10 Plumbing Advancements You Should Integrate in Your Business
10 Plumbing Advancements You Should Integrate in Your Business

10 Plumbing Advancements You Should Integrate in Your Business


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Plumbing is a construction trade that has existed for generations but is still considered one of the most progressive trades in the industry. Like other industries, plumbing has continuously grown and expanded its horizons regarding modern trends and technology. The construction business, however traditional in terms of concepts, is familiar with its methodologies.

The plumbing business is also considered one of the most ancient practices globally, but it always attracts the most skilled laborers in the construction industry. The job description of a plumber sometimes overlaps with the duties of a pipefitter or a steamfitter. However, pipefitters and steamfitters use drills, welding torches, saws, drain cleaning, and press fitting tools to complete their jobs. However, listed below are the responsibilities that plumbing professionals handle:

  • Interpreting Water System, Plumbing System, and Sewage Plans
  • Verifying that plumbing plans and specifications are aligned with the state and local building codes
  • Preparing plumbing cost estimates for various projects
  • Installing plumbing fixtures (mostly in the kitchen and bathroom area)
  • Cleaning drains, obstructions removal, and repairing broken plumbing fixtures
  • Installing pipes and fixtures
  • Analyzing the thermal conductivity of pipes and other plumbing equipment
  • Inspecting and testing the plumbing system
  • Using modern computer technology and solutions to resolve plumbing issues

The Growing Plumbing Business

As more and more buildings are constructed worldwide, and with the older ones being renovated, there is more demand for plumbing businesses. Moreover, with an increasing focus on sustainable living in the construction industry, there is also an increase in demand for plumbing services that highlight energy efficiency and water conservation. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of plumber professionals, pipefitters, and steamfitters will grow to 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is at par with the average compared to other occupations.

The future of the plumbing industry will likely be shaped by technological advancement in construction, increased focus on green sustainable practices, and evolving consumer needs. In order to keep up with the trends in the plumbing world, it is vital to be informed of what’s in store for the industry for the years to come.

Here are the up-and-coming trends in the industry that you must know:

1. Introduction of Brain Pipe Technology

Brain pipes technology is now being utilized by the construction industry but will soon be adopted in the plumbing sector. Currently, smart devices rule various industries, and the plumbing world is not left behind. Brain pipes technology can help detect major and minor leaks in your plumbing system. Not only that, but it can also pinpoint the exact leakage location and will shoot a text to the system owner.

Additionally, this pinpoint technology can help shut down the supply through the leaking pipe to save gallons of water and a large amount of cost. The homeowners can send a report on their water consumption to help them analyze the areas where they waste water.

2. Increasing Demand for Smart Toilets 

The plumbing industry is now adapting to technology, so there is a high expectation for smart bathroom devices and fixtures in the next few years. One of the most popular smart plumbing fixtures, especially in South East Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan, are smart toilets. Some public restrooms in these countries have been adapting this technology for years. If the demand for smart toilets continues, there is a strong possibility for expanded business opportunities for installation and maintenance works for smart toilets.

3. Expanding Plumbing Job Opportunities

Plumbing professionals are now dipping their toes into new earning opportunities. In the 1900s, residential and commercial space owners only relied on plumbing businesses when they leaked pipes, clogged drains, and clogged toilets.

Fast forward to 2000a, with more training and certification options, plumbing professionals are also skilled in installing HVAC systems, water conservation practices, water and sewage treatment facilities, waste management facilities, fire sprinklers, landscape sprinklers, and electric water heater installation. The plumbing landscape is exponentially expanding thanks to technology and will continue to broaden.

4. New Option for Online Payment Method

Considering how busy our lives are, the online payment method has become a very practical option when it comes to payment. It also helps the environment by embracing paperless technology and online documentation. One way to implement this is by adopting construction dispatching and scheduling software with a payment processing feature. This will help you collect payments from your clients faster without miscommunications regarding account credentials or total billed amounts.

5. Digital Marketing and Mobile-Optimized Website for Plumbing Businesses

The rise of the plumbing business also equates to an increase in competitors in the industry. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to leverage your digital marketing and to have an edge compared to your competition. Some of the digital marketing solutions you can implement are as follows:

  • Creating a website for your business
  • Adding quality content and building your niche
  • Running keyword analysis
  • Improving the website loading speed
  • Implementing search engine optimization
  • Adding backlinks and external links

Today, your target market mostly looks for their needed plumbing services online. Therefore, build a solid online presence to let customers find your company over your competitors.

6. Heightened Curiosity on Water Conservation

With increasing awareness of global warming, consumers have become curious about ways to conserve water starting in their homes. People are now willing to listen, be educated, and try to conserve water. This is a very good chance for plumbing professionals to inform consumers regarding plumbing practices and technology that aims to limit water usage. Not only are consumers taking a step toward a more sustainable world, but they are also more keen to explore more plumbing services.


7. Embracing Construction Management Software

As your plumbing business expands, you will soon hire a bigger team and specialized subcontractors and take up more projects. Eventually, it will be difficult for you to manage your business operations manually, and this is where construction dispatching and scheduling software comes into play. 

Plumbing professionals are now adapting construction management software to track their operations in real-time, schedule employee works, manage inventory levels, and do almost everything online.


8. More Demand for Specialized and Smart Plumbing Fixtures

The increasing demand for specialty and advanced plumbing fixtures can be accounted for by the younger generations, who are big fans of this emerging technology. The trending plumbing technologies in the market, apart from smart toilets, are the following:

  • Digital and sensor faucets
  • Smart water heating systems
  • Bluetooth shower accessibility
  • Sensor installations to detect plumbing faults
  • Bathroom lighting fixtures controlled through cloud

Tankless water heaters are also trending, but many consumers are unaware of them. A plumbing professional is responsible for explaining the feasibility of such heaters and other smart plumbing fixtures in terms of comfort and savings. You should always inform your customers regarding the option to install alternative smart plumbing gadgets to experience the evolution in the plumbing market.


9. Personalized Plumbing Service for Customers

Personalized customer experiences can help you acquire repeat businesses and high referrals. And that is the primary expectation of every plumbing business owner. You must train the employees to arrange a one-on-one consultation with customers and take all the information necessary for service completion. These consultations can be scheduled using crew dispatching software for more efficient time management and to avoid overlapping activities.

Ask your customers questions regarding plumbing issues, options, pricing, and service expectations to provide personalized service. Afterwards, you can schedule the mobilization date and go with the approved plan for a personalized work approach.


10. Creating a Spa-Feel Atmosphere At Home

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine that forces all families to stay at home, consumers are not willing to refurbish their homes to prepare themselves in case a similar situation arises. With that, consumers are now more open-minded in integrating self-care amenities in their bathroom spaces to create comfort at home. Now, consumers are calling in their local plumbing professionals to install:

  • Steam showers
  • Voice-activated smart bathroom lighting and fixtures
  • Deep soaking bathtubs and jacuzzi
  • Other relaxation fixtures in their bathrooms
  • Walk-in and low-curb showers
  • Free-standing bathtubs
  • Heated floor installations
  • Multiple sprays & showerheads

The plumbing businesses need to gear themselves to take up such unprecedented and demanding projects in the coming years and earn much bigger profits from this demand.



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