How to Plan a Construction Corporate Holiday Gift 2020
How to Plan a Construction Corporate Holiday Gift 2020

How to Plan a Construction Corporate Holiday Gift 2020


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Companies are giving more thought to the corporate gifts they give out to their clients, prospects, partners, and workers. The construction industry is not an exemption as builders learn to become more creative with their tokens. While we’ve been seeing many notepads, calendars, pens, and umbrellas in the past years, companies now use more valuable and useful items as corporate gifts, most especially when it’s almost Christmas again.

Ending the year by giving away construction themed corporate holiday gifts might be the perfect way for builders to impress their clients and establish a more solid relationship with their subcontractors and crew members. The potential of corporate holiday gifts in furthering company goals is better realized than in the past where simple items only carried out company logos. Because in reality, clients feel important when they receive gifts while workers’ and subcontractors’ morale is increased by getting something from their bosses.

That said, construction companies might want to put more careful thought into designing their corporate holiday gift packages and shift away from the usual. After all, builders can gain high profits because of their workers and subcontractors’ dedication or their satisfied clients’ referral.

So today, we’re putting up a list of items that you might want to consider for your corporate holiday gift-giving this year. From fancy bags to delightful chocolates, there are more items out there that may work out for your goals.

Corporate Gifting Best Practices

Corporate gift giving can be as simple as picking out any item from the malls and printing your logos on them. But this old-fashioned strategy can no longer impress people. Clients have outgrown pens and ref magnets. Workers no longer feel happy with shirts and calendars.

This year, try to make things different by following these guidelines in upping your corporate holiday gifts and sending your receivers the right message. 

1. Find items for the receiver, not you.

Branded gifts can send the wrong idea when you don’t pick the right item. For instance, calendars can make you seem like you are asking the recipient to hang them on their walls so other people can see your logo and learn about your company. In other words, the gift benefits you more than the recipient.

Put in mind that corporate gifts are meant to be enjoyed by the recipient and not by you. That said, find items that you think will genuinely be useful to them as an individual while reminding them that the gift is from you. By giving clients something unique and personalized, they will feel important that you even went a step further to find out what can help them. 

2. Personalize gifts.

As we mentioned, personalized corporate gifts can give the recipient the impression that you thought of them while choosing the item. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to buy different gifts since they are all still in the same industry and may have similar tastes. For instance, you can give all of your managers a new tablet they can use for managing construction projects more efficiently, but you can make the packaging and message unique for each. 

Personalized messages never grow old. They demonstrate that the gift was carefully tailored to them and not scripted. So, put in a little more effort in writing the gift cards.

3. Don’t overdo it.

It’s good to discard pens and paperweights or mugs for corporate gifts but don’t be too lavish. Not only will it cost you so much budget, but some may think that you are arrogant. Clients may also believe that you are making too much profit from them to afford such generosity.

Find good gifts that aren’t too expensive. This way, you’ll also be able to gift more people. Thoughtfulness beats expense. So again, go back to personalization and your client will shift their focus on your creativity.

4. Do not gift everyone.

When choosing clients to give gifts to, you may want to consider focusing on the long-term and high-potential ones. Instead of sending gifts to everyone in your email list, filter them to choose only the high-impact clients. For those that aren’t likely to be repeat customers, you can still send them your thoughtfulness this holiday by wishing them well through electronic messages.

5. Prepare different gifts for different groups.

Not everyone should receive a tablet and not everyone will be happy to receive chocolates. Some may need and appreciate other gift items like tools or jackets depending on their interests or work nature.

For instance, people in your admin group may need a new device that will help project management for construction. They may be your managerial and supervisory teams. But for your construction workers who don’t need to work around the whole day, they might be happier to receive premium tumblers or ergonomic tools that are also useful in carrying out their daily tasks efficiently.

Construction Themed Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

There are plenty of gifts out there that you can use as corporate gifts this holiday. Here is a list of some items you may be interested in.

1. Chocolate Tools Gift for Prospects and Trade Contractors

As low as $49.99!

They say chocolates are for everyone. it indeed is. Who doesn’t want sweets this holiday, most especially when the recipient has a family to share the chocolates with. But instead of buying the usual chocolate bars from the groceries, why not use these adorable construction miniature workbench chocolate packages. 

This workbench is packed with construction tools made from white, milk, and dark chocolates. It may be fun to chew those chocolate bolts, milk chocolate hard hat, assorted chocolate tools, foiled chocolate wrench, white chocolate hammer, and a white chocolate screwdriver. The packaging can be in custom ribbons and bow to add to the personal touch of the gift. You can customize the chocolates too with your logo and corporate colors.

2. Custom Cooler Duffel Bag for Clients

As low as $17.87!

Holidays are made for family bondings and your clients indeed have plans to go on road trips and vacations. A great picnic or travel partner like this insulated duffel bag item will be a perfect way to send your holiday message to your clients. It is fancy-looking and waterproofed. It can hold 12 cans and ice cubes to complete the fun. 

The cooler lining of this bag is removable to make the space bigger for additional storage. There are two large pockets on the front and meshed pockets on the sides so your clients can bring more treats with them. The handles are padded and the shoulder strap is adjustable, making it easy to carry around. 

Choose from Black, Blue, Burgundy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, and Yellow to match your client’s business color. You can attach your logo on the front, so your clients won’t forget your thoughtfulness even when they are on a holiday break.

3. elleven™ Traverse Stainless Vacuum Tumbler for Crew Members

As low as $21.12!

Give your hard-working crew members the rest they need and treat them with an elegant vacuum tumbler that they can also use at work. Perfect for your workers who need to quench their thirst after working for hours on your project. 

It looks classy with the intricate geometric cut design and useful for people on-the-go with the flip-top lid and double-wall, insulated stainless steel tumbler. It can keep drinks hot for 5 hours or cold for 15 hours, making it a great companion during travels or work.

4. Hammer Multi Tool for your Foremen and Site Managers

As low as $10.49

For the key members busy managing construction sites for you, why not send them this multifaceted tool as a corporate gift this holiday. It is compact and trendy and can help your on-site admin with almost all of their manual work. 

This hammer multi-tool includes flat nose pliers, wire cutter, regular pliers, mini hammer, knife, nail claw, serrated saw, slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and a bottle opener. It also comes in a nylon carrying case where you can attach your logo. Furthermore, it features an oil-finished Beechwood handle, making it a fantastic multi-tool to be treasured.

5. Custom 9 LED Flashlight for your Subcontractors

As low as $6.26!

This LED flashlight makes for a great promotional giveaway and a thoughtful corporate gift for your subcontractors this holiday. It comes with 9 LED lights that can be used for your subcontractors’ safety programs. Let them know that you care for them as much as your crew members by adding this flashlight to their safety accessories. Batteries are also already included so that they can be used right from the box.

6. Built2Work 14″ Polycanvas Tool Bag for Your Project Managers

As low as $29.10!

Finally, for your project managers. While they maybe busy managing construction projects remotely in your office, they may crave some action outside work in their workshop. To satisfy their hobby, why not give your managers a trendy tool bag as a corporate holiday gift.

This molded base tool bag is made from 600 denier polycanvas that can stand up to tools’ weight. It has side and front pockets too for additional storage for small tools and water bottles. This sturdy bag comes with reinforced handle grips too that provide durability when carrying all those heavy tools.  

Choose your corporate color and imprint your logo for branding.

Final Words

Giving corporate gifts this holiday is undoubtedly a reliable way to let your clients, construction workers, and subcontractors your most profound gratitude for their contribution to achieving your company goals. More than giving you the right image, corporate gift giving can help you establish long-term relationships with these people. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Keeping it unique and adding some personal touch are the right ingredients to making your corporate gift-giving this holiday 2020 a success.

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