Real and ordinary construction worker on his job.
Real and ordinary construction worker on his job.

10 Most In-Demand Construction Jobs 2020


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There is a lingering labor shortage in the construction industry. The growing demand in new building projects is putting pressure on the industry to fill in the labor pool most especially for several in-demand positions in construction. Some of these positions include construction managers, skilled laborers, masons, and plumbers among many others. And this is what we are going to talk about in this post today. 

Like we’ve been mentioning in our previous blogs, construction companies have had difficulties in filling up job vacancies. Young people are choosing to apply to offices rather than take blue-collared jobs, making the industry worry about its future. Most companies have been resorting to using technology like construction project management software, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and reality techs among many others to attract the new generation to join the industry.

This shortage of workforce has led to the increased demand for numerous construction jobs. In fact, in 2019, the Associated General Contractors of America said that the employment requirement in the construction industry has increased by 279,000 jobs. In 2015, the employment demand grew by 11 percent. Meanwhile, the demand tapered off in 2016, with the employment requirement shooting down to only one percent growth. Yet again, the demand rebounded in 2017 where the growth level increased by five percent and a total value of $713 billion.

So the good news for job seekers is that there are plenty of construction job vacancies across the country that you can fill in. Whether you’re a professional or an experienced skilled worker or a mere newbie, there are plenty of rooms in the industry for you to find the right job. 

In-Demand Construction Jobs this 2020

From construction crew management to manual labor, we listed down the ten most in-demand jobs in the construction industry this year.

  1. Construction Project Manager

Before the worldwide health crisis, there were already plenty of construction projects that kicked off or yet to start off. In 2017, numerous projects were started, which needed to immediately hire qualified construction managers. 

Their tasks include hiring new crew members, securing permits, updating clients on project progress, scheduling inspections, resolving on-site issues, construction crew management, productivity tracking, and so on. Construction managers are also responsible for collaborating with the architect, engineer, and subcontractors, to make sure that the project stays within the budget and schedule.

Construction managers usually get an annual median salary of $87,400  per year. However, most construction companies require an experienced construction manager to take on the role. The position doesn’t require one to be an engineer or an architect, but  You don’t need to be an architect or engineer to be a construction manager, but an aspirant needs to know everything that it takes to have a achieve construction project.

  1. Glazier

A lot of modern buildings are constructed with glass walls making glaziers in demand in construction projects. Glaziers cut and install glasses on the interior and exterior of buildings. There are courses available in different states to learn the craft. Job hunters need to know, though, that a certification is required before they can become a glazier and the effort will be worth it with a median salary of $39,440 annually offered by companies. This year and the coming years, it is projected that the industry will be needing at least 1,900 new glaziers.

  1. Mason

Masons have always been in demand in the construction industry and will remain to be one of the leading jobs in the construction scene. They are professionals who create the foundations of building projects as well as walkways. 

The number of new building projects requires more experienced people to join the masonry field. A projection of at least 20,300 masonry jobs is then expected this year and the coming years. Being a mason isn’t bad at all as the median salary of a mason is now $37,740 per year. Most companies will prefer those who have certifications and were able to complete their apprenticeship, though. But there are also those who are accepting people who are physically fit to perform this demanding work. So far, there’s  a lot of training institutions providing quality masonry training and apprentice program across the country.

  1. Plumbers

Any building needs a plumbing system so there shouldn’t be any wondering how plumbers are included in this list. So this year and the coming years, it is projected that the construction and trade industries will be needing at least 49,100 more new plumbers. And who wouldn’t want to become one when the median salary of a plumber is $50,620! 

Applicants need to make an extra effort, though, as companies require plumbers to be certified from their training course and have had their apprenticeship completed. Some of you may even want to level up and become a master plumber to receive higher pay. It may take years for one to become a master plumber but becoming one will be a rewarding career.

  1. Laborers

As you all know, the construction world is full of manual jobs. If you are new to the industry and want to start work immediately, then you can get a career first as a laborer while you are trying to expand your experience or train for another position. And why not become a laborer? Most foremen started as one!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the construction industry will be needing approximately 150,000 new laborers. That is approximately 12.7 percent growth from 2017 to 2024.

The annual median wage of a laborer is $31,910. They are given plenty of benefits like medical services and other competitive compensation packages.

  1. Commercial Painter

Commercial painting is probably one of the easiest trade fields that people can apply for in the construction industry. It is a great way to kick off your construction and trades career. It may not be as lucrative as other professions in the industry, but it offers a stable job that’s not as grueling as the work of the laborers.

The median pay of painters is approximately $36,580 annually and can gradually increase when the candidate shows diligence and proficiency. Like other jobs in this list, it is projected that the industry will be needing ten thousands of new painters in the field.

  1. Civil Engineer

The construction industry is also having a shortage of civil engineers who are one of the most important people in this field. They design and supervise construction projects including buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, and other infrastructures. Typically, civil engineers in the construction industry split their time between the field and the office. This is because they need to handle issues on the site and still take care of a lot of paper works at the office. This is why it’s helpful to have a construction project management software that cn help them manage the project remotely.

The median salary of a civil engineer in the U.S. is quite attractive with an annual rate of $86,640 or $41.65 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an employment rate growth of 11% in the civil engineering career until the year 2026.

  1. Electrician

The BLS expects an employment rate growth in the electrician career this year until 2028. Electricians in the construction and maintenance field take care of the main control, lighting, communications, and power systems. They earn an annual salary of $55,190 but before they enjoy such a rate, they need to go through courses and training and should acquire full knowledge of quality work and safety in the field. Normally, electricians take care of the installation of the electrical system as well as the maintenance when the building is already turned over to the client.

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Green and sustainable construction is now becoming a new trend in the industry. It is the aim of the industry to practice designing, constructing, and operating buildings while reducing waste, minimizing resources, and lowering energy consumption. That said, photovoltaic installers have become in demand to support this movement. 

Solar panels are now being installed by solar photovoltaic installers on building rooftops and the industry is expected to grow by 63% until 2028. The median salary of these workers reaches up to $42,680 and it can stil rise significantly after years of experience.

  1. Elevator Worker

Developers are aiming to build skyscrapers to take full advantage of the lot. This means tall buildings need elevators. The BLS expects growth in the elevator career by 10% until 2028 as new buildings will require more installers and repairers. And don’t underestimate their job because their annual median salary goes as high as $79,780 or $38.36 per hour! 


Despite the challenges faced by the industry this year, the construction industry will still continue to grow and so will the demand for new workers be. With the right qualifications, job hunters won’t have a problem securing a job from different construction companies across the different states. So whether you want to start your career in this industry as a laborer, a glazier, an electrician, painter, construction manager, or civil engineer, you will surely find a good spot in a good construction company this year.

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