What to Include in Your Construction Daily Logs?
What to Include in Your Construction Daily Logs?

What to Include in Your Construction Daily Logs?


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There is always chaos at any construction site, and staying on top of everything has always been challenging for every site manager. Though there are many ways and even tools to get an overview of the projects and see their progress on site, there is only one thing that shows how they are developing: construction daily logs.

Construction daily logs, or daily reports serve as a recap of everyday events onsite, capturing the essence of what happened throughout the workday. This specific document helps mitigate risks and bridges communication gaps by simply providing a detailed record of progress on a construction project.

Ever wonder what to include in your construction daily logs? If you want to know, then this blog is simply for you. 

How Important Daily Logs Are in Construction?


Construction daily logs play a crucial role in enhancing different operations. Your construction company can only gauge project progress by continuously monitoring and analyzing daily logs to determine whether you are either ahead or behind schedule. 

The consistent analysis of these reports offers insights into many areas for improvement. Therefore helping your construction company refine its processes and boost overall productivity.


So, What a Construction Daily Log Look Like?


Depending on your project type, your construction daily logs might look different. In many cases, many elements should always be included. Below, we list some of the most notable segments of a daily log-in construction alongside the information that must be included in each section.

1. Site conditions

This section usually details the current weather of the day. This is particularly important for documentation since weather conditions may affect the ongoing construction projects at some point. Like they all say, weather is unpredictable. Make sure to include site conditions in your daily logsand most importantly, ensure the crew will provide information on them.

2. Personnel

This is the section where you must provide information on the number of laborers, subcontractors, builders, engineers, and other crews on site. Listing the names can be optional, but it can be helpful when situations arise onsite.

3.  Activities by subcontractors

This category details all the activities of subcontractors onsite during the day. It also includes a list of all the problems that may be encountered and what needs to be done next. With the deployment of construction manpower scheduling software, subcontractors can easily get real-time updates and a complete overview of what is truly happening onsite.

4. Remarks

This category includes accidents, visitors, unsafe conditions, scheduling issues, deliveries, delays, unsuccessful attempts to contact certain people, and more. Remarks also include the documentation of extras since not every extra (additional) has a written contract.

5. Tests and inspections

Any inspections and tests conducted during the day are also documented under the category of tests and inspectionsThis segment is very important because it allows your construction crew to know when each of these tests was completed. 

6. Meeting memos and team discussions

Meetings and discussions are an integral part of the everyday routine onsite. Everything discussed during meetings should be well-documented. This segment helps bridge communication gaps between all people involved in the construction projects.

7.  Delays and problems created by the owner

Project owners and representatives may cause issues with ongoing projects in one way or another. This is because these people often change their minds about what they want. Any sequencing changes, plans, and everything else in between should be documented. This documentation will serve as proof of the many changes and complaints the project owner made throughout the construction.

8. Material and equipment delivered

Documenting the exact delivery of all the construction materials, equipment, and other resources allows everyone to keep track of what is being purchased, borrowed, and delivered. This is particularly important when construction equipment is assigned to a job site for a couple of days. 

Documenting all these details and having a material schedule in construction will help you and your crew members know when and where this equipment will be returned.

9. Drawings

If you think drawings and sketches cannot be included as part of the documentation. Then you are absolutely wrong. These little sketches can play a role especially when there are changes in project plans. Anything that is part of the project plan should be part of the construction daily log.

10. Maintenance and repair logs

Documenting every maintenance or repair work done on your construction equipment can benefit you the most. Not only can you track these things, but also it can be easier for you to process warranty claims. Ensure to keep a record of all the repairs and maintenance work. Put the exact time, date, and location it is being repaired.

Take Full Control of Your Daily Logs using the Pro Crew Schedule


As digital technologies and software applications become more prevalent, contractors onsite can control their daily logs and store this information using the best software available.

Pro Crew Schedule is an intuitive construction crew scheduling software designed to help builders in their everyday grind. It has top-notch project management and inventory features and offers limitless storage for any document that enables you to have full control of your daily logs, reports, crew’s activities, and more.

Only Pro Crew Schedule enables you to capture all the moving parts of your construction projects.

Request for a demo now. It’s free! Never miss the chance to try today’s leading software in the market.

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