Father's Day Gift
Father's Day Gift

Ultimate Construction Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020


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Not all dads wear a tie to work. Some are wearing rugged pants and shirts (sometimes, even their socks are rugged)  and hard hats for their uniforms. And now that Father’s Day 2020 is fast approaching on June 21, maybe it’s time to treat them to something a little fancier to make their weary day safer and more relaxing and make them feel that they’re appreciated for all the hard work they’re doing for the family.

Each year, we struggle to find the perfect gift for a construction dad. Well, men are harder to please after all. But that’s not always the case for construction junkies. Whether they’re a construction tradesman, a project manager, a DIYer, a foreman, or a crew member, there’s always something out on the mall that they will appreciate.

Showing you remember them on a special day like Father’s Day is sometimes enough to make them feel loved. So this year, we came up with a gift guide designed for all dads in the construction industry.

From notepads to tools and other fancier accessories, we have plenty of great ideas for your dads who are passionate about their construction work. And there’s no more need to go out to shop. We already included links so you can buy them straight from your home and have them delivered in a special packaging.

I – Gift Ideas for the All-Around Dad at the Construction Site

For crew members, foremen, project managers, and others at the office and the site, here are 6 perfect gift ideas for them:

  1. Urban Armor Gear Phone Case

You know that most construction companies are now taking advantage of digital solutions like construction project management software. So expect that your construction daddy’s bringing his phone to the site all the time. Make him less anxious about taking his phone out while working on a column on the 24th floor with this protective case. It’s built with solid material that keeps the phone safe even after dropping it from space. But encourage him not to test it on the 24th floor. He may never be able to use the same phone on the jobsite ever again.

  1. Duluth Trading Work Gloves

Your construction daddy’s best asset is his hands. So help him keep it safe with this funky but protective Duluth Trading Work Gloves. And it’s perfect for this summer! It’s thin but equipped with safety features for the thumbs, palms, and knuckles.

  1. RIDGID GEN5X Power Tool Kit

Most construction junkies just can’t get enough of work so they also tend to bring their creative hands at home. If you have a little more generous budget to spend on a Father’s Day gift, then why not try getting your dad a RIDGID GEN5X 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit. It comes with 5 units of power tools including a Hammer Drill, Circular Saw, Impact Driver, Reciprocation Saw, and an LED Flashlight. It runs on 4.0 hyper Lithium-Ion batteries, keeping your daddy safe from tripping over any cords in his own workshop.

  1. Pizza Boss 3000

Don’t your dad just love pizza after a whole day of working at the site or his workshop? Nothing beats a chill time over pizza and beer while watching his favorite sports on t.v. But make it less hassling with this Pizza Boss 3000 that cuts smoothly through pepperoni, cheese, and hard-to-cut anchovies.

  1. STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece

Dad has been a handyman all his life, so more than likely, his trusty tools are starting to show their age. What better way to show him you care than by giving him a brand new set of tools? This 210-piece set is sure to have the right tool for the job.

  1. Gladiator GarageWorks Modular GearDrawer

Any construction daddy will jump for joy when they see a huge package of these movable metal cabinets. Perfect for the DIYers. Your mom will even be thankful to see the garage finally becoming more organized with your dad’s tools finally having a storage of their own.

II- For the Office Construction Dads

For project managers, engineers, architects, designers, managers, and others who stay at the office most of the time than the site, or even for foremen who need to manage the site, here are some things they might just appreciate:

  1. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Even with a construction crew management software already available in a company, some oldies just can’t throw away the habit of writing on paper. And it could be a hassle when it’s raining. This waterproof spiral notebook can be a simple token of your love for your dad who wants to keep jotting down notes while they’re on the site. Whether it’s rain, grease, mud, snow, or other job site conditions, this notebook won’t break down so easily!

You can also pair it with the all-weather Fisher Space Pen so your daddy can write whatever he wants to doodle or take note about even under wet conditions.

     2. Post-it Extreme Notes

In construction, we always say that communication is the key to success. Pen and paper have been overthrown by a more efficient communication tool like the construction crew management software. But some people in the office still enjoy playing with notes, so for the little ones who want to give their daddy something this Father’s Day, but don’t have the budget to shop for fancy items, this is something that can brighten their mood and you can get it for under $5! And don’t forget to write a short, sweet message for him on the first page to make his smile even bigger.

     3. Custom Handmade Felt Pennant

Another on the affordable bracket, this custom pennant can be a reminder of your love for your dad, when he’s busy and stressed out in his office. Have something like “No.1 Daddy,” or “Best Construction Daddy,” or “Awesome Dad in Hard Hat” printed on the pennant. Find out what his favorite color too and have the supplier use it on the pennant you order to make it more personalized.

     4. The Chillbit

And like we said, nothing beats a beer and a pizza for a chill night after a long hard day at the site. If you decide to give him the Pizza Boss, why not partner it with this Chillbit to instantly chill his fave beverage. It can hold a bottle or a can and spin them in ice to make them cooler in no time! Just spin the bottles for 1 to 2 minutes and your dad can enjoy whatever he finds inside the grocery cabinet.

     5. Klein Tradesman Pro Tough Box 9-Quart Cooler

Now that you have the Chillbit, how about preparing several bottles and asking your dad to a bonfire in the backyard. Keep your drinks cooler with this Klein Tradesman Pro Cooler and enjoy the night of chitchat with your old man. It’s perfect for camping trips too that you can take to celebrate his successful construction projects! This 9-quart can also be brought to the site too. It’s durable and can keep up to 11 cans fresh and cool for 30 hours. It can even serve as a seat when your dad feels tired at the site as it can hold up to 300 pounds! Probably one of the most awesome gifts you’ll get under $50!

III – For the Hands-on Dads at the Construction Site

For construction dads who face a lot of hazards at the site, these five items are pretty much useful to them: 

  1. ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Hearing Protector

The construction site is probably the most one of the noisiest worksites and all the banging can cause a long term hearing problem to workers. It would then be nice if you can give your dad something to protect his eardrums so he can hear you until he’s grey and old. The ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Hearing Protectors is OSHA-compliant and features a 27db noise reduction rating. It also limits audio playback to 85db to keep your dad’s ear below the actionable noise level.

This multi-function headphone offers a 10-hour playback and talk-time, thanks to its longlasting battery that can last up to 240 hours on standby. It’s also sweat and splash-proof so you don’t have to worry that it will ground or break while being used at the site. So you can now talk to daddy at the site while being protected from harmful noise!

     2. Drill Bit Sharpener: Drill Doctor 750X

DIYers will need to use their drill bits almost all the time. Even at the construction site, drill bits are among the most-used power tools. But using them too often can make their blades blunt and dull. So they’ll be needing this Drill Doctor 750X to sharpen dull carbide, black oxide, cobalt, Tin-coated bits, high-speed steel, twist and Masonry bits to make them working like new again. This will help your dad finish his work safer and faster.

     3.Personalized Leather Suede Gloves

Don’t let your dad neglect the health of his palm with this personalizable leather suede gloves. He can use it for carrying bars and tools at the site or for keeping his hands safe from chemical splashes. You can even engrave or emboss a short message to remind your dad of your love for him to keep him going when he feels tired at work.

     4.Truewerk T2 Work Pants

Truewerk’s T2 work pants is a fashionable but protective wear your dad will surely love. It’s made of rugged, waterproof fabric that’s also soft and comfortable to wear. On the inside, it’s moisture-wicking, giving your construction junkie dad dry and cool all day long. But this summer, you might want to give him the T1 werkpant, which has lighter weight.

     5. Larnmern Safety Boots

And finally, we have this trendy safety boots that your dad couldn’t resist to wear when he goes to work. Fancy, fashionable, and safe all packed in one shoe. The Larnmern Safety Boots is the ideal gift for the construction dad whether he’s a manager or a crew member. 

So these are all the items you can check out this coming Father’s Day 2020. Mix and match them or pick the most useful item. Either way, your dad will surely appreciate the thought that comes with your gift.

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