construction holiday gift ideas
construction holiday gift ideas

Ultimate Holiday Gift Ideas That Construction Workers Will Love


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Day check! It’s already December and that means the long holiday season has arrived once again. Everyone’s excited to feast on the deelishis turkey and ham, but more than that, working people are more thrilled to see how much they’ll receive for their bonus and what corporate gifts they’ll be bringing home this year.

This isn’t different in the construction industry. While most workers on the site are in project-based contracts, they have benefits they ought to enjoy too when the holidays come in. So if you are a contractor with diligent workers who bring profit to the table, consider treating them with holiday gifts to thank them for a job well done. 

Boost Employee Morale with Holiday Gifts

Most employers might question, “why do we need to give holiday gifts when they already received cash as a bonus?” Well, it’s not a part of the employer’s obligation to his subordinates, but giving them a little something can boost their morale. Plus, the excitement of opening gifts never really goes away even for adults who are already earning money to pay for their wants and needs.

So, whether it’s just a t-shirt or a towel to wipe their sweat off as they work, workers are expecting something from their bosses when the holidays arrive. And the latest trend in gift-giving is to give useful items.

Gone were the days when displays and collectibles are the only things workers can appreciate. Chocolates are still in and umbrellas too, but going the extra mile to give something more valuable or anything they can use in their daily activities will be appreciated better.

These kinds of gifts are ideal for showing that you appreciate them back and ensure that your relationship with them is strengthened. Hence, boosting

Holiday Gift Ideas for Construction Crew Members

There are limitless options for what you can give to your workers this holiday. If you’re not sure what you can give that’s within our budget, then we’ve got you covered.
We made a rundown of the best holiday gifts that any construction worker will surely appreciate. It’s easy to find them when you shop online.

This list is right on time for the big holiday sales, so take advantage of the discounts and get your crew members something other than just a ballpen.

1.Best Value – Thermos

Thermoses are affordable and multi-purposed. You will find that the best sellers on Amazon only cost between $10 and $45. 

Your workers can use their new thermos to keep their coffee or tea warm during the winter or keep their water cool during the summer. Some would even use them to store their soups to keep them full throughout the day.

2.Best for Night Shifters – Electric Lunch Box

Whether it’s winter or summer, the night is always cooler. Meals are important to keep construction workers energized, but a packed meal gets less appetizing when it’s already cold. When there’s no 24-hour canteen or microwave around, giving an electric lunch box as a holiday gift to your workers will be something they’ll be grateful for.

Starting at $28 on Amazon, you can already treat your workers to a healthier meal.

3.Best Affordable Gift – Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

For employees who can’t get enough of work and still make DIY projects when they go home, a battery charger will be a good addition to his toolbox.Most power tools are operated using power cords or lithium batteries. Whether it’s a power drill driver or a combo tool kit, having an extra battery on hand can make sure that the work never stops.So while a battery charge isn’t the best item in this list; at least it’s easy, affordable, and useful for your DIY-er employee.Buy one from eCommerce sites with a price range starting from $12 only.

4.Best Useful Gift – Safety Boots

Your employee’s safety is the best gift you can give to him and his family.

It doesn’t have to be a Caterpillar or a Timberland; there are quality safety boots you can buy for only $49, which you can award to your employee of the year. 

Some are even stylish so they can wear them on other occasions too. 

5.Best Tool for Night Workers – Halo Light

It’s most dangerous to work at a construction site when the sun is already out. And you know that some construction activities need to continue even at night. This is most especially when the project needs to catch up with some construction delays

Flashlights had been the trend, but now, a halo light installed on safety helmets offer more visibility during the night. They can serve as a reflective sign too, most especially for those who are involved in road works. 

Rechargeable LED types of Halo lights for hardhats cost $14 while the 360 LED lights can cost up to $100.

6.Best for Non-Construction Related Treat – ArmorAll Car Kit

Be more creative in your gift-giving this holiday and treat your foreman and supervisor with something they can use on their big toys. 

Car kits for cleaning and keeping the car on the top condition can make any man the happiest this holiday. This is why our Pro Crew staff are getting their ArmorAll Kit as a special end-of-the-year reward this 2019. This $21 worth of valeting kit can save them over a hundred bucks from car wash shops, so we believe they’d love to have the bucket this holiday.

7.Craftsman Tool Kit

Don’t underestimate the creativity of construction workers. They are so good with woodworks too that they make another living with their craftsmanship. 

Surprise them with a top-quality tool kit that goes away from the old tin box. The Craftsman Versastack is a good brand and its 2-drawer toolbox is perfect in providing some extra storage. Available online from $35 to over $100.

8.Runnur Tablet Belt Clip

Mobile phones and tablets are becoming highly valuable tools in the construction industry. As firms go paperless and move all documents, scheduling, and monitoring on construction project management software, workers are being obliged to carry their devices around even when they work so they don’t have to miss any urgent announcements or last-minute changes. 

Carrying them in the pocket can, however, be irritating and limit movements. In this case, we, at Pro Crew, recommend the Runner Tablet Belt Clip to help workers carry their devices safely and without any hassle.

Buy it from their website for $99 and reward them to the best member of every team.

9.Dewalt Jobsite Fan

Sure, it’s winter this month and getting a fan is a bit awkward, but the season will change soon so this Dewalt treat will be useful too. This can also be a perfect gift for your workers who have their own closed workshop at home where it’s warmer. The Dewalt Jobsite Fan sells $79 on Amazon.

10.Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

Tasks at the construction site are so tough that most workers often get body pains. Having a massager in their lockers can help them put quick ease to their pains and go back to their work more efficiently.

Find battery-powered massagers so it won’t be a hassle for them to find outlets just so they can relax a bit during their break time.

The price of a rechargeable massager starts at $15 while the popular brands cost $100. 

Where to Buy Holiday Gifts

Ecommerce websites have made shopping easier, faster, more affordable, and more convenient. Big marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are two of the best places where you can find good deals. Store owners go through strict legit checks so you can be confident that your purchase is safe.

But if you want to enjoy the real spirit of gift-giving, try the traditional shopping at department stores and malls. Expect a huge crowd, though, with thousands of people thinking of the same thing – last-minute holiday shopping!

Final Words

Don’t miss the chance to say thank you to your employees for the services they offer. Construction works won’t ever progress without the hard physical work of your crew members so reward them with something they deserve too.

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