HVAC ventilation fan blades
HVAC ventilation fan blades

The 5 Top-Rated HVAC Systems in 2020


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Speaking of comfort in the home, reliable and best heating and air conditioning systems will make a great difference. It’s definitely a major investment that can ultimately add years of home comfort and can eventually increase the household’s value. Choosing the best HVAC brand out of all the available and promising brands these days can definitely be difficult. Nevertheless, this is still a big decision to make, hence, should be taken seriously.

There are now many brand options available today for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. In this blog, we are going to explore the top-rated HVAC systems in this year of 2020.

What Makes an HVAC system Top-Rated?

It’s not necessary to be an expert when availing for an HVAC system but having the simplest yet profound idea about HVAC is what matters the most. HVAC professionals have been an expert in selecting the best one there is in the market. They are a major source of helpful and technical information when it comes to selecting an HVAC system. In addition to that, HVAC professionals are also updated with the current trends in the industry such as builders schedule software in which they are utilizing now for project purposes. Anyone can acquire information from the experts based upon the suggestions they have given. Before going through the different top-rated brands, see below the 6 fundamental factors to consider when availing this system:

  1. Energy Efficiency 

The absolute way in saving more money is when the HVAC system is more energy-efficient. The more energy efficient the system is, the better it will be in almost all aspects. It is believed and proven already that an energy-efficient HVAC model is working less to heat and cool the home. Thus, it effectively reduces utility bills. To easily evaluate the energy efficiency, always take note of the SEER rating found at the system. The bare minimum for SEER is 13 rating however, the more efficient systems are usually rated 20-28.

  1. Advanced Features

The IoT or the Internet of Things and all other smart technologies have now widely entered into several types of the HVAC system. Thus, it provides more advanced features to make home and buildings as comfortable and convenient as possible. Today, some of the best central air conditioner brands this year of 2020 is offering new models that additionally includes automated system, sound reduction, and smart thermostats. Anyone may not need all the whistles and bells associated and part of it yet the advanced features are always proven to be well worth the price.

The same way that goes for some of the most usable and preferable builders’ trends today. HVAC specialists prefer to use advanced software tools for project management and task scheduling purposes. Clearly, additional advanced features are what they look forward for. A construction scheduling software, for example, has been proven to be valuable. All types of HVAC work – repair, installation, maintenance, is incredibly easier and manageable.

  1. Customer Reviews

The easiest way to obtain some valuable insights in terms of the HVAC system is through reading other’s opinions next to the suggestions given by the HVAC professionals. Most of the manufacturers are often listing reviews on the website. Lowe’s and Home Depot are the common retailer sites that often post some great reviews regarding about. Discover detailed reviews specifically for customer’s budget, home type, and lastly the location.

Customer reviews will also be a way of gaining some helpful information about HVAC contractors. The experts, their in-depth technical skills are very much crucial during the installation process. Installation, repair or maintenance services, they provide and do it together with a team. Subcontractor scheduling software is a very impressive tool meant to improve project management. Executing the work and implementing strategies like construction crew management as well as tracking the team is likewise easier.

  1. Sound Rating

This factor is also crucial and to further understand the amount of sound that the system makes, find the decibel rating from its respective label. Most of the HVAC systems ranging from 25-50 decibels aren’t much louder in comparison with a refrigerator. It has become an advisable thing to consider to always look for a much quieter sound rating if residing in a smaller place.

HVAC technicians are very particular with energy and sound rating. During post-installation, they do repetitive tests and checking in all areas of the HVAC system to ensure if everything is set up properly. A project management software is an excellent tool used to help the expert to supervise and track tasks and all crew. Having all getting tracked and monitored is crucial to the execution of any service.

  1. Warranty

A much better HVAC warranty should last 5-10 long years. As the usual standard, the majority of the manufacturers will cover the costs for the replacements of fault parts found during the time period. However, the problem is, the warranty isn’t covering the labor cost. It’s crucial to completely ask the warranty details. Furthermore, there is availability for extended warranty and anyone can potentially purchase it.

  1. Cost 

It is crucial to consider and elaborate on the initial system cost as well as to firmly stick to the set budget. It is also necessary to consider long-term costs that are associated with the energy efficiency of the system. Take also the durability into consideration.

The 2020 Top-Ranking Heating and Air Conditioning Systems 

  1. Amana

Featuring the ASXC Air conditioner

  • Sound rating: 9/10 and this type of system has usually included a foam-based compression, a sound-control top as well as a sound-reduction cover
  • Energy rating: Up to 18 SEER when it comes to energy-efficiency performance
  • Warranty: the compressor is covered a limited warranty from Lifetime Unit Replacement
  • Customer satisfaction: Amana is immediately given a B-rating by none other than Better Business Bureau whilst the customers have directly given the particular system 4.5/ 5 stars.

Additional info:

  • Has two-speed condenser fan motor and two-stage compressor, all are high-efficiency
  • Compatible with ConmfortBridge technology that constantly tracks and monitor the system performance
  • Inline filter drier that is factory-installed

It also is one of the best options commonly suggested by HVAC professionals despite how expensive it is. HVAC installations are offered by the named and recognized experts in the industry. Hiring reliable professionals are crucial for the success of the installation. Reliability is one common factor to consider. Figuring out if whether one is reliable is through checking out if they’re licensed. But the tools they have used and how equipped they are is also another huge factor. HVAC professionals who are adapting the latest trends are a must-hire. A crew schedule software tool is definitely a must-have for better execution and implementation of work and services.

Pros: The advanced features are incredibly helpful since the system itself is exceedingly energy-efficient turning Amana as one of the ideal and best central air in the market

Cons: With the amazing features designed for it, undoubtedly the system is costly compare from an average HVAC system

  1. York Affinity™ Series YXV
  • Sound rating: 9/10, all credits to its QuietDrive Comfort System
  • Energy rating: Capable up to 20 SEER energy-efficiency performance (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Warranty (s): 10-year Parts Limited Warranty, Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty, and Labor Limited Warranty for 1 good year
  • Customer satisfaction: According to the Better Business Bureau, the system deserves A+ rating

Additional info:

  • Charge Assurance™ system pressure monitoring
  • ClimaTrak™ blower fine-tuning
  • QuietDrive™ sound reduction

Pros: Definitely one of the best of York’s best systems having the top technology features that absolutely provides ultimate efficiency. The warranties for it are quite impressive and the very reason why the system is worth the price.

Cons: The unit has absolutely come with a very pricy tag. 

  1. Bryant Evolution 
  • Sound rating: 9/10 and it is capable of operating down to 25% 
  • Energy rating: the energy-efficiency performance is capable up to 19 SEER
  • Warranty (s): upon registration, 10-year parts are limited 
  • Customer satisfaction: Bryant was given an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and given from the customers is 4.7/5 stars

Additional Info:

  • Excellent capability for dehumidification
  • Have 5 stages for variable-speed operations that result in solid steady performance and efficient energy savings
  • Operating speeds are smooth ramp and soft start

Pros: the system itself is known for as a truly-budget friendly all because of how incredibly quiet the low speeding getting down to 56 decibels. It is also few of Bryant’s tiniest ducted systems that certainly blends so well in any form of landscape.

Cons: Despite the system comes with an excellent warranty, there is no available lifetime warranty for it. 

  1. Goodman GSXC18
  • Sound rating: 8/10 sharp
  • Energy rating: capable up to 19 SEER 
  • Warranty (s): has the Lifetime Limited Warranty that directly provides replacements for failed compressors
  • Customer satisfaction: Goodman is given A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and 4.8/5 stars from the regular customers

Additional Info:

  • Highly efficient 2 speed ECM condenser fan motor
  • Copeland™ 2 stage scroll compressor
  • Comfort Bridge™ technology that provides customizable indoor comfort
  • Comfort Alert™ diagnostics

Pros: with the advanced features added, the system will effectively deliver comfort at home in the most consistent ways 

Cons: The unit certainly comes at an increasing price

  1. Trane XV18 
  • Sound rating: 10/10 and considered as the brand’s quietest system
  • Energy rating: capable of going up to 18 SEER 
  • Warranty (s): provided with Trane Base Limited Warranty that is capable of covering breaking products resulted from manufacturer defect
  • Customer satisfaction: It is given a B from the Better Business Bureau and the customers have been raging about how incredibly quiet the system is

Additional info:

  • Has the comfort technology that is keeping the temperatures equally consistent
  • Option to filter out irritants that provide healthier and cleaner home
  • Option for communicating technology that will directly connect system components and will calibrate and configure the efficient system

Pros: The biggest plus in this HVAC system is the fact that it is whisper-quiet

Cons: whilst the system is proven to be energy-efficient, it is equally costly with the other brands that offer extremely competent HVAC systems

Key Takeaways

A new air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump can immediately improve the quality of a home. It always seems to be a valuable investment since the system is very capable of saving a considerable amount of money on the energy bill and can ultimately reduce maintenance costs. With the comprehensive details and information above for HVAC system brands, taking it all into consideration can help someone decide in picking the ideal and reliable HVAC system.

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