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Contest Winners

Pro Crew Schedule Contest Winners Announcement


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On behalf of the whole Pro Crew Schedule team, we’d like to congratulate our two lucky winners of the 3 Months Free Trial of our construction management software.

In our simple ways to help more construction professionals recognize the importance of digital technology, most especially the collaboration and project management software, we launched an exciting promo where we offered a 90 days free trial – from our usual 30 days trial – to two lucky winners of the contest. The mechanics of the contest have been very simple. Participants were asked to:

  1.   Like our Facebook Page “PRO CREW SCHEDULE
  2.   Subscribe to our email list and get a FREE E-BOOK as a bonus.
  3.   Comment on the promo post that you have finished the steps.

The promo ran from March 6, 2020 to March 20, 2020. After a random selection using a digital draw program, we are happy to announce Avinash Chavan and John Shane as the two lucky winners. Apart from the 90-day free trial of the Pro Crew Schedule construction software, they will also have a complimentary 1-hour boarding training plus free technical support via email, phone call, and web chat throughout the trial duration.

Pro Crew Schedule is a designer of project management software in the fields of construction, electrical, HVAC, and concrete works. It boasts simplicity so everyone who avails it can easily learn and master it, enjoying all the benefits that a construction software can offer.

Some of the advantages of using Pro Crew Schedule include:

  1.   Stronger Collaboration/Clearer Communication

On bigger projects, everyone is assigned an individual task. Pro Crew Schedule construction management software simplifies team collaboration to ensure each member is in sync. A member can get an immediate response by communicating with the team without considering other resources. No time is lost in looking for the answers. It reforms timelines, sharing documents, status updates for vital information like the amount of work done and anything left.

  1.   Efficient Planning and Scheduling

With no fixed system on what should be done by when and who, it is tough to complete a project within schedule. Much time is lost when the employees report without knowing their tasks for the day. It affects productivity massively. Pro Crew Schedule is cloud-based, hence helping construction managers in outlining a task and makes it more visible. Fixed deadlines and priorities besides scheduling prevent overlapping and misunderstandings and schedules in a construction project.

  1.   Resource Management

Resource management is yet another benefit of using Pro Crew Schedule construction management software. Managing resources is essential for proper operation and saving time. When one is aware of the materials to be used, you can work on them without any glitches as a result of missing equipment or tools. This feature highlights the resources that are required and the time of their usage. It can measure the price of its use. It helps in preventing lack or resources or overusing them to minimize the expenses to ensure you pay the price when you use them.

  1.   Performance Management

Assessing and tracking processes from pre-construction to post-construction stages need software, and it takes note of the person in charge of the tasks, project owners, date of completion, etc. Henceforth, if the performance declines, what went wrong can be tracked easily and where the fault lies can be checked. Real-time tracking of processes is made possible, and this turns easier to find out the hole. Pro Crew Schedule links the communication gap between the customers, the team, and the managers. It increases the efficiency of the performance. Integrating software in construction management software monitors mid-project changes and encourages any trouble in the management of processes. Developing teams and customers is more comfortable, and closing deals are more straightforward and so is signing contracts when everything is digitized. Furthermore, time cards being digital help managers get a more accurate account of the time logs of each crew member.

Project Management software is crucial for a company in the construction industry to boost resource allocation, be up-to-date with the agile marketplace and reduce waste.

Again, we’d like to congratulate our winners and thank all those who spared some time to join the contest. Welcome to the Pro Crew Schedule community!

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