Roof repair
Roof repair

Roof Replacement vs. Re-Roof: Which one is the Ideal Option?


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Keeping the roof in the best shape is undoubtedly a huge investment. That is why, if the roof is slowly showing any signs of damage, it is essentially necessary to repair it. However, it can be at times, harder to know what options to be taken. A big question is always being considered when upgrading a roof – of whether to choose roof replacement or re-roof. And yet another question comes next: What are the differences between the two and which one is ideal?

A trusted roofing contractor can ultimately help decide which of the given roofing options are best to avail. Most importantly, these roofers are using software applications at work, which makes it easier for them to supervise and manage any roof projects and other offered services. A builders schedule software is an advantageous tool to which these roofing professionals are used for scheduling purposes and project management.

Proceeding, let us take a detailed look at both roofing options to best answer these questions.

What is Roof Replacement?


Although roof replacements can be availed any single time, it is usually the damages in the roof decks that turned roof replacement even more likely an appropriate choice. Exposing roof decks to inspect further will be assigned to the roofing professionals. Old shingles directly from the roof should be necessarily stripped off in order to expose the roof decks for further inspection fully. Afterward, a new underlayment will be installed. It will protect the roof deck from any sort of element. 

Roofing contractors have to entirely recover the roof deck using new shingles expected to last for the very least of 20 years. Furthermore, these roofing experts are using construction scheduling software that’ll make their work easier. This cloud-based scheduling software is equipped with the best features designed for assisting roofers in their work, producing higher efficiency when managing projects and tasks.

Furthermore, this particular roofing option will address the problems that homeowners have with their roofs, rather than modestly covering up any sort of damage compared with re-roofing. On the other side, if roof decks are tremendously damaged, roofers will go hand in hand to fix it and prevent further damage. After all, roofing professionals have been using construction management software for much efficient and organized work. This software solution has been proven to be very advantageous in all project areas.

Going back, holes underneath allow water in dripping down directly in the walls resulting in damage to flooring and drywall. This particular type of damage usually leads to extensive repairs. That is why although roof replacement is an expensive project, it’ll save money in the long run. Early signs of rot and sagging that are caused by water damage directly to the deck can be identified early of roof replacement is done. It only shows that roofing replacement will absolutely provide full roof leak repairs to make it shorter and clearer.



· Entirely replacing the roof tend to lasts longer compare than re-roofing

· This can be done regardless of the number of shingle layers on the roof

· Over the long period, saving a considerable amount of money is achievable

· A completely revamped roof will efficiently address all issues for a sturdier and safe roof



A full roof renovation tends to require more crucial factors than re-roofing; hence, it is proven to be more a costly roof project. Costs for roofing replacement tend to vary based upon on many different variables, it includes the following:

· Slope

· Story

· Materials

· Roof accessibility

· Job size

· Labor

What is Re-roofing?


Unsurprisingly, availing a roof restoration is much quicker and less costly in comparison with a complete roof replacement. When selecting roof fix, roofers usually put up new shingles overlaying on the worn shingles’ top. It doesn’t only enhance the entire appearance of the roofs but also provides a protective layer for preventing leaks. With re-roofing still ongoing, project managers preferably used a subcontractor scheduling software that allows them to multitask and meticulously managed the entire team of roofers more efficiently. Team productivity tends to increase using this tool.

Having a single layer of roof shingles is usually the re-roofing that is considered the ideal option. Additionally, having two layers of such shingles being installed usually rule out roof restoration because of building codes.



· This roof option doesn’t require enormous working time, materials, and labor; hence, it is much cheaper.

· Re-roofing isn’t requiring replacements for the overall roofs; thus, it is the quickest way of restoring the roof.



· When having already two layers of roof shingles, it will be prohibited in many areas to an additional layer for the third time around.

· Re-roofing might not last longer for as long as fully replacing the roof

· Re-roofing is not usually suggested if metal roofs were firstly installed

· Determining if there are existing damages underneath like rot or sagging can be quite difficult

· Laying new layers of shingle over the existing one wouldn’t fix any mostly reasons 

Major Interests in Cool Roofing to Support Roofing Activities


Another important factor that would spur homeowners or business owners to engage in roof replacement projects immediately would basically the improvement of energy efficiency. Roofing professionals perceive roofs just like doors and windows – as a major element in reducing energy consumption thus lowers utility bills. It has become a particular concern where length prolonged periods of warm weather often challenge homeowners to have an interior temperature much comfortable. One way to execute this is to install cool roofing products that will certainly deflect sunlight from the surfaces of roofs where heat transfer can be efficiently reduced. Hence, it results to making building interiors much more comfortable.

Below are the most common samples for cool roofing:

· Roofing tiles

· Metal roofing

· Bituminous membranes and asphalt shingles having reflective granules

· Light-colored or white plastic rubber roofing membranes and single-ply

4 Roof Replacement vs. Re-roofing Considerations


1. Roof Leaks

A leaking roof is definitely one of many usual reasons that clients particularly homeowners, need re-roofing as being suggested by contractors. If seeing water stains inside, it tends to run across directly inside the home and will fall directly across the walls and ceilings due to the leaking roofs. Finding the source of a leaking roof can sometimes be very tricky; however, having the best roofing contractor can absolutely help the entire process. For obvious reasons and needs, contractors are deploying software solutions at work like crew schedule software that is best used for project and crew management purposes. 

Despite the leaks’ source, it is crucial to fix any leaking roof issues as soon as possible than later – small leaks can absolutely lead to huge problems, like:

· Roof sheathing

· Destroyed insulation

· Molds

· Damaged ceilings

2. Age of the Roof

Depending on the type of roof materials used, the roof’s actual age might be a useful indication of when will be going to replace it. If the roofs are slowly showing any signs of aging or other related issues, it might be better to have a replacement for consideration. Replacing a damaged and older failing roofs, rather than paying repairs on an occasional basis, can absolutely be worth as an investment.

Roofers are very particular in this roof characteristic. The type of work these contractors have been executing is quite consuming. Using a project managers software can help them lessen the hassles for it provides organization when it comes to project management and other work-related areas.

3.       The Extent of Roof Damage

Any signs for roof damage has come slightly different between various kinds of roofing materials but typically fall into 2 major categories:

· Structural damage – roofing materials look extremely worn out and rugged old; algae and dark streaks are growing in and on between the roofing materials

· Aesthetic damage – bald spots and missing granules on asphalt shingles; perforated or dented asphalt, metal or wood roofing components; rusted panels or shingles; cupped or curled edges on asphalt.

4. Cost

Cost is definitely one of the many huge considerations in terms of re-roofing vs. replacement. Generally speaking, roofing repairs will be going to cost lesser than a full re-roof project. Roofing contractors will help in weighing the various options of what could be the preferred budget-conscious solution for this matter.

Key Takeaways


Finally, when the cost is a major consideration, the final decision lies to the clients. However, it should be essential to be reminded that it is very important to have no any signs or presence of damage to the roof deck. Still, choosing a better quality for shingles is necessary and make sure that it lasts longer for more than 10 years. At the end, it is a matter of hiring the best roofing professionals in order to ensure that the installed roofs will provide safety and protection as well as it is installed accordingly based from standards.

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