roofing work with flex roof
roofing work with flex roof

5 Factors that Ultimately Affect the Roof Performance


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There are several types of roofing materials and structures categorized these days, each has its pros and cons. However, a set of common factors are also identified that can ultimately affect the performance of either residential or commercial roofs, despite of a reliable system installed. It is the roof structures that firmly support and protect the interior of any buildings. Thus, having a reliable roofing system is extremely crucial for promoting durability and longevity. Roofing professionals are expected to have a thorough knowledge about this important matter.

This blog will provides a comprehensive overview about several factors that can greatly affect the performance of the roof.  

  1. The Design of the Roof System

Amongst other factors that affect the overall performance of a certain building, it is the roof design that is considered as the main factor. Several instances have happened mostly in residential projects where in the design of the roof has gotten lesser priority in a hopeful attempt to reduce the costs or simplify the project itself. The installed roof provides protection to the entire inside of the buildings. That is a fact and because it is perceived that way, installation for mechanical equipment and solar panels is also suggested. Regardless of available options being lower-costs, getting a reliable roof is still crucial.

Review first the designs before submitting it for approval. This is a critical step in choosing an adequately reliable roofing system. Below are the 4 standard roofing options available today.

  • PVC – polyvinyl chloride is defined as a single-ply roofing solution that is commonly used either for industrial or commercial roofs
  • TPO – thermoplastic polyolefin is known as a single-ply roofing membrane and considered as one of the fastest rising commercial roofing system currently available on the market
  • EPDM – is an exceptionally durable type of synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is basically utilized worldwide; still, one of the best preferences and is available both in white and black
  • Built-up (BUR) – is absolutely the most usual roofing material commonly used on lower-slope roofs and is basically composed of interchanging layers of asphalt

Each system has its respective characteristics, disadvantages, advantages, and even recommended applications to consider particularly when finalizing the decision. Roofing contractors totally know about the installation procedures, the variety of roofing options, and other related details. By using also construction management software, any services or projects they execute are extra manageable. Software tools like this are incredibly advantageous particularly in project management.   

  1. Warranty

Of course warranties are part of the listed factors. Numerous warranties have been purposely created in order to provide protection to the interest of any roof manufacturers despite offering limited coverage. Therefore, contractors have to advise clients to read the warranty document in full detail, meticulously, and carefully. Clients have to particularly read about the part of exclusions/limitations that could trigger the warranty to be void. This part of the warranty document is very important to understand. Determining also to what extent you are basically covered is important to know as well. Additionally, another aspect that can able to nullify a particular warranty such as this is because of improper maintenance.

  1. Water Accumulation on Roofs

Ponding or water accumulation has been considered as a common problem that severely affects the roofing system if not fix as soon as possible. Once again, when this issue is left unattended, it can greatly cause many issues such as mold growth, leakage, or worst rotting. In most severe and extreme cases, ponding can eventually cause the roofs to fall down and collapse miserably.

Poor design is the main caused of ponding. Roofing professionals are very familiar with this topic as a matter of fact. It is believed that the water has come from precipitation. However, the condensation coming from mechanical equipment is also one of the reasons why water accumulates. The roof drainage system must be kept in optimal condition so that water accumulation will be prevented to happen. Speaking with the warranty, ponding can be an absolute reason why the warranty will be a subject of nullifying.

Repairs and maintenance are offered by roofing specialists. Contractors specialized in this field usually have a team of roofers that offer a list of roofing services. Other than focusing on the timeline for project, roofing contractors implemented construction crew management in order to achieve efficient crew supervision.

  1. Temperature

Temperature is another factor that totally affects the roof performances due to the contraction and material expansion caused by the drastic changes of temperature. When the temperature of the roof will going to change in a very drastic way, it might be prone to experience thermal shock or cracking. This is where the reflective coating often recommended. The use of this type of coating has proven to decrease the roof temperature overall. Avoiding sudden changes in terms of temperature is also one of its benefits.

  1. Blistering and Shrinkage

Damages occur when water gets trapped between the membrane layers of the roof. The vapor enormously expands having high temperatures within it. It pushes the membrane getting it out into raised strips. The result will be blistering. If the installation wasn’t adequate enough, shrinkage might possibly occur and it is because of the constant weather changes. Shrinkages can cause worst scenarios such as cracks and wrinkles. These two definitely allow leakage and usually compromise the roof’s structural integrity. However, both of such issues can be all the way controlled with maintenance and inspections on a regular basis.

Repairs for damaged roofs as well as maintenance services are offered regularly by any roofing expert. The execution of services is monitored extensively by these professionals. The crew team has assigned with a variety of tasks can be tracked and monitored anytime and anywhere. This is way possible because of the use of builder trending software like Pro Crew Schedule. This advanced tool has been proven the best in the software market because of its numerous benefits. Get a free live demo ASAP.

Improving Roof Performance by Choosing Asphalt Shingles!


During roof installations, roof experts are not only just expected by the work and effort they’ve shown in order to complete the project or how particular they are in using the subcontractor scheduling software for the team and the project. They too are greatly expected by sharing their recommendations. Roofing materials, for example, are something what every client has been looking forward to asking from them.

Roofing materials are definitely one of many things that need to be prioritized. Selecting the ideal materials for the roof is certainly a very crucial decision to make. Every option that is considered has its own benefits and disadvantages. For instance, metal roofs have been a great choice at one point in time that lead to gain its popularity back then. However, metal roofs are deliberated as too pricey.

With the many years of experience in the roofing industry, roofers surely share their recommendations in terms of these necessities. Asphalt Shingles are highly-recommend by most roofing experts these days. This particular type of material is commonly used both for residential and commercial roofing purposes. This material has been continuously recommended because of the many promising benefits it gives.

To help you further understand its importance, listed below are the four benefits asphalt shingles:

  • Highly Durable– asphalt shingles are judged as one of the most resilient roofing materials. This material can incredibly offer maximum protection despite being under the brutal and harshest extreme weather conditions. Because of its thicker surface, either snow or water cannot able to penetrate it easily. Its durability is incredibly amazing because it is capable of lasting up to 50 years. However, this solely depends on the quality of the installation as well as the warranties that cover it.

Reliable roofing contractors are the ones who offer such type of services. After all, quality installation for asphalt shingles is greatly achievable and easy to execute by these experts all because of the utilization of advanced project management tools. A construction scheduling software is definitely an advantageous tool for contractors can sort out everything properly, from documents, resources, and even the entire crew involved.

  • Versatility –Asphalt shingles can adapt to various forms, shapes, and angles offering any clients a customized roofing option. Additionally, this material is widely available in a variety of colors and finishes that are suitable to your respective architectural style.
  • Cost-effectiveness– in comparison with the cedar shakes, tiles, or slate, the asphalt shingles basically have lesser life cycle costs. This just totally means that this particular type of material cost the least in terms of repairs, installation and maintenance.
  • Easy Installation– the material itself is lighter than any other materials, thus, it offers an easy way of installation. Furthermore, it doesn’t also require pricey support structures. In the long run, the installation of asphalt shingles will basically save you a reasonable amount of money and time. Consultation services are offered also by roofing contractors regarding about it.

Easy installation is ultimately achieved not just because of using asphalt shingle but also the fact that contractor with his team of roofers is fully equipped with tools and equipment used for executing services. For easy management of tools and other resources, the experts are preferably utilizing construction schedule software.

Key Takeaways 


Entirely, several emerging factors are proven to affect the overall performance of anyone’s roof. Regardless of this being the usual case, proper roofing selection together with routine maintenance and inspections can able to help mitigating these issues. It also keeps the roofs continuously performing the best of the best of its ability. Choosing also the right roofing material as well as the best roofers contribute to the roof’s total performance. Roofing professionals, on the other side, have been using innovative tools to simplify project’s execution. The best construction management software is certainly one of their top choice advanced tools.

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