Highly Recommended Construction Grade Smartwatches to Use in 2021
Highly Recommended Construction Grade Smartwatches to Use in 2021

Highly Recommended Construction Grade Smartwatches to Use in 2021


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One of the oldest jobs known to man is construction. Buildings, as well as managing construction, have evolved over time. From huts to turning it into skyscrapers, you can say that this evolution has a large degree of continuous development. As the tools used for construction became refined and more advanced, it enables most construction sites to build larger and sturdier structures.

The same is true when it comes to using construction-grade smartwatches that every construction crew must wear. When it comes to construction crew management, you must have proper communication, activity tracking, weather change alerts, timekeeping, GPS pathfinding and all that smartwatches do for the crew. In today’s blog, you will know why wearing construction-grade smartwatches is essential. You will also know what the highly recommended ones to use are.

Do you Need a Smartwatch for Construction Workers?


We know that construction workers work in accident-prone and challenging environments. Therefore, it is vital for construction engineers, builders, and surveyors to wear a durable smartwatch as part of project management for construction. Why? Because when they’re doing their jobs, they should not bring with them their phones. Instead, they should get themselves a well-equipped smartwatch for construction. 

It is not just any kind of watch you wear because a heavy-duty smartwatch for construction that every crew must wear creates just a little distraction. It gives smart notification, communication, record the time, tracking of activities, mapping, record GPS coordinates, and even issue weather alerts. Smartwatches can also track the crew’s stress and heart rates, as this should be something to look upon. 

With all these in mind, it’s always a part of managing construction to check for the crew when they’re on the site and help avoid accidents and injuries. Since the smartwatches can receive texts or make calls at the job site, it would be easier to communicate. They don’t have to make a long way to inform the people away from the site about what’s going on. Therefore, a smartwatch is an important gadget for those engaged in jobs that take a heavy toll in life, like construction. 

How to Choose the Appropriate Smartwatch for Construction?


There is no such thing as a perfect construction-grade smartwatch. As long as the construction crew wears it for their needs and preferences, it always gets the job done right. However, when choosing the appropriate smartwatch for construction, some features would make it work its best. 

  • Water and Dust Proof 

No smartwatch is entirely waterproof. Yet, there are lots of smartwatches that are water-resistant to a high degree. Moreover, there are standards to look for the resistance to water of smartwatch; it could either be IP or ATM rating. 

And as a rule of thumb, go for ATM 5 or IP68 smartwatches as this can submerge in water up to 10m. So, if there is a need to go down the water, especially when the site is near beach bays, you can swim with your smartwatch. 

  • Shock Resistance 

Many tactical watches are tested military standards for shock resistance. However, this feature can hardly be found in smartwatches. If you want construction-grade smartwatches that are almost shockproof, go for a gorilla glass display or shock-resistant polycarbonate case. This tends to be durable and appropriate to take tough terrains. 

  • With GPS 

Since construction projects come in remote sites, it is recommended to wear smartwatches that feature onboard GPS. It is a part of project task management to track workers while they’re on-site. 

Though most smartwatches rely on smartphones for GPS, construction crew, on the other hand, need to have a smartwatch that comes with an option to download the entire map and to provide navigation. So, they must get their hands on such a gadget, even if it costs a little extra. 

  • Changeable Straps 

A construction-grade smartwatch must come in straps that can be changed easily. This will keep workers safe. It is recommended to choose smartwatches that come in high-quality leather or rubber straps; of course, they must be changeable. Don’t choose metal straps, as it becomes itchy and may cause discomfort while working. 

  • Barometer 

A smartwatch that features a barometer helps in reporting changes in atmospheric pressure. Some workers can’t withstand the low atmospheric pressure that construction sites likely have. But with the barometer feature in a smartwatch can help construction workers, especially when they have health concerns. 

  • Notification alert

Wearing a construction-grade smartwatch will not require the user to look hard for it. Smartwatches have notification alert features that would be helpful when they are working. Some smartwatches allow workers to reply to messages directly and accept calls. If the crew is not familiar with how they will use it, you can have scheduling training until they are familiar with it. 

Top 4 Construction Grade Smartwatches Emerging in 2021 


Since construction workers usually spend their day working physically, it is advisable to provide them with construction-grade smartwatches. They need to work accordingly within the deadline, and they don’t even have enough time to think about what they are going to wear or check their phones. Here are the commonly used smartwatches by construction workers expected to develop in the coming years. 

1. Garmin Instinct – Toughest Smartwatch for Construction 

Garmin is, by far, one of the known and leading brands for smartwatches. Though it’s a bit pricey, Garmin remains very versatile with many features that will help with construction. This smartwatch is recommended to construction workers because of its military standard build quality. You can wear this watch even in rugged construction, and it will not fail you. 

It features onboard GPS, so whenever the crew is inside the site for inspection and quality checking, the manager can easily locate them when uncertainties happen. It also features a digital compass, altimeter and barometer that could be a great help when on-site. Plus, the user-friendly interface will allow the workers to respond right away to important calls and notifications. 

2. SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit 

The Suunto Ambit 3 Peak is a durable smartwatch designed not only for outdoor and sports but also for outdoor occupations such as construction. It comes with an onboard GPS unit that would be useful when there is a need for tracking. For example, this smart tool would make things very easy for construction workers to find the paths and trace the site. 

It can also be a reliable timepiece to use by construction crews because it ensures hard beatings from the site’s objects without failing. It also features an altimeter for mega construction projects to measure the heights easily. It can also support up to one hundred meters of water pressure. So, you can work with it during heavy rains and winter. 

This construction-grade smartwatch could also monitor the heart rate. It instantly keeps track of the heart rhythm of workers and sees if they are fit to work at the moment. In addition, it monitors sleep data and even stresses to know and manage the fatigue of a construction professional. This is going to be useful to let the worker rest when his heart beats exceed life-support. 

3. G-Shock Rangeman GW – 9400 

For durable looks that construction professionals can wear, the G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 can be your best option. It is a tough watch that will less likely break because of its engineer design that will compete with sway powers. It has a very energetic look for construction workers, plus the durable digital watches are military grade. 

Construction workers best wear this to utilize day-by-day construction tasks. It highlights a thermometer to monitor the worker’s temperature. There is also a digital compass to give directions when the worker is on the site. 

It also features Mb6 nuclear timekeeping and timestamp for scheduling. It also features a 1-10 second stopwatch that construction workers need for testing some parts of the site. This will be a reliable smartwatch, as it always gets the job done right for construction industries. 

4. Skagen Connected Hagen Titanium and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

From contractors to architects who handle the blueprints when managing buildings and another real estate, the smartwatches must be tough, durable, and lightweight. With that, the Titanium Constructed Skagen watch would be a good one for construction professionals. 

It is durable compared to a standard titanium strap. Plus, the leathers come with a buckle that perfectly fits the wrist to prevent dropping the smartwatch when lifting hammering objects during construction works. That’s why this smartwatch for construction is appropriate if you want to work in off-grid construction for weeks. 

It also features a dual-time function alarm and Skagen link technology to allow the construction professionals and workers to snap a photo while on-site. It also works well when you are inside a dark and poor lighting area like construction tunnels, as you can still read it well enough. 


As time goes by, you will realize that construction workers or professionals need a smartwatch when working on-site. This is because they are engaged in one of the deadliest jobs, and being tactical and smart is one of the effective ways to complete a heavy-duty task like construction. This is to keep the crew safe and prevent losing life or lose motivation. 

Most construction companies are encouraged to invest and get the best smartwatch that can help the workers. It helps to survive the rugged nature of infrastructure projects. We hope that you now understand how important smartwatches are for construction jobs. This is not a liability but an excellent investment for a construction company. 


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