Top 12 Shopping Tips that can Help Contractors Score the Best Cyber Monday Deals
Top 12 Shopping Tips that can Help Contractors Score the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Top 12 Shopping Tips that can Help Contractors Score the Best Cyber Monday Deals


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Cyber Monday 2021 will be the ultimate and biggest online shopping holiday in the U.S. Every single year, on Monday right after Thanksgiving, tens of millions of excited holiday shoppers join on retail websites to take advantage of the promo, quantity, time, and limited sales. Of course, some contractors like you are also looking forward to these deals, especially for construction tools and equipment.

But mind you that capturing the best Cyber Monday deals this year takes some work, though. But do not worry, we got you covered. In this blog, we outline some of the best tips that can help you with your Cyber Monday shopping bonanza. We will share some expert-level secrets with you, helping you snag great deals before the supplies run out while keeping you safe from computer fraud and identity theft.

How Can You Best Prepare for Cyber Monday?


You can begin looking at some of the construction items you are eyeing weeks or months before the biggest shopping event, even before Black Friday 2021 deals start appearing. Actually, the earlier, the better. 

1. Make a Review on Past Year’s Sales for Your Guidance

Retailers do not typically recycle Cyber Monday deals every year solely because consumers are inconsistent and the product life cycle is too short. However, you can precisely predict the product types on which you will find the best deals. As a matter of fact, construction tools, items, and equipment are all Cyber Monday stalwarts.

Check out previous-year Cyber Monday flyers. With access to prior-year flayers, you can start to compile a tentative Cyber Monday shopping list.

2. Bookmark Your Chosen Retailer’s Website

As a contractor, for sure, you already have your top vendors and suppliers. You can bookmark their websites as you go. As you shop for multiple construction tools or items, you will probably get a pretty much long list of options. 

You may input everything you want and use reliable task management programs like Pro Crew Schedule for your memory’s sake. Create an “online shopping” file and give access to your members. Perhaps, they have something they want to add to the list. Pro Crew Schedule is truly an all-in-one platform for you and your team members to communicate and collaborate.

3. Sign-up for Retail Newsletters

This traditional tactic is no less helpful than following your favorite seller’s social medial accounts. It costs you nothing and only takes 20 seconds of your time to sign up for an email newsletter. Consider doing this on any retailer you are seriously patronizing this Cyber Monday shopping holiday.

As Cyber Monday nearly approaches, your newsletters will start exciting this year’s top deals. Some of these newsletters link or include actual Cyber Monday flyers. Hence. They are an excellent resource for you and your team, who are planning to shop this Cyber Monday season. 

4. Stock Up on Some Discounted Gift Cards

Do not wait until the holiday shopping season kicks off to begin stocking up on some discounted gift cards. 

If you realize at some point that you have gone overboard with your gift card purchases, learn what to do with all unwanted gift cards and how to cut your losses.

5. Research Shipping Fees and Policies

Many retailers will offer free shipping, especially during Cyber Monday. Free shipping on all orders is always has been a compelling selling point. Unless you are shopping for construction tools/items not available on free-shipping sites, we recommend you avoid retailers that charge for shipping on most or all of your orders.

If you prefer retailers that offer free shipping on orders above a specific size, determine whether it is practical to spend that much. 

When You Shop This Cyber Monday 2021


Once your all-time-favorite retailers announce this year’s Cyber Monday deals, set the following strategies in motion.

6. Set a Firm Budget

The very first rule when you do Cyber Monday shopping is simple – stick to your budget. Determining how that budget will be in the first place is another matter. Your broad financial picture plays a critical role too. However, whatever you decide you can spend, keep your holiday shopping budget conservatively.

7. Use a Price Comparison Tool

Do not pull the trigger on Cyber Monday until you are reasonably sure you are getting the best possible deal. If you are shopping on a desktop, we suggest you use a price comparison app to see which online retailers offer the lowest prices during Cyber Monday 2021! 

8. Create a spreadsheet with Sale info and links

You can use a spreadsheet to save you some serious money on this year’s Cyber Monday deals. However, you can input all data related to your shopping plans using inventory management software. This software tool lets you input descriptions, links to construction items, price comparisons, price ranges with competing discounts, promotions, shipping policies, and other pertinent information. 

All data you input is saved in this cloud-based platform. You and your subs can access it pretty much anytime and anywhere. If you are a “spreadsheet person”, switch now to Pro Crew Schedule and experience a more seamless way of putting and storing essential data in one collaborative platform.

9. Avoid sites that have poor security practices

Never gamble with your real identity. So, you must stay away from sites with careless security practices. If you don’t know how to determine, consider using a web browser that can help you see potentially compromised websites. To be much safer, download the verified apps of your chosen retailers. These downloadable apps come from a legitimate source like Google Play Store, which is less likely to be compromised.

10. Shop in Private Mode or Incognito

Do your actual shopping anonymously using your browser’s incognito mode. This is not a foolproof way to mask your real identity to some retailers. However, it can render you eligible for Cyber Monday deals not available to someone with your purchasing history. And yes! Retailers know more about you than you even realized! But when you use your browser’s private mode, it lessens your exposure when you shop at some wrong times.

11. Resist Upsells and Add-Ons

Remember the budget you set up. A successful Cyber Monday shopping requires discipline in spades. No matter where you shop, it is unavoidable that you will be swamped by offers to put some additional items to your order or even upsold to premium versions.

Unless if you are planning to buy add-on construction items, ignore the requests that are tempting you. This is the single easy way to prevent exceeding your initial holiday shopping budget.

12. Stay up Late the Night Before or Rise Early – You Choose

Most retailers, especially those that sell construction tools, run Cyber Monday sales for at least twenty-four hours. A lot starts before the Cyber Monday event or even prolongs “cyber weeks”. If you are shopping for everyday construction items for which demand is being measured, you probably do not have to get up or stay up until 1 AM to snag the best deals. 

However, if you are worried about some items running out of stock, especially the ones you are eyeing this Cyber Monday, you probably need to shop as early as possible. That is the most practical thing you can do. 

When you tend to shop at untimely moments, you may want to capture some deals that you had otherwise missed. Some construction retailers are known for running hourly Cyber Monday promos, each focusing on a unique, more discounted product category. 

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