construction engineer worker using tablet computer at building site
construction engineer worker using tablet computer at building site

The Best Rugged Construction Tablets in 2020


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With the continuous rise of technology today, most of the industries and businesses have been adopting it. The construction industry, is in fact, been applying these emerging trends to the business, from software tools like builders schedule software used for scheduling purposes to the use of devices such as personal laptops and rugged tablets. Let’s focus on the latter. Rugged tablets are basically designed to endure and withstand long drops, lower temperatures, hard knocks, moisture and many other more that usually happen to construction sites and field areas, yet still is able to provide an excellent user experience. These devices are placed through several rigorous testing in order to ensure that it can firmly survive the highs, lows, and extremes of while being used at the construction site.

This truly makes the rugged tablet itself ideally perfect for professionals who have been working outside under busy environments at extreme locations. Several brands for tablets have been showcased now in the market. If you finally considered getting a rugged tablet, you can check out the list of the best tablets below where drop-proof and top shock devices are specifically showcased.

The Many Uses of Tablets


Before diving into the list of tablets, let’s take in first on how these devices made a positive impact, how it really becomes so useful in the process and why it is necessary to get all the latest updates about any builders trends today.

The construction business is somehow distinct from others as it typically has involvement in a combination of on-site working and office working. While desktop computers and laptops are commonly used by contractors while being at the office and proven to be more convenient for desk-based jobs, most of the professionals in this industry typically work to spend time working outside the office. Hence, laptops and desktop computers are not handy enough to carry with.

This makes the tablets an essential and ideal tool as it is very small, handy, light, and highly portable. Projects managers, for example, who are busy working can bring it all around the site and gathering data, voice recordings and photos are easy with the use of it. Apart from that, contractors are taking advanced software tools for consideration. Thus, deploying construction scheduling software in the work is as expected. Tablets are where software applications best used at aside from mobile phones.

Furthermore, a tablet is capable of acting as all-in-one:

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Blueprint
  • PDF document
  • 3D Model
  • Video
  • Telephone
  • Gain access to construction schedule software
  • Voice Recorder
  • Memo pad
  • Weather report
  • Web browser
  • Flashlight
  • Calculator
  • Clock and stopwatch and many more

Once done listing all documents and tools that will be frequently used during a typical working day, how powerful and useful of this device can really be evidently proven. Just imagine how handy and fit this device is while heading off to the construction site. Aside from the above-mentioned capabilities of a tablet, there is also one important reason why this device is highly recommended to use. Software tools are being deployed now and implemented. Applications are easily downloadable using a mobile phone or a tablet. A crew schedule software that has become a valuable tool can be accessed through phones, browsers and tablets once downloaded.

The Top 6 Rugged Tablets in 2020 


  1. Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 Rugged Tablet

The model from Panasonic is a 1-in-1 rugged type of device. This only means that it has its unique attachable keyboard that is very convenient because it allows the workers to work as either on a tablet or a laptop. When being in a tablet mode, this model is a great durable machine having MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certification. This only proves that it can definitely survive shocks, dust, and drop liquids. In terms of battery life, it might be less than or short side in comparison with other rugged tablets. But the advantage of it is that users can quickly swap or switch out the battery during the need of extra working time.

  1. Getac UX10

This is probably one of the best-rugged tablets available now in the market. Getac is very well-known for its versatile, reliable, and well-protected devices. For Getac UX10, it is an equitably customizable rugged tablet. A variety of Intel Core CPU options as well as accessories are accessible for this tablet. Anyone can pick their selected combination of accessories and CPU options. Additionally, the screen specs for this tablet are incredibly decent and it also various high-storage options and rugged protection.

Because of its high storage built-in feature, any apps can be downloaded. Contractors are open now to the implementation of software applications for work and crew productivity. Currently, the best construction management software such as Pro Crew Schedule has become one of the most rising software for construction project management today. It is cloud-based scheduling software that is equally handy with tablets because it can be accessed anytime at any given place.

  1. Dell Latitude 7220EX Rugged Tablet

Dell is widely-known as a respected brand that incredibly makes rugged tablets including other trend devices used today. In particular, Dell’s Latitude rugged tablets often showcased in the market. The 7220EX rugged tablet is one of the newly released tablets and the very most deserving in having a spot on the list. Actually, it is an upgrade from a few of Dell’s similar devices previously. Now that it has been upgraded, it has more-up-t-date processors and much more protection at the same time. This device is proven to be very well-protected, solid, and can definitely withstand any harsh conditions.

This tablet is quite a pricey yet it is always worth considering and buying if you are looking for a particular rugged slate that makes the job so easy.

  1. Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

If looking for a rugged tablet that is Windows and can totally withstand a great amount of punishment, then this Getac F11 is an absolutely perfect choice. Its versatility and durable body can able to withstand and endure extreme temperatures, moisture, and drops without getting heavier or bulkier. It has certified standards for MIL-STD-416F and 1P65. The recent versions for this model come with 6th gen Intel core processor. Thus, it has plenty of power as well as a dual battery system that only means that these two can be swap without having the need to pause.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

It holds the unique spot by being the “ruggedized” mid-level tablet. It is a portable kind of rugged tablet and unlike any other rugged tablets mentioned previously, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 wasn’t designed for industrial-grade protection. But then again, what it definitely provides is IP67 certification that is meant for water ingress and dust. Its battery life will absolutely last between 7 to 10 hours. Additionally, it is capable of supporting replaceable batteries that allow construction laborers to keep on working despite being away from the power supply. Inclusions for this tablet are NFC technology and decent camera having more RAM and better CPU performance.

This tablet model has become one of the most recommended devices to use by most contractors. Several apps can be downloaded and one that needs to be prioritized and always on the list is subcontractor scheduling software. The software itself can be accessed either by an app or with a browser. Monitoring construction projects, the crew members is easy with the application of it. Construction strategies like construction crew management are easily implemented and executed too.

  1. Zebra XSlate Android L10

This tablet which has the size of 10.1 inches can basically withstand being in water or being dropped at up to 7 feet. This heavier and bulkier rugged tablet is also dust resistant and extremely portable to be efficiently carried around in any construction worksites. Furthermore, this model has a much better display compare with its predecessor and it also has increased resolution and wet touch technology. Among other tablets being mentioned earlier, this model might not be powerful yet, this one has become an affordable alternative especially for anyone who prefers to utilize an Android device on the road and outside.

  1. iPad

Definitely one of the best since its versatility and durability is 10/10 excellent. IPad is running on a particular Apple’s iOS and is easy to use, sleek, and can be shifted from work to fun. By default, all iPad models can be bought with many cellular capabilities and have the most awesome cameras among all. It must be a know-how that iPad is an extremely delicate type of tablet. That is why, rugged cases and screen protectors must be placed over the device to provide protection. This device designed by Apple provides a very good deal of storage options and size.

Key Takeaways


The above-showcased industrial tablets, when being properly used can absolutely transform a construction site in many possible areas and let workers save an enormous amount of time. There are hundreds and different models of tablets available today and they have become more powerful and handy every single time. Consider buying the devices that are best used in construction work and have a great reasonable price.

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