Technician working on a thermostat
Technician working on a thermostat

Setting the Right HVAC Temperatures to Efficiently Save Power Bill


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Regardless of what the weather might be, staying at home and getting comfortable is really a thing that matters the most. Families for sure will usually stay indoors and get cozy when frigid winter and stifling summer temperatures have started to kick in. This lead in overusing thermostats and before the homeowners able to know it, their energy bill has abruptly skyrocketed. They are left with wonder.

This usually is the case when temperatures have drastically changed over a period of time. The equation for this is just way simpler to understand; if indoor temperatures are more different from the outdoor temperature, the more costly the utilities will be. It can absolutely so hard to set a particular temperature range in order to lessen the expenses. Fortunately, HVAC technicians has able to determine helpful ways for optimal-saving temperatures that must favorably set at every home. These amazing experts are able to provide detailed information to the clients regarding about this recurring issue. These professionals have been using advanced tools and are consistently updated with the latest HVAC trends. For contractors in this field, using an advanced tool such as project management software is very advantageous particularly in managing a project.

For this blog, we are going to outline several helpful tips and other alternatives for cooling and heating during extreme seasons without raising your power bills and still make your home cozier.

  1. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat

You may consider trying and investing in an advanced thermostat for your home. This is helpful just when you don’t prefer to turn immediately off the thermostat every now and then particularly during the time before going to sleep. Certainly, it basically saves the running the system while not being there.

Before anything else, it is better to ask suggestions from the experts regarding about resting temperatures for it is more helpful. As trying to program the thermostat temperatures directly at your home, apply the recommended resting temperature suggested by the HVAC experts. Usually, acquiring information like this is usually done during the installation of the thermostat. HVAC professionals do not just manage tasks or execute repairs and installations, they too provide informative answers. Clients like you must then prepare a set of questions yet either way these professionals will provide for it without you asking it.

Below are the usual temperatures separately set during the two seasons.

  • 78°F – very agreeable temperature particularly during summer; it can be uncomfortable setting at the start however this temperature actually prevents heat from entering the home
  • 68 °F– standard temperature that is likeable to set during winter since people are staying at their homes
  1.  Experimenting the thermostat in order to identify the right temperature 

There are a lot of rising concerns and that includes about the growing energy bills. This is always the case and the same issue dealt with by homeowners. Hence, it is the perfect time to experiment. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered as usual. The preferences of the people staying at the house are one of the factors, this, it should be taken into consideration as well. Experimenting has to start in turning up and down the temperature for a couple of days until it reaches the suggested energy-saving standard temperature.

Know the limits and always determine the temperature where the family has negatively reacted upon. Stay and keep still just either above or below the temp from there in and out in order to save power. HVAC technicians have been reminding any homeowners to keep this tip in mind because it is necessary. These experts have been specific with this the same way how they are particular during the installation. With the right use of trending builder software Like Pro Crew Schedule, they execute the service successfully.

  1. Use either night out or bedtime in order to further conserve energy

There will be some instances that the family is away. Thus, any homeowners shouldn’t need the HVAC system to fully run at its highest capacity. The same way when the people at the house is falling asleep. This particular method of saving energy is definitely understandable and perfectly agreeable. The only thing that must be done consistently is to remember this method and take action on this.

Below are the suggested nighttime environment temperatures:

  • 86 °F – make sure to get minimal bedding and clothing
  • 60- 66 °F – when preferring pajamas or any light covers
  1. Calculating the costs of your favored indoor temperature

Before settling on either winter or summer temperature, kindly consider this: for each degree, you have lower or raise in using the thermostat, you are immediately lowering or raising the HVAC energy costs by 4% to 6%. For instance, if you are then going to set the indoor temp at 71 amidst the summer and the current bill you have is at $150, you can raise the thermostat just 4 degrees. By following this, you are capable of saving up to 30 dollars by the next bill.

Having this set up will at least going to make you feel comfortable as a homeowner. You have then the total control over of your HVAC bills. Energy consumption will no longer control you but you towards it. With this information, you have become informed about cooling and heating usage which is an extraordinary thing to acquire. HVAC specialists will give you insights about estimations regardless of not asking directly to them. They’re just being professional the same way on how they handle their crew. Bu using subcontractor scheduling software, scheduling tasks, tracking and monitoring the team is greatly achieved.

  1. Look for more other helpful ways to stay comfortable

The goal is to at least cutback/ lessen HVAC costs. This goal should be decided once and for all. If finally decided, consider to discover other ways that could help you and your family get comfortable whether under the heat or cold. Make sure it won’t give you too many hassles or cost you something.

Below are other several helpful suggestions:

During Summer:

  • Make use of a dehumidifier to partially cool the house
  • Stay dehydrated
  • Make use of small to large fans
  • Keeping the blinds closed in the midst of the day
  • Wear lightweight clothes
  • Eat cold and chill treats

During Winter:

  • Make use of rugs and cover the hard floors
  • Make sure to wear socks, dress in layers
  • Use thick blankets
  • If cracks are found, immediately seal it
  • You can drink warm beverages

Seasonal Temperature Setting Tips


Once again, as a general rule, setting the thermostat during summer at 78 °F and during winter at 68 °F is definitely the best way to obtain energy savings. However, being cautious as well to the effects if the general rule is followed is necessary. At the end of the day, it is the homeowner’s choice, either way, to decide what is best suitable for his home and the people living.


Keep in mind the challenges below that may affect your preferred temperature setting:

  • Humidity Issues – there’s a huge difference between summer and winter temp. While humidity isn’t an issue during winter because moisture evaporates directly to the skin, this is totally opposite during the summer season since humidity is at the highest level.
  • Occupancy – while the settings mentioned above as a standard thing to follow but if the family is gone for more than 8 hours, it is completely a different story. Take note that you are wasting so much of energy.
  • Home Specifications – HVAC companies who have the expertise and thorough knowledge about this can simply take a meticulous look at your home. Tell them directly what your issues are. Getting also HVAC technician can also be a huge help in the process.

Tips and reminders mentioned above are basically prepared by HVAC specialists that homeowners have hired. Providing such sets of details is a must-do. Manuals might help but providing information personally has been proven to be a much better way. Contractors are truly very hands on both to the clients and their crew team. For scheduling of tasks purposes, using construction schedule software is definitely a necessity already. Other benefits it provides are cloud-based collaboration, time-tracking and crew monitoring.

Do Things Right, Hire a Professional!

If you still don’t have a thermostat for your home or HVAC system, avail installation services from the HVAC professionals for it is always a great idea! If you ever have plans to install it by yourself, that’s another story because that isn’t advisable. Thermostat installation has always required specialized training.

Give your trust to the HVAC contractor and his team of experienced technicians for it is crucial. Their experience in this field is incredibly vast. Additionally, they are all-ready equipped with the most advanced tools. Since scheduling planning and project management must be prioritized, utilizing a construction management software is very necessary and ultimately preferable.

Below are a few reasons why doing your own thermostat installation is a definitely a bad idea:

  1. Improper installations often lead to higher costs

Expect that installing the thermostat improperly, it can lead to an electrical short circuit. Thus, it can cost anyone any form of injuries and damages. Inevitably, you can be forced to purchase a new one and hire again an HVAC professional. It can be costly. Thus, being careful is extremely necessary.

  1. Lacking of electrical experience causes severe injuries

A thorough understanding and in-depth electrical knowledge is necessary for thermostat installations. If you do it alone and proceed without the actual experience, you are at risk for electrocution or any serious and severe injuries. Only HVAC technicians are known to be skilled in this field. And also they have safety protocols to follow with all the crew involved. Contractors often used construction scheduling software as well to monitor every single thing including the crew, the assigned tasks, and time consumed by each employee.

  1. A DIY type of installation could lead in making the warranty void

Usually, manufacturers of thermostats are strictly requiring the purchasers to let it installed only by licensed and trained HVAC experts. It does make a sense. Not following this general rule or agreement, the offered warranty can eventually become void and null.

  1. Ineffective installation can severely impact the thermostat’s overall performance

The thermostat is obviously seen to have a greater chance of malfunctioning if it wasn’t installed by a professional. If you’re expecting to obtain the best of the best performance from your unit, never do it alone. Trust the HVAC specialist and the entire team for installations. Besides, they are professionally working as one in order to provide the services effectively. The implementation also of construction crew management has able to help the team to stay intact while the service or project is ongoing.

Key Takeaways

Anyone who owns a house must have practical ideas about the importance of setting the right temperature, having an HVAC system, and prioritizing thermostat. Being informed means you care about this type of necessity. Homeowners always share the same goal and that is to effectively lessen power consumption to achieve lesser expenses. By following some helpful tips, by being extra aware or get updated with the latest information and most importantly hiring the right HVAC contractors, everything will certainly fall into the right place.

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