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Roof Tips

Making Roofing Projects Efficiently Work in 7 Practical Tips


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Home improvement projects, particularly the ones that involved with roofs, must be prioritized and must be planned accordingly. This directly means ensuring that every fine detail about the entire roofing project is set on the schedule, including the resources, time, expenses, effort and other essential aspects that complete the project itself. Roofers and their choice of materials, team, tools, planning for the budget and other resources certainly play a crucial role. Advanced software technologies like the construction schedule software have also proven to be essential and beneficial to the project’s development and finalization.

Roofers are held responsible not only in overseeing roofing construction projects but also for occupants’ entire safety. Here in this blog, seven practical steps will be outlined to help roofing professionals handle a roofing project efficiently.

1. Prepping for Success Begin with the Weather

One specific factor that cannot be controlled is the weather. It plays a vital role in any roofing projects and can directly impact the scheduled project timeline. Usually, contractors may make adjustments for the start times and workdays that will be based upon the weather conditions. Other factors are extended forecasts and adverse weather. Ignoring the weather could immediately lead to unsafe work conditions, project delays, and even water damage on the structures’ insides. However, if roofers have a well-planned schedule and are open to flexibility, whatever weather conditions it might be, they can better manage it along the way. Managing the project will likely be more efficient if a builder’s schedule software is involved and used. All features of this software application are significantly filling in both the project manager and subcontractors’ needs.

2. Utilization of a Project Management Software

With more significant reasons, software solutions are proven to provide valuable business insights in terms of project management and even in project accounting. This type of tool has helped in pinpointing the project’s budget and where it could be going. Above all, it will also give project managers the initial structure they need in order to strategically further use the teams and make the most of the resources. Thus, creating positive results, obtain team productivity and turn any projects a success.

The best construction management software, like Pro Crew Schedule, is one of the leading software applications. Below are its built-in project management features.

· Scheduling – all list of deliverables and activities can all be saved and scheduled using this software application. All information and data can all be access at any given time and place.

· Time-tracking – it simplifies accounting using tracking features such as the time-in and time-out and it can efficiently manage field staff at the same time

· Field Management – during construction, project managers and the entire crew often face multiple project phases. However, using the tool, aggregate reports and task sharing are obtained the easier way. With the consistency of the process and the use of this particular project management tool, team productivity progresses.

· Real-time Collaboration – staying connected with all crew members is easily achieved and collaboration and communication increasingly progress between the team members. The more the communication and collaboration consistent, the lesser the disputes will be.

· Cloud-based Storage – important and confidential files can all be saved and keep using the software. A cloud-based app is proven to be very secure. Thus, documenting and saving is not just easy but also very reliable in real-time.

3. Performing a Post-Installation Walk-Through

Roofing contractors have to review the original project scope, together with other professionals and teams involved. A complete and comprehensive walk-through towards the entire work is crucial to inspect so that everyone also is informed about all matters involved in the roofing project. As a matter of fact, a punch list where all items required to the roofing project should be reviewed. Preparation of this punch list is also one of many important things to do in the start of the project because, once again, a detailed inspection for all of the listed items should be done on a regular basis. All involved items and resources can be kept and saved using project management software. The tool allows the users to save files and any important documents associated with the ongoing project. The final inspection or review is expected to be implemented after the roofing project is noticeably complete.

These roof experts also have to remember to withhold a small significant portion of the payment because it helps in ensuring the punch list items to be accomplished. Here are some of the most vital part of roofing construction that roofing contractors have to take care of during the walk-through process:

· Unnecessary materials and debris must be cleaned up, removing of dumpsters, etc.

· Project documents should be prepared, including labor warranties, materials, product color/style information.

· Addressing any outstanding issues presently rising

· A contractor has to follow given guidelines and a detailed installation plan

A successful roofing project is greatly established on making wise decisions and consistent communication. Implementing also construction crew management contributes to the success of the roofing projects. The crew members have to be supervised the right way, and by having this implementation together with the application of a software tool, roofing subcontractors are efficiently managed.

4. Adhere to Building Codes

Adhering to the established building codes is one of many vital matters to follow by the roofers. Building codes govern the entire roofing process. It is imperative to observe further all local building codes and coordinate code requirements alongside the guidelines for manufacturer installation. It is also essential to find out and acknowledge any discrepancies between the manufacturer’s recommendations and existing codes and immediately fix it before the project’s starting. It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to consider these matters and prioritize it.

5. Technology’s Role in Roofing

It is already a trend in builders that there are a few good numbers of different technologies when working on a roofing project. This includes mobile applications and advanced aerial measurement tools. A construction scheduling software, for example, is one of the advanced mobile applications used and deployed today at job sites for scheduling purposes and many construction professionals and workers find this application beneficial as it makes the work easier and more efficient.

Advanced aerial roof measurement tools focus more on the technical side. It is used by roofing contractors to obtain and gather all technical data with ease. Additionally, it even provides a mock-up to what a roofing project may look like. Through aerial photos, the reports can collect detailed and comprehensive renderings like land records and geographic databases. The software application will be matching up, then the colors, edges, shapes to create a 3-dimensional image for the roofs meticulously. In short, while this tool provides and prepared for a report where contractors can further review prior in the ordering of needed materials and other resources, the software application for scheduling purposes also provides an efficient project scheduling management that is considered a very important aspect in handling projects.

6. The top priority should be safety

Job site safety is the top priority out of all listed guidelines for roofing projects and all different construction projects in general. Roofing contractors have to certainly know about this matter, particularly on following safety rules and regulations and should never attempt to cut corners in any of the safety procedures. OSHA or Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration state some of the most common governing safety procedures and guidelines that every roofing contractor should follow in order to avoid severe injuries or worst a sudden passing effectively.

Fatalities directly caused by impactful falls from elevation have continued to be one of the leading causes of death for roofers and construction workers, the information stated from OSHA. Injuries and sudden demise are preventable only if contractors are following the necessary safety precautions. That is why it has become a mandatory policy to implement a safety policy for all worksites. Workers need to be provided with safety tools and equipment during the project’s execution from start to finish.

7. Secure necessary roofing permits ahead of the time

For roof replacement projects, part of planning has involved in figuring out what permits needed for submission of application. Roofing contractors should be aware that these permits aren’t approved so easily and early and always take time. What usually happens is that the exact time and date for the inspections usually depend on the inspectors’ availability. It might take a couple of days to a week before an inspector will accommodate you.

Key Takeaways


The tips mentioned above can ultimately expedite the overall project’s development and create a successful outcome for all the parties involved. And although there are several causes of delays in roofing installation projects, these can all be immediately addressed by managing clients’ expectations. Besides having and working together with focused and well-trained roofing subcontractors, always ensure to have open and clear communication with everything that is going because it is crucial.

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