Top 7 HVAC Professional Associations in the U.S. That You Should Know
Top 7 HVAC Professional Associations in the U.S. That You Should Know

Top 7 HVAC Professional Associations in the U.S. That You Should Know


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Today, in the United States, there is an increasing demand for heating, ventilation, air conditioning services, and refrigeration (HVAC/R). The demand can be seen mostly in several regions that usually experienced temperature extremes. However, it can also be noted in some areas having large industrial plants and cities with high rates of construction.

The increasing demand is, in fact, notable where the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that there will be massive opportunities for HVAC/R installers and mechanics all over the country. An increase of 14% is expected to rise until 2024 and it is significantly faster compared to the average growth expected across U.S. occupations during the same time.

Apparently, the projections may be optimistic, but it is still a bit harder to be a great and established HVAC/R contractor today, especially without any means of support from others. Having a thorough knowledge about mechanical know-how, delivering the best designs, or any HVAC services is imperative to your career. That is why it is crucial to connect with your fellow HVAC professionals and be actively involved in the industry.

The best way to do this is to participate or join organizations dedicated to HVAC. Being a member of any of the organizations will make you a well-informed HVAC/R contractor. So, here are the top seven HVAC associations you should know today.

1.       American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Founded in 1984, ASHRAE is an American society that pursues to advance HVAC/R system designs and construction. With over fifty-four thousand members from over one thirty nations, ASHRAE has focused on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, building systems, and refrigeration in the HVAC industry. The organization has been shaping tomorrow’s environment through publishing, research, standards writing and continuing education.

ASHRAE members include some of the most influential HVAC techs, educators, and HVAC/R legislators in the United States. As the most influential and largest HVAC/R organization, it gives all members incomparable access to certifications, collaboration, and education across every industry subset. Any member can find research on major topics like sound pollution, green energy systems, and industry techs like team management software. An annual meeting is also planned and held where members around the country are allowed to share their best practices and personal insights related to HVAC/R.

Who should join? 

Building servicing engineers, building owners, mechanical contractors, HVAC techs, and many others concerned with constructing and designing HVAC/R systems can be a member.

Membership Benefits: 

Members can easily access enormous technical resources like quarterly HPB magazine, ASHRAE journal, and discounts in the Bookstore. The organization can also build connections for its members with a global community of professionals. Additionally, insurance products are also offered to any members.

2.       Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA)

AMCA is a popular non-profit, international organization in the air movement and control industry. It is the AMCA’s mission to advance the mere knowledge of air systems and sustains industry integrity. The organization aims to accomplish everything through active advocacy and education. AMCA promises to do its ultimate best to provide and deliver a forward-moving environment for all of its members.

In addition to providing continuing education, AMCA is also designed to arrange and deliver legislative protection and standards for individuals and businesses who work in the air control industry. The organization is also a big influencer of standards for the installation and design of air conditioning units.

Who should join? 

Membership is widely open to any companies that hold and manufacture designs of some products falling under the category or scope of AMCA. Manufacturers are often the members, yet the organization welcomes suppliers as associates and resellers as affiliates.

Membership Benefits: 

Members can enjoy various benefits like membership discounts and access to the AMCA testing laboratory. The organization is also holding several meetings where issues of interest concerning the industry are discussed. In addition to the meetings, periodic engineering sessions and maintaining industry relations toward other organizations are also included in the perks of being a member of AMCA.

3.       Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)

RSES has been the authority in terms of refrigeration training in the United States, since 1933. The focus has resulted in an incredible complexity and depth of knowledge for RSES, which is exhibited in the monthly RSES journal. RSES also encourages cutting-edge research in addition to endorsing training on various methodologies. The organization conference is one of the biggest industry events that draw thousands of HVAC/R professionals every year.

In addition to delivering education programs, the organization also publishes various training materials for advancing HVAC/R professionals throughout their careers. The training held by RSES will cover all aspects of the industry. They will also give several certifications like NATE and EPA certifications. Apparently, these certifications signify an HVAC professional has possessed the technical skills and knowledge or other requirements for servicing and installing today’s complex HVAC/R systems.

Who should join?

This includes HVAC engineers, contractors, sales, instructors, students, HVAC service installers and even maintenance personnel. To be clear, anyone who is actively engaged in the HVAC industry can be a member of this organization.

Membership Benefits: 

RSES members can enjoy training, timely information/updates, certification preparation and advanced education. They can also benefit from reduced rates on some goods and services, including their family members.

4.       Indoor Environment Energy Efficiency Association (ACCA) 

ACCA is a non-profit association where memberships exceed more than sixty thousand professionals ranging from businesses in the energy community and indoor environment. All members can work together to promote energy efficiency, professional contracting, and healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

The association’s claim to fame isn’t about being an organization for HVAC/R companies, customers and independent contractors. Instead, ACCA proudly represents the main interests of all three mentioned.

Who should join?

Everybody or anyone associated within the HVAC industry. It mainly includes manufacturers, HVAC contractors, suppliers, wholesalers, technicians, facility operators, and anyone doing business/negotiations with HVAC professionals.

Membership benefits:

ACCA members can access exclusive online resources, customizable marketing materials, downloadable templates, articles, educational opportunities to HVAC start-up businesses, networking events and long hours of online on-demand learning.

5.       Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

MCCA serves the needs of about 2,700 firms that are all involved in HVAC/R, piping, plumbing, and mechanical services. The organization aims to achieve the goal by offering its members top-quality educational materials and programs that will help them attain the highest level of technical and managerial expertise. 

Who should join?

Anybody who is eagerly interested is welcome to join. However, MCCA memberships are ideal for corporations delivering products and services to contractors. 

Membership benefits:

Members of this organization will enjoy networking and promotional opportunities through a wide variety of programs. MCAA also provides a host of resources and discounts available exclusively for MCAA members.

6.       International Institute of Refrigeration (IRR)

This organization is the only international forum for professionals involved in the cooling, air conditioning, and refrigeration fields. The members are introduced to different technologies like cryogenics, refrigeration processes, air conditioning, heat pumps, and project software. The IRR focuses on developing various techs in a sustainable and environmental way to enhance people worldwide. 

One of the major advantages of being a member of this organization is the international collaboration and annual conferences on HVAC/R concepts. IRR was founded in 1908, and its leading network covers over two-thirds of the world’s population.

Who should join?

Any member of the organization’s working groups like HVAC engineers, techs, and professionals in the refrigeration field can be part of it. 

Membership Benefits:

Members of the IRR will benefit from various services and products, including the basic Journal of Refrigeration and the directory of expertise. Each member of IRR can immediately benefit from lessened registration fees, particularly for IRR conferences. The reduction amount is equivalent to a one-year membership fee for every conference for every member.

7. Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)

AHRI is one of the oldest HVAC/R trade associations, founded in 1903 when it was still popular as the Ice Machine Builders Association of the U.S. The association’s primary purpose has remained profound and the same – to represent any manufacturers of HVAC equipment. 

Representing the HVAC manufacturing industry involves advocating on its behalf from all government agencies, issuing performance standards for each piece of equipment and evaluating and guaranteeing the HVAC equipment meets those standards.

Who should join?

Manufacturers, HVAC professionals, technicians and even engineers are welcome to sign up and be a member.

Membership Benefits:

The association is offering EPA section 608 certifications for HVAC/R techs handling refrigerants. Other EPA certifications are also offered, especially for HVAC techs who are reclaiming refrigerant, recovery, and recycling equipment.                                                                  

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Being part of any of these organizations will give any professional tons of information, benefits, opportunities, and insights that will help members be more well-informed and aware of rising issues and the solutions aimed to fix them. Today, the construction and HVAC industry is at the edge of a new era, where tech start-ups are creating new tools and applications that are changing how companies design, plan, deliberate, and execute projects.

In a global survey, findings showed that 72% of the construction and HVAC executives stated that tech innovations such as subcontractor scheduling software placed a significant role in their vision. However, only five percent of respondents considered themselves embracing these advancements. The numbers also showcased that most HVAC active associations are aware of the necessity and integrating technologies with business models. They encourage you to note some of the major reasons why embracing specialized software like Pro Crew Schedule is for your company’s best interests.

Here are the fantastic benefits of using Pro Crew Schedule:

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  • Document sharing and control
  • · Improve team collaboration
  • Efficient project management for construction
  • Time-tracking feature
  • Easy to access and to explore
  • Cloud-based storage

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