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Parent’s Day Celebration for Construction Workers: Making it Honorable and Memorable


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Last few months, specifically the month of May, we have shown recognition and appreciation to the best mothers. In June, the attention and celebration redirected to the amazing fathers. Today, July 26 is a day to celebrated because amazingly, it is intended for these wonderful, hardworking parents. With Parent’s day currently being celebrated, it is essential to take moments to recognize your parent employees. In the construction industry, the majority of workers are hardworking parents. Hence, it is one good way to celebrate the day with them, and it is a perfect time to widely acknowledge the unique values these parents have brought to the workplace.

Today, let’s take a look first on several ways on how to genuinely praise the working dads and moms and how should company owners and project managers give their workers a wonderful better employee experience during this very important day.

1.Make employees feel that they are heard.

To improve the employee experience for the parents can sometimes be a guessing game – project managers can absolutely initiate these plans related to this celebration apart from managing construction. Start asking the crew for honest feedback regarding how was their main experience at work and other related important matters.

  • What can make the company a much better place to work for parents like you?
  • How can the company help you handle a busy home life while having work responsibilities?

The first step should be about knowing what the biggest challenges they’ve faced. Project managers can announce how they are trying to help the hardworking parents or construction crew. The announcement can be posted using a construction schedule software where all crew can be notified and mentioned. Using this tool, every single information and data can be posted, saved, and edited. That’s how advantageous this tool is. Asking suggestions from the workers on how they can effectively support them is a must-do as well. Surveys can really be a huge help in determining the answers to these questions. Employees can be more open about their personal working experience in the company and the things they think need some improvements. Hosting an open discussion with the entire crew is incredibly a very great option to consider.

2. Take actions

Project Managers not only focus on project scheduling management but they, too, are responsible for initiating this type of plan during this very special day in honor of all working employees that are parents. Once the teams have given their feedback or provide answers in the surveys, they have to start looking now for options. Reviewing of all details about the benefits that the company has offered is necessary. Take it also into consideration on how the company owners can build or provide much better benefits packages to the employee. With this, it will retain and attract the diligent crew that is parents at the same time.

Only 2% of employers today are offering childcare stipends to their employees. Usually, most companies have been focusing only on the productivity and performance factors that are sometimes too much take into consideration on a repeated basis expect for project management software, of course. This software tool must always be included at the top-priority list of tools to be used in any construction projects. Above all, consider providing benefits where the worker’s children can be included or perhaps offer more flexible work options.

3. Make the employees feel that they are acknowledged.

One way to make the employees reach their fullest potential and help construction companies to retain these A-players is to acknowledge and praise them and the diligent work they have shown. Additionally, aside from praising and acknowledging them, the use of the best construction management software like Pro Crew Schedule can further improve the overall management of the crew. Hence, it’s one effective way to have them focus even more and reach their fullest potential. However, most of the time, employees often miss the mark on this. That is why it is important to take note of special days intended for the employees, whether it is Mother’s Day, Father’s day, or even right now Parent’s Day.

Most of the workers don’t feel any sense of belonging or perhaps not even feel good enough that they are praised or acknowledged by their boss and managers. So you can able to turn recognition as a top priority. Use Parent’s Day to let you be inspired particularly on how you’ll recognize all crew that are parents and who have children. Giving gifts or make memorable experiences are absolutely one of the best options to do during this very special day. Furthermore, the implementation of construction crew management can turn all crew to be working as one together, more firmly and tight this time around. Team productivity and real-time collaboration are best achieved because of this.

Ideal Activities to do during Parent’s Day!


1. Buffet Lunch/ Dinner 

A celebration like Parent’s Day will never be complete without the involvement of foods and deserts. Usually, a buffet will do, and the party organizers can either choose if it is for lunch or dinner. The crew or employees can also decide and provide suggestions. Hosting a lunch/dinner celebration is absolutely a good idea. Ever since then, it has become a normal go-to-activity whenever there are special holidays involved. Apparently, there are limitless options for buffet restaurants today that you can contact directly. They offer various food platters, desserts, drinks, beverages, and other menus. Everyone will absolutely enjoy the food because the buffet is definitely a whole bunch of foods in one pack. Anyone can choose anything. Make sure to contact the best buffet restaurant in your nearest area.

2. Hold a Get-Together Conversation

What makes the day amazing and memorable for the crew is the get-together conversation with one another. It stands as a bridge for open communication, but this time around, personal experiences of being a parent will be shared. Allow everyone to participate and let them share their own experiences, their struggles, and of course, the beautiful moments they’ve shared with their kids.

Allow every crew to express their whole emotions. This get-together conversation truly brings out the sincerity and genuineness of everyone. For sure, all parents at work during that time have shared the same wonderful experience in handling household and children at the same time. Everyone can surely relate.

Below are common parental matters that can be talked about:

  • Parenting style – this particular subject is music to the ears for some parents because some of them haven’t mastered the art of parenting yet. Most construction workers have a hard time spending time with their kids due to busy working schedules. It can be one factor why kids are not disciplined enough by their parents. Children used to find it so difficult to listen to parents who weren’t on their sides, always attentively. Let each employee shares their way of parenting and also some useful parenting tips that will absolutely inform other parents.
  1. Family Budget – the budget for the family, including the everyday necessities, food, and kid’s allowance, is definitely the most favorite subject to talk about. Parents will usually and expectedly agree on many things under the same normal situations. Having a conversation with other parent employees or construction workers.  
  2. Family Problems & Struggles – families always have any type of struggles, and it’s a pretty good thing to discuss it together with other crew that has also shared the same struggling experience, whether about finances, relationships, and other related familial matters. The conversation allows everyone to be mindful and obtain some sense of belonging and not feeling any weary or alone in dealing with issues like that.
  3. Family Activities (Indoor or Outdoor) – family bonding is definitely one of the most favorite topics to talk about. For sure, everybody would love to share their way of bonding with their kids and partner in life. Spending quality time is an always talk-about subject today, and for sure, a lot of the crews are curious about how other coworkers manage to have family activities
  1. Game Activities

Celebrations are never complete without the consideration of games. There are many games that are for sure to make the entire crew, especially the parents, to be happy. Allow the construction workers to bring their kids during the event. The celebration will most likely become one of the best moments ever when kids are involved and participating. They make the worker’s day complete. They are the main highlight of the day next to their parents. Speaking of games, there are a wide variety of game options today. You can choose any of it, and it might be good enough if it relates to the celebration.

Below are a few games to play well for parents and children.

  • Family-Photo Bingo – kids can bring family photos and make a scrapbook out of these pictures. They can able to create it together with their parents.
  • Guess that tool – there are many lists of tools used for construction work, and these tools can be used for guessing games. Make sure to pick the tools that are not sharp or pointed because kids can be harmed since it is a blindfold guessing game.
  • Relay Race – parents and kids can absolutely enjoy games like relay race, a parent and a child can form a team and participate. Bonding moments get deeper because the game requires coordination and teamwork.
  • Give Greeting Cards – this is not a game, but kids can able to create handicraft cards for their parents during that day and, at the same time, give it to their parents.

2. Parent’s Day Certificates

Certainly, one of the coolest things to do during this very special day is to give the entire crew certificates. This time around, it wasn’t certificates intended for work but certificates that are meant for the parents. There are numerous ideas available online, and you can able to search and pick any format you like. Make the certificates awesome, and what the best way it will be to end the party in this way.

Remember, Never Ignore Infertile Employees


There are couples or individuals who haven’t blessed with children, and celebrating Parent’s Day might quite hard for these people, for it could be a reminder with their ongoing battle to start a family on their own. But eventually, you can help.

Owners can offer big time, and it doesn’t have to be only the inclusion of children to the benefits offered. Infertile employees can be helped with their mental health and personal development during this struggle they’ve faced. You can refer the crew to any reliable and valuable resources like stress management programs or counseling.

The company can also offer infertility coaching or subscriptions to the selected employees and avail fertility concierge services. This type of service has helped them every single step and will consistently provide guidance and emotional support throughout their entire journey.

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