Celebrate the 4th of July with your Construction Employees
Celebrate the 4th of July with your Construction Employees

Celebrate the 4th of July with your Construction Employees


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A celebration brings people together, be it birthdays, corporate events, or national holidays. And now we’re about to celebrate the 4th of July! This day is a big celebration in the U.S. You might already figure out how you can best celebrate onsite or at the office, together with your construction crew. As you wanted everyone to recognize and honor Independence Day, you can go further in setting the mood for today’s celebration.

This blog highlights some of the best ideas and ways to celebrate July 4th at the workplace.

Why 4th of July Have to be Celebrated?


The vast, grand facts about the Independence Day of America are pretty widely known. It is the day Americans have officially declared their Independence from Great Britain and turned the armed resistance in the Colonies towards a fight for self-governance by a new nation for the “United States”. In the simplest sense, the 4th of July is the birthday of our country. After years of struggles and months of debate, it was a special day to celebrate because the duly elected representatives of the original Thirteen colonies. It was then announced later on to the world that they had already formed a new nation.

And now, July 4th is widely celebrated across the United States. Many of the traditions we typically associate with Independence Day today have always been a significant part of such celebrations. Over the years, U.S. has grown and changed in many ways. But the spirit of liberty that led to the publication and ratification of the Declaration of Independence, one of the country’s most hallowed documents, has remained steady and strong.

And that’s the main reason why we celebrate July 4th! Happy Independence Day!

Eight Best Party Ideas for the 4th of July

If you’re planning on hosting an Independence party in your office together with your construction team, here are some amazing ideas you can do to take the get-together to the next level:

1. Never skip the Décor

For sure, there’s no shortage of festive decorations available for the 4th of July. Most of these décors are way cheaper and can be afforded. You can consider picking up the following:

  • Red, white and blue balloons
  • Colorful streamers
  • Mini flags
  • Confetti papers
  • Photo backdrops
  • U.S.A –inspired tablecloths

The list above is by no means comprehensive, so go try and explore your options and never hold back!

2. Encouraged Themed Attire

There’s nothing we love more than a well-prepared themed party, and what a better way to celebrate this Independence Day, right? So, you better encourage your team to show off their most festive Independence Day attire. Let them follow the July 4th Dress Code. 

You may consider hosting a “best-dressed program” and giving away prizes. Let your employees know beforehand. Post these announcements using subcontractor scheduling software to be aware of the upcoming event and some additional memos to follow.

3. Do some Team Building Activities

Whether your company is small or big, or you have little to hundreds of employees, it’s great to sneak a few positive outcomes in the middle of the fun. And this is where team-building activities come to play, bringing a perfect blend of function and fun.

For Independence Day, you may like:

  • Random acts of Kindness – doing charity for others and caring genuinely for one another is an American way. With this team-building hunt, that’s exactly what you and your team can do. In teams, your crew will race downtown to complete all challenges about giving smiles and giving back.
  • End-Hunger Games – If you and your team wanted to give back, especially to those in need, then end-hunger games are the team-building activities for you and your team. With your teams, it is necessary to compete in a series of tasks and challenges. For every win, non-perishable food will be a reward.

The collected wins can be donated to the charity of your team’s choice.

4. Play July 4th Games 

Adding some simple and fun games to the Independence Day celebration is absolutely a good idea! Below are some of the top favorite games to play:

  • 4th of July Bingo – Get your crew members together for a classic game of Bingo, with a twist! Make sure to customize cards and include American-themed items, such as dogs, footballs, flags, and more. 
  • Red, Blue, and White Jelly Count – For this classic and simple game, fill a jar with white, red and blue jellybeans. Ensure to keep a count on how many are in there. Next, have your crew members guess the number and write down their guesses in a sheet of paper. Whoever’s close by the end of the game wins.
  • Stars and Stripes cornhole – Cornhole is a classic party game because it’s an absolute favorite and a hit! This particular game, which typically involves throwing bean bags with a hole in the far end at a raised platform. For each beanbag, a team will sink into the hole and get points!

5. Virtual celebration 

American are creative people and have created ways to continue to function within limited parameters generated by today’s social distancing rules. There’s still a pandemic and that’s a fact. The traditional company July fourth celebration can still be done. There’s no need to shut down some opportunities for a group of events. The internet is an excellent platform for virtual events that are still fun and interesting. 

If you go for virtual celebrations, the following are the best games to play:

  • Riddles – There are a lot of riddles on the internet. First, find one and then challenge your team to solve the riddle together. You can communicate to your team members using Slack and tell them the mechanics of the games. However, you can use construction scheduling software to post and announce additional memos, notes, or rules. Everybody in your team can view, reply or place comments on the platform, making it easier to exchange information. 
  • Online games – checkers, chess and many other traditional games can now be played online. Many of these games can also be played and enjoyed while social distancing. You can choose to set up games online or in-person through the tournament.
  • Picture contest – create categories and have your crew members submit photos. A variation is to have every crew submit a picture of something and have others guess who owns or posted the picture.

6. Food Preparation

Of course, a celebration will not be complete without foods. Make the July 4th celebration a memorable one for your crew members. A buffet is the best choice for celebrations held onsite or at the office. There are tons of food to choose from and a variety of platters and deserts. Your employees will surely be satisfied because of the foods being served. 

You can ask your employees if they are willing to bring in some festive baked goods and homemade desserts to share for everyone. Any white, blue, and red treat will show a celebration of the day for this holiday. Baked cookies, Choco Layered Blancmange, Almond croissant, and Triple Chocolate Brownie are some of the top favorite desserts of many. 

7. Display Fireworks 

Nothing says the 4th of July like a fireworks display! If you wanted to go all out, you could sponsor your fireworks. However, even if that is beyond your budget or you’re afraid of possible accidents, you can still incorporate someone’s show into the Independence Day celebration.

Construction sites have a bigger space. Find a perfect spot for your fireworks presentation, where your employees can watch the rocket’s red glare. It’s the most thrilling experience you can give to them!

8. Extra Days Off

Let’s face it! Your crews may enjoy the get-together with their coworkers, but they’d rather spend more time together with their family at home. You can make that possible by offering additional days off around the holiday period. You can scatter the days for the entire week or two surrounding the 4th of July. So, it doesn’t cut too much into productivity. 

You can use the promise of the days off as an incentive, especially when the production hits a particular level by the end of the month. But the extra days around Independence Day will become available. But it depends on the schedule, so make sure to check out the calendar first.

The construction software for small builders will help you make changes and updates to the actual scheduling. In fact, you can track all the reschedules you’ve made for your crew. 

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It’s the perfect time to emerge from the cave!


The best productive work environment has the value of team-building. The best leaders actively seek physically stimulating and challenging ways to bring the team together. That is why reuniting with your teams is essential despite the things going on and this 4th of July is a celebration that naturally draws your people together for active relaxation. Give your crew members a wonderful Independence Day experience to remember, one that will unite them, strengthen their relationships, and boost overall productivity.

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