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Green Plumbing: Effective Plumbing Solution for Environmental and Cost-Effectiveness


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Going green has been a continuous emerging trend these days due to the fatal threat of global warming. This pushes the builders to firmly suggest green implementations to homes and commercial buildings. As a matter of fact, the majority of industries today are now implementing green strategies in the hopes that this solution is greatly effective in saving the environment or reducing costs.

One of the usually overlooked systems where applying green strategies can be best applied is the home’s plumbing system. Plumbers who specialize in green technology usually have the advantage all because of the services they performed forefront have utmost efficiency, let alone they used a builders schedule software in order to do plumbing work in a much easier way.

In this blog, green plumbing will be thoroughly explained, its importance, the benefits it has given, and of course, what these green plumbers are capable of doing in particular.

What is Green Plumbing?

Green plumbing directly refers to strategies and techniques that ultimately help homeowners reduce energy consumption, create a healthier home, and to save water. The very goal of green plumbing is to effectively minimize or reduce the environmental impact of plumbing. There are several ways to make it all done – by lowering energy usage, reducing water usage, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, and many more. This green plumbing movement applies whether for businesses, homeowners, and professional plumbers. Furthermore, the movement is definitely good in two ways:

  1. For the short term, green plumbing practices have included reducing water as well as material waste from the job
  1. Green plumbers have been prioritizing the installment of energy-efficient appliances in order to save the client’s money over time

Looking at plumbing differently, the role of green plumbing contractors is to provide insights about this particular strategy. Helping their clients to learn and to understand is also a role that they take seriously and responsibly. For better service management, plumbers rely on construction scheduling software. This is also another important thing to consider apart from providing ways of how to effectively save money through adopting and implementing water-saving techniques at home. They have put as well all other emerging builders’ trends as well today into consideration because that keeps them informed and still competitive.

Below are some of the many ways that promote cost-effectiveness.

  • Water-saving Hacks – if replacing the toilet is not a choice, to save water easily, place it by putting either a brick or plastic bottle. Make sure to fill it with small rocks. By doing so, it will minimize the amount of water that is needed in refilling the bowl every time it’s flushed.
  • Toilet options – installing of either low-flush or dual-flush toilets in the bathrooms is advisable. By doing so, it can utterly help to save of more than 16,000 gallons of water each year. That certainly translates for about $120 in yearly savings.
  • Rinsing Right – washing the dishes with the use of hands is usually a very common way. Filling a bucket with rinse water or it could be the second sink compartment is a way of saving water. Take note that letting the water run while rinsing the dish is extremely more wasteful.
  • Cleaning Up Appliances – One of many great ways to reduce the monthly bill and environmental footprint is to replace the old appliances that are energy-extensive such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. As for replacements, always choose appliances with Energy Star versions.
  • Catching cold water – usually, warming up the water takes time and the waiting process in the bathtub or at the sink can absolutely waste to 300 gallons each month. One way to eventually eliminate this occurring issue is to place a bucket down under the faucet to immediately catch the cold water. It is an effective way of saving money and water. On the other side, the saved water will be used for other purposes.

The Role of Green Plumbers

Plumbers who have been trained in green technology are capable of doing more than installations for high-efficiency appliances. These experts have gone through rigorous sets of training that have helped them become more knowledgeable and capable of further understanding the water cycle and how the actions and human behavior can directly contribute to water shortages.

Green plumbers expertly know how to install and source gray water systems for residential and commercial use. It is particularly valuable in several areas directly subjected to drought. For easy plumbing work, using the best construction management software like Pro Crew Schedule is to be prioritized. This cloud-based scheduling software truly helps plumbing contractors and the crew to closely get in touch and stay updated in any place at any given time. Thus, real-time collaboration and communication are greatly achieved.

Contractors specialized in green plumbing have continuously helped to educate any of their clients particularly in saving water and increase overall energy efficiency. Below are some of the many strategies green plumbers particularly do in different ways:

  • Install fixtures and any accessories that are using lesser water like Water Sense
  • Clear any found plumbing issues without chemicals
  • Recycling and Reusing waste materials
  • Work to minimize ecological impact while implementing sound plumbing practices
  • Purchasing materials from selected suppliers that promote green practices
  • Use innovative software tools like construction management software for excellent service/project management
  • Install filter systems and rainwater capture
  • Install reuse systems for graywater
  • Focus on reducing and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water audits, calculations, reports and inspections
  • Educate clients and customers about water efficiency
  • Assistance and monitoring in LEED building projects
  • Possess more detailed knowledge of when and how water is used
  • Using of recycled materials where there are appropriate flush valves
  • Implement strategies like construction crew management for better team collaboration

Green Plumbing in Reducing Water Consumption

By utilizing environmentally-friendly fixtures, it allows to lessen the amount of water that is utilized at every home each single day. It is important to know that low-flow plumbing fixtures tend to decrease water pressure and capable of using up to 60% less water.

  • Low-flow toilets – while the slightly recommended regular toilets can be used up to 30 liters of water each single flush, a low-flow system is able to reduce it to a maximum of 7 liters per flush. Definitely, it would help to save around 100 liters daily.
  • Low-flow showerheads – it will take about 19 liters a minute using regular showerheads. The low-flow types will allow to use the same way without even affecting the shower routine
  • Leak monitoring devices and flow regulators – flow regulators are useful in terms of preventing high flow rates and these regulators are capable of reducing water usage as well in half. The leak monitors are usually used to immediately alert if there are found any leaks within the system.

Plumbers, are not just known for being an expert in providing suggestions or recommendations this particular field but also they are completely all-ready and equipped with all sorts of plumbing tools and equipment. Maximizing all tools used and start to schedule them with extra efficiency is best achieved when using construction schedule software. Equipment management is one of many important aspects to prioritize and having the software tool is a way of easily acquiring such quality of efficiency.

Green Plumbing in Conserving Energy

Usually, the very last thing that one can think of about conserving energy is the plumbing system. There are many cases that this area is totally ignored and tends to be overlooked. What people don’t know about is that the plumbing system contributes a lot towards energy efficiency. Furthermore, expect that carbon footprint is reduced and energy costs tend to get lower as it seems.

  • Energy-efficient water heaters – choosing to utilize a green water heater can ultimately reduce energy bills up to 20%. Tank less water heaters are very much recommended by plumbers in the first place. This type of water heater will heat water in the chosen desirable temperature after a few seconds. There is no need to reheat the water for the entire day. That is why it is proven to reduce energy consumption.
  • Insulate the pipes – it is a known fact that heat can escape most of the time through the pipes at the home. That is why, it is better to insulate the pipes because by then it can prevent heat loss just when the warm or hot water will travel from the heater towards either the shower or faucet.

Plumbers who are usually best at recommending the best brands for such plumbing necessities are not just focusing on this part. They too are particular in the crew, project, and service management. Relying on project management software has been producing team productivity that is vital for the success of whether a project or service.

 Key Takeaways

Both energy and water are considered as the two conservation factors at the center of the “green” plumbing system. It all starts with reduced low-flush toilets, reduced volume fixtures, and waterless urinals. Basically, more and more progressive solutions deal with minimizing the energy required for water storage, usage, and distribution. All mentioned are components of a plumbing system that is environmentally friendly.

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