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12 Best Interior Paint Brands this 2020


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One of the daunting tasks every professional painter does is selecting the best paint brand. Not having any idea of where to begin in terms of picking brands can be puzzling. There are numerous paint brands available in the market and one brand is different from the other in terms of quality and paint finishes. That is why it is important to research what’s currently best in the market this 2020.

In order to make the selection of paint much easier, we’ve broken down below the 12 best paint brands. Pro Painters can take this as a guide to find suitable paint, especially for their specific painting projects.

7 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Paint

Choosing the best paint is just a small portion of the planning process. That is why before citing the top 12 paint brands, let’s dive in first to the seven factors that must be firsthand considered during the selection of painting brands. Take a look below.

1. Coverage

This aspect is essential if a professional painter like you chooses a deep and intense color. Moreover, when talking about paint coverage, there are assumptions that the paint is applied appropriately with a brush and a roller because it is. Several paint brands will have a range of lines that possessed differing coverage qualities. Pro Painters often choose brand paints on behalf of their clients and coverage is one important thing to prioritize the most regardless of the costs.

While it is necessary to be wise in selecting paint brands, it is also equally important to consider using technological trends like the task scheduler software. All built-in features of this application are proven to be very advantageous in tracking and monitoring projects and crew.

2. Color Richness

Professional painters must never overlook this aspect because the richness of paint colors matters in many cases. How deep the colors have you selected? How exposed to elements will the paint be? These are basic questions that need to ask. Choose paints that are rich, vibrant in colors or highly-pigmented. A few paint brands are now having a mix of formulations where colorants and custom resins are included. Some paints are specifically formulated to hold more deep and richer colors better than others. Choose wisely!

In terms of painting projects, the best way to manage any of it is through software applications. Construction scheduling software is proven to be useful in terms of scheduling and supervision. Work is easier for painting contractors.

3. Pot Life

Pot life is a common term used today that describes how long the paint will last once applied. But pot life technically means how long it takes for the paint to double its thickness. Either way, it is most important always to apply additional touch-ups and maintenance to newly-painted rooms.

Maintenance or any additional follow-ups are best managed using a builder software. Painting contractors can consistently monitor all crew, including their daily activities and labor hours. Gathering this data will help project leaders in determining areas to improve further.

4. Low and Zero VOC (The Smell Factor)

VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds or damaging chemicals that are responsible for paint fumes. A lower-VOC paint typically contains 50 grams per liter or much lesser. Zero-VOC paint usually contains five grams per liter. Pro Painters should pay attention to this factor because it is a matter of choosing a much user-friendly, Zero VOC type of paint.

5. Gloss

Just as colors differ from brand to brand, so do finishes. The pigment ratio and binder usually determine finish or gloss. The more binder the paint has, the shinier the finish will be. The finish options often range from flat to glossy. High gloss usually draws greater attention while giving off a vivid light. It is critical to check the finish once shopping for paint.

Professional painters ought to seek new painting technologies and other related trends for the improvement of their projects. Thus, there’s no reason not to use builder trends software. The tool itself is innovative enough to assist basic to immediate project management tasks.

6. Primer

To understand more about the primer, it is like insurance. It seals well-prepared surfaces, leaving the solid base all-ready for paint. Primers could be tinted and can be used to cover some darker shades. It can also hide lighter imperfections in permeable surfaces like concrete, wood, masonry or wallboard.

7. Adhesion 

Any paints will never do well if it doesn’t maintain a consistent appearance. The pigment articles join the binder and give the paint the sticking power. In water-based paints, binders are either vinyl, acrylic, or a combination of both. Additionally, it dries up into protective finishes.

Furthermore, pro painters have to implement construction crew management for all participating teams and subcontractors. By doing so, projects are more likely earlier to finish and any rising conflicts are easily identified and resolved.

Top Paint Brands for Interior Painting Projects


1.Sherwin-Williams Cashmere 

This buttery paint slides on smoothly and wouldn’t leave rough streaks or dotting than any other paint brands. Overall, such a brand’s application is extremely easy, efficient, and the coverage is just so strong. Many Pro Painters have chosen this brand because the paint is highly pigmented and it also has primer which is a plus for many professional painters.

2. Farrow & Ball Rectory in Red No.217

This bolder color preference is specifically a niche one. The paint and its heavily pigmented shades are working best when applied. Apart from the bolder and intense color red, there are other deeper and rich color paints. The final touches or finishes that anyone can get using this paint brand are more sophisticated and refined.

Moreover, the pigments to base ratio of this paint is also higher, thus, making the colors much richer. Farrow and Ball Rectory is considered as one of the highest-end paint any Pro Painters can buy. It will give painters the best of experience.

3. Benjamin Moore – Interior Paint Regal Select Waterborne

Given that most paint brands are costly, there are still a few options to choose from, especially when budgeting the money. One of the reasonably priced paint options is Benjamin Moore particularly its trademark Regal Select Waterborne paint. Using this paint can still give you a luxurious interior vibe. Meanwhile, the brand is commonly used and available in New York. This paint’s price point is more for an average consumer’s budget while still offering good quality.

This paint has possessed a few desirable qualities, including seamless blending if touch-ups are required, quick-drying finish, and a primer-free formulation. All mentioned qualities will save Pro Painters much time and tons of effort.

4. PPG Diamond

The paint’s high-quality finish will never budge. The majority of professional painters rave about the paint’s surface smoothness and scrub-ability. Thus, the brand offers fewer touchups for the next years. Additionally, it also offers a lifetime guarantee which means that it is great for any high-traffic areas such as hallways.

5. Behr Marquee Interior Matte

Marquee is a suitable choice, especially when the agenda is to cover old paint. The most outstanding quality of this paint is it has Zero-VOC. The paint also offers a 100% one-coat assurance. However, it’s not a cheap brand but rather one of the most expensive paints available. Nevertheless, choosing this brand is worth the money because it is great for home renovations. Painters often use less paint when using this. Another advantage of this brand is being statin-resistant.

6. Ace Royal Interiors

This paint brand has the fastest dry time of all. This quick-drying paint is offering the best coverage and can also be color-matched in any selected hues. However, this paint is not a good option for painting areas situated by pets or playrooms. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent paint to apply for interior designs.

7. Glidden Interior Premium

There are enclosed areas where moisture gets higher. Pro Painters have been looking for a paint that can survive under high-moisture areas. Good thing that Glidden Interior Premium is available. Huge thanks to its mildew-and-mold-resistant finish, a professional painter will no longer have difficulty repainting such areas. Additionally, it is very easy to clean which is an advantage.

8. Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum is a go-to-brand for interior paint jobs on hardware, metal surfaces and appliances. The paint is formulated to become more anti-corrosive, durable and water-resistance – traits that weren’t standard in most ordinary interior paints used today. Additionally, the paint can be used for longer-term because it is also high-pigmented.

9. Dunn-Edwards

One of the preferable paint manufacturers residing in the Southwestern United States is Dunn-Edwards. This paint brand often makes it to the list of favorites. Dunn-Edwards is also a budget-friendly paint and it doesn’t break anyone’s budget.

10. HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

This paint has a built-in primer which typically hides stains quickly regardless of having think consistency. Over-thickness prevents the splatters from making cleaning up time a breeze. Professional painters often described this brand as a notable one and reasonably excellent. Ceilings are where this paint is best applied and it will always give a stunning finish.

11. Valspar Signature

This professional paint brand is best for walls and the best thing about is its affordable cost and broader area coverage. Additionally, Valspar Signature can quickly remove stains and guarantees a professional level finishing. Low VOC and scuff shield technology are two amazing qualities that are suitable for any commercial properties. Above all, it contains primer which is a huge plus when working for any expert painting tasks.

12. Pratt and Lambert Accolade

For entry-level painters and sprayers, Pratt and Lambert is a good choice. Both professionals and newbies find it easier to apply this paint. It offers many different qualities, including fungus and mold resistance, quick stain removal, excellent coverage and fast-dry. These qualities are the very reason why the paint is a perfect application to be used for bathrooms and kitchens.

Key Takeaways

One of the most crucial factors to consider when embarking on new painting projects is choosing the ideal paint brands. While it might be enticing to opt-out for whatever brand is available, making extra effort to purchase one of the excellent brands can make a difference. Lastly, when selecting interior paint, it always pays well to search carefully at the brand and ensure that you choose an option that is particularly zero VOC paint.

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