Plumber Salary
Plumber Salary

12 Highest-Paying States for Plumbing Professionals


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Among all skilled trades, the demand for plumbers has been drastically growing over the last couple of years. The need for plumbing professionals is expected to grow for the next decades resulting in more increasing job opportunities each year. It is assumed that there will be a 14% growth in employment in this field. According to the BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics, the impulse for growth in the pipefitting and plumbing sector is multi-faceted.

A tremendous increase in buildings for the next several years, adopting changes requiring buildings to install fire sprinkler systems, a major focus on low-flow toilets and water-efficiency standards all contribute to the increasing job prospects for all plumbing professionals nationally.

For this blog, we are to discover the 12 highest paying states for plumbing professionals.

How Much Should a Plumber Make?

Across the entire United States, the average hourly rate for plumbers is estimated to $24. On an annual basis, the salary will be about $48,000. However, plumbers have to keep in mind that the average is just the average. This number has already included salaries sorted for any plumbing positions in a few areas with the lowest and highest living costs.

Now start looking at the industry as a whole. You’ll soon discover that there are plenty of business practices they ensure to remain intact, one of which is applying builder trends software. The tool itself is used for project tracking, monitoring of crew and other related tasks.

From there, you can finally see the importance of determining the hourly rate for every individual state. It is somewhat more helpful and more informative for plumbers. Keep in mind that this following average includes low and high amounts started from temporary to contractual workers, including Master Plumber. Merely knowing the average hourly rate will give you related context for which states pay the highest and are most likely to pay the least.

Best States Where Plumbers are Highly-Paid


1. California

California seems to become more extravagant and expensive area. The plumbing job market in the majority of cities and the surrounding areas are found to be very active. California has the maximum number of plumbing jobs that pay over $55,000 each year with 25.98%.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,876

Ave. Weekly Salary: $1,125

Ave. Hourly Salary: $28

Ave. Annual Salary: $58,506

2.       Massachusetts

The average pay range for any professional plumbing in this state varies little. Despite the location, there will be many newbie plumbers opportunities in terms of increased advancements and salary. There is nothing awful to say for this state but praise.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $54,706

Ave. Weekly Salary: $1,052

Ave. Hourly Salary: $26

Ave. Annual Salary: $54, 706

3. Minnesota

Minnesota has it all, including great pay for all plumbing professionals. It is ranked as one of the best-performing states in the U.S. There have been many plumbing businesses opened in this state, particularly in Minneapolis. It is quite an advantage not just for plumbers but also for steamfitters and pipefitters.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4321

Ave. Weekly Salary: $997

Ave. Hourly Salary: $25

Ave. Annual Salary: $51, 852

4. Connecticut

This state’s expanding plumbing business makes it more a perfect spot for the plumbers to live and work in there. Not only are there numerous plumbing jobs available in the state, but also there are several sights and places in the area that will make anyone entertained and intrigued.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,296

Ave. Weekly Salary: $991

Ave. Hourly Salary: $25

Aver. Annual Salary: $51, 548

5. Illinois

According to the numbers estimated from the BLS, the average qualified plumbing contractors and projects managers have stood to make nearly $52,000 more than other professions in the area. Illinois is a state that has seen so much better years. It is considered as an excellent opportunity for any Midwest plumbers to create a name for themselves.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,290

Ave. Weekly Salary: $990

Ave. Hourly Salary: $25

Ave. Annual Salary: $51,482

6. Oregon

The state ranks as the 6th highest paying jobs for plumbing experts, pipefitters and steamfitters. It is a great midway point among other states. Additionally, this could be an excellent opportunity to level up the profession. Many possibilities and prospects waiting for plumbers in this area.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,296

Ave. Weekly Salary: $985

Ave. Hourly Salary: $25

Aver. Annual Salary: $51,223

7. Maine

You’ll hear many people across the Midwest wondering how they can afford to move to this area during winter. Based upon the numbers from BLS, getting plumbing jobs might be an accessible route. Additionally, many plumbing companies continuously recruit plumbers – both starters and experienced.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,240

Ave. Weekly Salary: $979

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Ave. Annual Salary: $50,885

8.      New Mexico

The plumbers here usually earned for about $50,517 per year on average. Thus, it only means that they really know how to appreciate the plumbers’ hard work. If you want better opportunities, perhaps it is the perfect time to consider moving to this state.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,213

Ave. Weekly Salary: $972

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Aver. Annual salary: $50,560

9. Alaska

The state’s current ranking was buoyed by its cheaper cost of living. But beyond the expenses, Alaska has showcased a higher than average demand in terms of plumbing services. Furthermore, the state’s average salary is about 35% higher than in other areas that are very desirable.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,210

Ave. Weekly Salary: $971

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Ave. Annual Salary: $50,517

10. Colorado

The very reason why this state has made here in the list is due to its strong demand (concentration) for plumbers. Colorado plumbers are being paid for about $50,354 per year on average. Thus, it has 20% higher than other states, particularly for pipefitters and plumbers. Lastly, the cost of living in any city in this state is also very reasonable.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,196

Ave. Weekly Salary: $968

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Ave. Annual Salary: $50,354

11. West Virginia

West Virginia has an economy that has been historically fueled by the present natural resources, including coal, steel, natural gas, and oil. Top employers in West Virginia are usually spotted in Huntington. Pipefitters, plumbers and steamfitters in the city are generally earning an average annual salary of $

Ave. Monthly salary: $1,163

Ave. Weekly Salary: $961

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Aver. Annual Salary: $49,960

12. Indiana

This state located in the Great Lake regions and Midwestern of North America is the 17th populated among other states. Kokomo, Indiana is where plumbing companies have started to boost. The city has made efforts to expand its economy and try to reinvest funds into the local economy. The city of Kokomo has been known for the increasing number of plumbing companies. Indeed, it is a great opportunity for job seekers who have specialization in the plumbing profession.

Ave. Monthly Salary: $4,130

Ave. Weekly Salary: $953

Ave. Hourly Salary: $24

Ave. Annual Salary: $49,563

Plumbing Industry Initiatives in the Future are Stepping Up!

While skilled and qualified plumbers are consistently in demand, several companies do their very best to stay updated with trends and technologies like crew schedule software. The deployment of such technologies has made a positive impact and boosts the productivity of the work. Companies with the construction and plumbing industry can apply for grants to resolve companies’ plumbing outbreak nowadays. This list of opportunities is a massive help in recruiting more qualified candidates and retain all credentialed workers.

Several companies have one goal – to train and retrain talents. Speaking of plumbing shortage, an association like CDA has been developing educational programs and adequate plumbing professionals. These series of programs are geared for those workers who are already in the field- both old and young. Among other associations involved include UA and PHCC chapters that participate in training courses, apprenticeship programs and co-host competitions. They also ensure and encourage software technologies like task scheduler software for it is critical in making candidates more aware and updated.

By working in these programs, more individuals are considering a life-long career in plumbing. Therefore, the eligible student candidates, the future plumbers, can ultimately experience this profession’s breadth, including the other potentials they have.

The best plumbing companies out there will undoubtedly hire candidates who have the following:

· Experienced, skilled and trusted

· Up-to-date with all industry standards and trends like construction scheduling software

· Attentive and customer-centered

· Well-versed on the latest technology, equipment and advanced tools

· Hyper-focused on quality

· Efficient – they make sure to finish the job the right way

· Resourceful and proactive – providing prevention tips

Key Takeaways

While the above-listed data generally represent averages from the entire United States, it also reveals a considerable amount of useful information to inform any plumbing professionals best. Besides, the data is beneficial in evaluating the plumber’s salary, other competitive salaries, and determining what sorts of salary increase a plumber may be expecting in the future.

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