Top 11 Must-Have Smartphone Applications for Construction Work
Top 11 Must-Have Smartphone Applications for Construction Work

Top 11 Must-Have Smartphone Applications for Construction Work


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Smartphones are ultimately getting into the construction sector with some modern solutions for all thriving construction professionals. These smartphone applications lead the way in providing modern solutions as well as mobility on the go both to the management and construction workers.

Whether you are looking for a single mobile solution intended for plan viewing, daily reporting, timesheets, or complete project task management solutions, a range of mobile construction apps is available for you and your team.

We have selected eleven construction software that can help improve overall productivity and facilitate better communication with all of your crew members, including stakeholders.

1. Pro Crew Schedule

Pro Crew Schedule is a reliable cloud-based construction scheduling software. It allows you to manage every aspect of your projects and overall business virtually and efficiently. It covers budgeting, construction schedules, RFIs, crew management, and all the way when creating final punch lists. 

Moreover, it allows you to manage your submittals, documents, contacts, timesheets, as well as daily logs. The application itself is available via mobile phone, allowing you to take your project data wherever you go and whatever you do, giving you the ability to work offline. 

Among all the mobile apps mentioned above, this application has it all. The many features it offers are accessible into one platform, which is way more convenient and beneficial. Not only can you track all sorts of files, you can also manage your people and, as previously mentioned, monitor other vital aspects of your business.

2. SmartBidNet

Consisting of bid management systems, this particular application allows you to create and monitor your bid process together with your subs reliably and securely. SmartBidNet provides you with real-time and accessible data to make your bid projects much more manageable and flawless.

The application can also be set up quickly, and you can even add a confidentiality agreement clause used for accessing essential documents.

3. FingerCAD

The innovative CAD (computer-aided design) app is considered the first application of its kind in terms of technical drawing capabilities. The app itself has the capacity to draw bridges, houses, and other detailed structures. The app states that the possibilities of using the application are “limitless”. 

FingerCAD also offers a range of saving options compatible with the FingerCAD application and Mac and Window Solutions.

4. BIM360

Designed by Autodesk, the BIM360 software application has a wide range of features for users who need and require efficient building information modeling. The application enables you to access all project plans, models, and documents in addition to implementing construction safety, quality, and project control workflows – all from your smartphone or tablet. 

Additionally, BIM360 allows you to mark sheets with pins to determine core issues, use a pan and lightning-fast zoom for 2D and 3D drawings, and view 3D model elements with ease.

5. Truckast

The application itself is proven to be useful whenever you order concrete. As of the present, the application is being used by many concrete contractors. Huge thanks to its range of features and reliable services, it has proved itself as an efficient tool to use and benefits a huge number of workers in the construction industry. Project managers, concrete superintendents, estimators, and field engineers are some construction professionals who take advantage of this application.

6. Plan Grid

Defined by the users as “lightning-fast, “built for the site”, and “easy to use”, Plan Grid is an excellent way to keep track of the latest revision of your drawings. This application offers a wide range of features, including the capacity to save drawings and share them quickly and easily with your team members. Additionally, it can also alert you whenever you are viewing an outdated drawing. It only shows how it can help you and your team to be kept updated with the latest revisions of all drawings. 

7. Carpenter’s Helper Lite

Carpenter’s Helper Lite is a useful and handy app that becomes your instant favorite. This is a mobile app that can handle any projects that will come your way. It has a very simple layout. More than that, the application itself helps you calculate rafter lengths, roof pitch, stair lengths, and more. 

It has a memory feature, allowing you to store calculations that you and your team constantly use. It solves the need to recalculate repeatedly.

8. Fast concrete pad calculator

This application helps you calculate quantities needed for rebar and concrete for your next projects. This specifically calculates waste materials, rebar, and concrete costs. It will get you all the information you need to order concrete.

9. OSHA Heat Safety Tool

This application sends you some reminders regarding the protective measures that must be taken at a certain risk level. It helps to protect your crew members from heat-related illness. This Heat Safety Tool from OSHA reminds workers to drink enough fluids, plan and know what to do during emergencies, schedule rest breaks, and adjust work operations. 

10. Safety-Reports

It is a companion application, and it contains a compliance-driven checklist that generates reports quickly. Thru the app, you can select from twenty-two preloaded construction OSHA standards and safety categories with numerous inspection items, all of which are customizable. 

Safety observations are instantly updated, and the reports are auto-generated.

11. Construction Master Pro

This application is a construction calculator loaded with many functionalities. It allows users to work dimensional building formats and do conversions, including metrics. This application handles right-angle solutions as well as volume and area calculations. In addition, it includes trigonometric functions, which are an added beneficial feature. 

The built-in help guide makes it easier to use and can easily manage your job site calculations.

How Can Construction Apps Save You Time and Money?


With just a tap of your finger, you can access tons of data and communicate with your team thru construction apps. Software solutions designed for project management for construction, in particular, play a massive role in your business. Overall, it improves workflow, productivity, and efficiency.

Moreover, these mobile platforms smoothly incorporate into your company’s technology system and adapt as methodologies and processes evolve. The following are four ways you and your team can realistically benefit from deploying mobile apps designed for construction space.

1. Minimize Project Delays

Reworks and delays in your construction projects can cost thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue. It negatively affects your construction company’s reputation as well. While you cannot plan accurately when managing construction projects or predict what will happen next, at least you can organize and synchronize your team’s operational activities via mobile applications to optimize the schedule.

2. Improve Your Workforce Efficiency

Using mobile apps, you can improve overall efficiency as well as transparency of your entire project, from accountability and authorization to monitoring and construction schedule. Mobile apps replace manual, paper-based info entries that are proven to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Mobile applications provide visibility of all construction activities for even more measurable results, making deadlines more manageable than ever.

3. Ensure Safety Compliance

It is a well-known fact that the construction industry is considered a high-hazard industry. In fact, the construction sector’s injury rate is higher than the national average among other industries, which makes worker safety training a top priority. 

But with mobile platforms, things are a bit easier, especially for a project manager like you. You can track the completion of job-training sessions, ensuring regulatory compliance and worker safety. Applications like this ensure timely and proper management of related issues, further reinforcing regulatory compliance.

4. Cost-effective mobile options

The process of integrating a mobile application model is very efficient, huge thanks to the high adoption rate of mobile devices and cloud technologies. Relevant applications can then be accessed and installed across all mobile devices, either smartphones or tablets. Construction is known for being involved with tons of moving parts, and these mobile apps help place construction management data into one functional view. 

As you may know, mobile applications are provided as software-as-a-service that allows for a cost-effective monthly fee. Pro Crew Schedule, a cloud-based project management software, is one of the best construction software in the market, and it offers a free online demo at your convenience.

How do you know it is the right mobile app for you? Easy. We offer a no-obligation, 30-day FREE trial of Pro Crew Schedule for you to find out it has everything you need and does everything you expect.

Key Takeaways


The resources cited above may grow and change from time to time as new applications are designed and released by construction pros. Yet, these mobile applications are some of the go-to solutions you and your team should be using daily.

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