you can install or plant it immediately.

Managing Inventory

Similarly, having the right materials, resources, tools, and equipment is critical to ensure the project progresses according to plan. Now, users can buy things like dirt from the company’s stock and put them to use on a job right from their phones. A construction inventory software can notify you if a specific crew has reserved some resources and lets you know if you need to restock. This process is relatively easy compared to the old one, which was done by hand and relied on someone from production to let the accounting department know when they took something out of stock and used it on a job.

Keep Within Budget

Construction software can help you track your budget and help you figure out your current expenses and how much you will need to spend in the future. They know how much the materials will cost and how long the job will take to finish. This information allows landscape contractors to clients stay within their budget and gives you ideas on saving money. 


Key Takeaway

A construction project’s landscape is often the least prioritized. However, having a nice landscape on the exterior can help elevate the project’s look and add value. Hiring a professional landscaper can ensure your project’s success. They know everything there is to know about taking care of yards and are very good at what they do. Professionals also know which plants will grow best in your area. 

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