How to Establish a Female-Friendly Culture in Construction
How to Establish a Female-Friendly Culture in Construction

How to Establish a Female-Friendly Culture in Construction?


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While conventionally a male-dominated industry, the tides are turning regarding women in construction. A study has shown that creating a diverse workforce, including a more balanced relationship between men and women in any leadership positions, is advantageous to a company’s bottom line – and the construction sector is not an exception.

The value that women bring to their respective jobs is vital and unique. So as a business leader, you must reconfigure your company culture to make it more female-friendly and inclusive. In this blog, we will teach key tactics for establishing a culture that supports and empowers women in the construction industry.

But What Isolates Women from the Trade Jobs?


First, let’s discuss a topic that has gone around for many years – what exactly isolates women from many trade jobs? Apparently, there are several reasons women do not commonly work in the trades. One main reason stems from men’s head start over women regarding employment. And despite the many efforts throughout the years, women have not made much headway in the trades.

Many societal stereotypes have made most women second-guess themselves even before getting a major role in an industry like the construction sector. To hear this statement is unfortunate because women can provide a niche perspective.

If you want to earn a reputation as an industry leader, your construction business should crush the ongoing judgments. In addition, only an effective business leader knows that having a team with diverse leadership significantly contributes to more successful growth and innovation. When you read this part, we assume you now understand the importance of supporting and accepting women better. Make it your priority to create an inclusive and all-accepting workplace culture for all the women in your organization.


Create a Supportive Culture for Women Using These Key Tips


Consider one or more strategies to support all professional women in your construction company.

1. Acknowledge Inequality within your company

The first step to solving inequality is to acknowledge it and understand it. Always remember that women experience unequal treatment and might need additional support in the workplace. And you need to do something to make the entire working environment more welcoming and accepting of them.

As you work towards a more inclusive workplace, put gender equality into action. Gender equality is best achieved when everyone can access and enjoy equal resources, opportunities, and rewards regardless of gender. Make sure all men in your company do not leave behind every single woman.

As a business leader, it takes a lot of self-awareness, understanding, and flexibility on your part to create a business that supports all employees. So, be wise.

2. Diversify the workforce

Research shows that 76% of Gen Zers and millennials may not consider a company for employment unless the organization prioritizes diversity. Gender is a vital component of that, so your company must include relevant information on your social media platforms and websites.

Start with your marketing team. Ensure they post the right information about your company and preferences in employment. It can be your company hiring more women or details about industry-wide trends that can promise future growth for women. Posts like these can entice potential female candidates for your company’s open positions.

Considering that the increasing female construction workforce is helping to nudge the industry upward, it only shows that every woman who accepts a job in construction will find as much success and growth in the growing industry.

3. Bolster HR employee support

Human resources representatives or HR reps respond to all harassment reports and gender discrimination. The same employees must receive annual training about recognizing the behaviors and enforcing zero-tolerance policies. Learning about such policies can make your job more appealing to women because they know they can trust those in leadership positions to ensure their safety.

You can conduct a diversity training program for all your employees once or twice a year. Ensure to take advantage of construction time tracking software to help entice professional women into your company to fill relevant positions. Today’s candidates are well-informed and want to be part of a construction company that invests well in the latest technologies and solutions.

Always know that training sessions and the latest construction techs are your big opportunities to begin helpful communications and create a workplace more welcoming for all women.

4. Amplify site safety

Your construction job site is prone to all potential dangers, such as equipment malfunctions, falling, and live electrical wires. Both men and women are equally prone to risk for related injuries. However, women should be getting fair treatment equal to their male co-workers. So, what can you do with matters like these?

Your business can support women by purposely increasing site safety with multiple cameras, superintendents, and team assignments. Everybody will become much safer and more confident with their jobs if they do not have to work alone in a dangerous environment. Plus, you can more effectively reduce onsite risks by deploying construction management software for subcontractors.

When taking advantage of this software, you can consistently monitor your job site comprehensively. As a result, your work sites become safer since potentially dangerous conditions can be easily tracked and resolved before serious things happen.

5. Create more customized fit roles

There is a wide range of positions in the construction sector, especially for women with amazing financial skills. Roles in your company can welcome any candidate who is great in numbers. Fleet management professionals can reduce your company’s overall expenses by strategizing procedures such as operations and streamlining maintenance.

Another amazing position that can be filled up is the inventory clerk or inventory associate. Women with amazing professional inventory skills can help you manage and keep track of all your construction items, supplies, and assets. Combined with these skills, having flexible inventory management software in place can make the whole inventory process more streamlined, which is very beneficial in ensuring that your company maintains the correct inventory level.

When considering women in this type of role can help propel them into high leadership positions, possessing the unique skillset they can bring to the table.

6. Invest with the best project management software for the construction industry

New developments and innovations like the rising of technology solutions have opened many possibilities for women in construction. In particular, developing construction software solutions has been a growth opportunity. The evolution of women from project managers on the job site to technology-based roles and then heading into tech-related or IT roles have been escalating in the last decade.

Invest in a specialized software solution for the women in your construction firm. Coupled with more advanced education, that will make it easier for women’s work to further extend past the job sites. Capabilities, skillset, and education are the driving factors of these technology positions and women finding the best fit in the Con-Tech environment.

7. Connect women through networking

If your construction firm is small and is more dominated by women employees than men, the progress will not mean much if the women still feel unwelcome or isolated. Therefore, they must know there are other women with the same professional skillset, passion, and interests as them. Giving your women workers the guarantee and help them network will make your company a long-term home for them.

Networking is a lot easier now because of the different means of online communication today. You can opt for social media and other sites. However, the best option you can try for your female workers is to let them engage in some events hosted by NAWIC or National Association of Women in Construction, and other professional organizations inclusive for women.

8. Advertise Equal Pay

Women are full of awareness regarding the existing gender pay gap that occurs and affects nearly every industry, especially in construction. However, if women see a company that offers equal pay, they are most likely inclined to apply for any available jobs. Your construction company has a significant opportunity with this issue. In fact, women in construction roles can earn 99% of their male counterpart’s salaries, despite being in an entry-level position.


Build a Strong Culture with the Right Software


It can be hard to self-advocate when women occupy a great percentage of the industry. However, having a collective voice and starting a conversation – is the key to change and an effective way to get more women and retain them in the industry.

You should prioritize diversity as your firm continues to build an inclusive, strong culture for women. And as you continue to streamline the practices, investing in best management practices and sophisticated technologies can help you create an inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace for your employees.

Look no further than Pro Crew Schedule when it comes to the latest technologies. This versatile construction employee scheduling software is designed for builders and different construction trades. It offers a single platform to manage your people, business processes, and other aspects of your business. Ultimately, it helps you create the kind of working environment you envision for all your workers, for men, and most especially for women.

Request for a live demo and learn more about its amazing built-in features.

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