Handshake between woman and good plumber after service
Handshake between woman and good plumber after service

6 Types of Customers You Encounter in the Plumbing Industry


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If water runs through it. We do it! –  This is a very common plumbing slogan that used to be so catchy to the target audience of some companies in the plumbing industry. If you have a plumbing business and you wanted to run your company according to this slogan, you may discover that you will not yield good results. Do you want to know why? It is because that some leaking faucets are different between customer A and customer B. You have to keep in mind that your customers have different perceptions of the issue regardless of having the same plumbing problem.

Obviously, as a plumber, responding to your customers in different ways is crucial because each customer has unique plumbing needs. The critical point here is to understand further your target audience and their expectations, including what they see as motivation. In this blog, the target audience will be discussed, including the most common types of customers you’ll face and tips that can help you retain the relationship you already establish.

What is Target Audience?


A target audience is a group of individuals labeled as customers of a particular business. Target audiences often share the same demographic traits including, yet not limited to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Location
  • Socioeconomic status

Determining your target audience can help you define your core customers and craft effective marketing strategies. Instead of spending resources and money trying to cater to each consumer, determining a target audience allows for more personal and intentional outreach, especially to those most likely to purchase your services and products.

Different Types of Customers You Encounter 


Generally, there are six variants of clients typically called “personas” and must be seen differently in every aspect. The following personas below are established based on raw data, representing the various silos of individuals that seek your plumbing services. These personas are categorized according to challenges, goals, challenges, values, fears, and demographics.

1. The homeowners

One of the most apparent personas is the homeowner. However, it is crucial to note that this personal varies according to geographic areas. Some homeowners that can be your potential customer may be more cost-sensitive and instead wanted to get plumbing repairs done by themselves. This persona has a mentality and beliefs that are in contrast to the suggestions of professionals. For instance, repairing issues on their own becomes their top priority. As a result, they choose to do DIY plumbing instead.

2. The real estate agent

The real estate agents typically look at plumbers as their partners. Why? It is because their goal is to assist customers in buying/sell houses or properties. For the most part, homes need repairs even before they can be placed on the market. The repairs need to be addressed faster, more efficiently and be in line with the budget. If the right plumber like you is found, the real estate agent can fully rest assured that the issues will be solved in a timely manner. Plumbers used specialized tools that help them in tracking projects, tasks, and even plumbing services they provide to their clients.

As a result, a client like the agent can now focus more on the other aspects of the job, like closing property deals and more. Real estate agents are very generous, for they often reward plumbers with good referrals. In most cases, they wanted to establish a long-term customer relationship with their trusted plumbing contractors. This persona prefers to work in a plumbing company that is very flexible and efficient regarding the offers and pricing.

Pro Tip: Your plumbing company must include things like 24/7 emergency services, free estimates on complex jobs, same-day water heater installation, and warranties for new buyers.

3. The small business owner

The small business owner persona typically requires immediate assistance. This persona doesn’t spend too much time thinking and dealing with any plumbing issues. If there’s a plumbing issue, it must be seen as soon as possible because their business operations have to run continuously. For this particular persona – timing, responsiveness, and speed is absolutely everything.

Moreover, your plumbing company has to look at keywords such as “same day installations” and “same-day response”. These types of keywords are typically used in conjunction with any plumbing keywords because most small business owners prefer this to implement quickly and efficiently.

4. The restaurant entrepreneur

Like small business owners, restaurant entrepreneurs prefer plumbing services that are quick and responsive. They care more about elements like the actual size and capability of your plumbing business because they wanted to search for a reliable partner with who they can establish a long-term relationship.

Essentially, this persona wants to be rest assured and confident that you’re plumbing company will prioritize him and his restaurant’s needs. Moreover, keywords that typically resonate with the audience include “rapid response” and “effective service.”

5. Property and facility managers

This persona wants your plumbing services to be available 24/7. Property managers are also looking forward to special rates. These professionals often work in the commercial sector. Hence, most of the plumbing services they usually requested are quite general. It includes elements such as commercial kitchen and bathroom repairs and hot water tank replacements. Bigger services can also be required, like flood restoration and pump truck services, depending on the situation.

This type of person generally refers to good services throughout the industry, and they also value good plumbing services. Property managers are always looking for a quality partnership and want to achieve a long-term relationship with a trusted and reliable plumbing company.

6. Contractors

This persona is different from the previous ones. They are usually professionals from various trades. You are most likely partnering with builders, electricians, roofers who can be a great source of good referrals and quality leads. Keep in your mind that they are also expecting to obtain quality leads from you in return. 

Knowing your trade personas allows you to build more appealing campaigns for every part of the purchase funnel. For a long-term game, what you must be looking for is to establish solid relationships with these clients. The best way to develop a great relationship with them is always to know their needs. 

Using the method of customer segmentation cited above, you can create proper content for every persona. You can now connect with this persona the right way they wanted to be connected with. The way you’re going to communicate and connect with any of them is going to be your clue, most especially in deciding to hire your plumbing services. 

Building Relationships can boost your Plumbing Business.


Probably you already heard the term “community relations” but wholly ignored it like a buzzword. Perhaps, you define community relations management (CRM) the other way around because your plumbing business is small compare to other companies. You’re not buying this strategy, and most likely, you’re not probably using this marketing approach. However, before you discard community relations management as a feasible tool for your plumbing business, consider first the importance of significant signals like integrity and trust for your customers.

1. Creating loyalty

Think of CRM as a unique way of getting the attention you need from your customers. It’s basically at the top of their choice since the two of you already have established a relationship. Perhaps, you have made such a difference in their business. But more than anything, it is about creating a solid royalty and maintain the relationship. The community relations way of approach will make you reach the exact audience all over again. The time investment may be high, but the financial costs are generally low, but the return will be exponential.

If you are thinking today about getting started in CRM, here are a few handy tips you can follow:

  • Be consistent. Before you even decide to pursue CRM, make sure you can stick with it. 
  • Don’t overcommit. Building integrity and trust mean keeping your word. 
  • If you offer as a sponsor, show up.
  • In managing construction or plumbing, consider your budget.

2. Building trust

That face time is absolutely priceless. Putting a face to your plumbing company establishes a considerable amount of trust towards your potential customers. Elements like integrity, friendliness, reliability, and expertise are some of the most important things you should focus on improving. There are a lot of cost-effective ways that will help you in making new acquaintances and future clients. Networking is also a vital opportunity to establish awareness and set yourself from your competitors. 

3. Invest in a Construction Scheduling Software

All industries, including the plumbing industry, are built around client relationships and trust. In most cases, contractors, building owners, and developers award projects based upon the relationship they have with each other. Client-centric information gives your business a competitive advantage. With a specialized software tool like Pro Crew Schedule, you can develop a funnel for communication concerning any tasks and services both internally for your team and externally for your customers and other stakeholders.

In addition to internal communication of all people involved, a task project management software like Pro Crew Schedule gives your clients the ability to log in and view (only) project data relevant, particularly to the services. In this way, your clients can send immediate feedback, review project progresses, and make some updates anytime and anywhere.

Pro Crew Schedule offers not only effective internal communication but also the following:

· Effortless project planning

  • Easier integration of new members
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Remote working and time-tracking
  • Easy to access and explore anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Balanced construction crew management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Start your 30-day FREE trial of Pro Crew Schedule and experience all its features!

Key Takeaways


Knowing your target personas or audience will allow you to create stronger and appealing campaigns. Are you already familiar with the six common personas in the plumbing industry? Have you tried applying the tips cited above? If so, did you notice any changes in your KPIs? Are there any positive results? Continue knowing your personas and keep in mind that having a solid and long-term relationship with your clients is critical to prioritize when having such business.

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