8 Secrets to Getting Your Construction Project Done in Less Time
8 Secrets to Getting Your Construction Project Done in Less Time

8 Secrets to Getting Your Construction Project Done in Less Time


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Getting your projects done in less time is difficult since many variables go into the project. But the secret of efficiency in construction project management is pretty basic and simple – You do not have to do everything; and instead, you need to focus on what is important. Also, an estimated 9 out of 10 construction projects do not finish on time. And almost every single contractor and project leader deal with construction project delays.

But the thing is, you can always level up your approach by taking the right steps that can ensure you meet the project’s deadline. In this blog post, we will share some secrets on getting your construction projects to meet the deadline in less time. Let’s get started.

Time Equals to Money


Have you heard this particular phrase? Perhaps, you already have but did not pay much attention. If your role in the construction projects is the manager, you know firsthand that time is one important and valuable asset at your disposal. So, the better you deal with your construction projects, the higher your chances of earlier completion date and project success.

A clear, accurate timeframe can help a lot in the direction since it allows you to adjust your project schedule accordingly. But delays are still a huge nightmare for construction leaders, and in fact, big and complex projects need time extensions while budget overruns occur.

It is a struggle that construction managers like you consistently deal with. But there are secrets to how you can get your projects done on time or earlier than the expected due date, and we will further discuss that as follows.


Tips on Delivering Your Construction Projects in Lesser Time


1. Create a Statement of Work (SOW)

Make sure to define a clear SOW with inputs from your client. This is where your head starts. Pay attention to the details of the document. The scope of the work, as well as the work breakdown structure, should be well-presented. Write it in the simplest terms so that your team and clients best understand what the document entails.

Making clear with your statement of work benefit you and your team the most. It will never cause any delays on your projects, paving the way to finish them before the completion date.

2. Coordinate your team efforts

As someone who leads a construction team, coordinating team efforts is not ordinary to you. However, have you noticed that your people can be overloaded with unnecessary information, especially when new tasks appear instantly from nowhere?

Your crew members rarely see the entire picture of the construction project. Thus, they are not mostly aware of the team’s priorities or have their definition of capacity to complete the projects. As a result, they get out of sync in collaboration. This greatly affects the completion time of your projects. Ineffective collaboration between parties involved can cause project delays, and you should be aware of that,

To effectively avoid misalignment in your team’s efforts, take advantage of construction management software for subcontractors. This helps you better connect with your team. Through open and continuous collaboration, every single crew connects seamlessly while offering good input towards the project. As a result, efforts are put collectively in one place, making target goals easy to achieve.

3. Make a list of all supplies

Preparing and creating a list of all the supplies necessary to head start your construction project is a daunting task. And we assume that someone like you who has been managing projects for a while is very well aware of the most basic supplies crucial to the start of the project.

Create a comprehensive list that includes all the designated costs of every item. Share them with your team and your clients. If necessary, discuss all the required changes in the project budget that may arise. You can best track all your supplies and other resources using inventory management software as a centralized monitoring system. A good inventory system allows you to track your entire inventory and also helps you streamline your costs and reduce risks caused by inefficiencies.

4. Create a detailed schedule for your projects

Many project managers use their instincts when figuring out how long a project will take. Are you relying on your instincts too? You better not because it is far better to use real-time data and the latest software solution to create a more precise timeframe for your project completion.

Speaking of software solutions, a construction employee scheduling software like Pro Crew Schedule allows you to:

  • Determine how long these projects will take
  • Organize all of the tasks that essentially make up your projects
  • Assign the start and end date to a specific project.

With a more completed project schedule, you and your team know exactly what to do, when to do it, and the timeframe. And only reliable construction software can make this all way easier and seamless.

5. Oversee the project

Checking out the current progress of your project is necessary to complete it on time or before the actual date. You can stop in every week and validate the completion of the current weekly goals. If one of your members is falling behind, create adjustments to get back on track. While it cannot be easier, it is a must to switch some members of your team and cut some parts of the scope to complete the project in lesser time.

The lesson here is to assign the right people to every specific task and accomplish weekly goals consistently. If you want to complete your projects on time or before the completion date, try not to complicate any aspect of your project because it triggers delays.

6. Use the right construction time tracking software

Leveraging today’s latest technologies can make a big difference in delivering your projects on time and within budget. Sharing updates about the projects with the rest of the members is crucial, and only project management software can make this easier and more effective.

We cited some benefits of the Pro Crew Schedule in the above section about the project schedule. But here, we emphasize how this software solution can help you connect your team on and off-site. Below are some of the best features of the Pro Crew Schedule:

  • Real-time, live construction management
  • Dynamic construction schedule
  • Customized dashboards
  • Tracking every action onsite from material delivery to change orders.
  • Detailed insights across construction projects and other features in use.

This digital can ultimately serve your construction projects in multiple ways and transform how you collaborate with your people and stakeholders in the sector.

7. Prepare for problems that may soon arise

When things go wrong in anything involved with projects, they do go wrong. When these things happen, the goal must be to point out a viable solution that can take the least amount of time. If there is a minor mistake, resolve the problem immediately and move past it. However, big mistakes with no simple resolution often require transparency with your client. Honesty plays an important role here. If any mistakes nudge your project to extend past the actual project completion date, your client should know it firsthand.

Your client will most likely understand you if you are honest with them and is willing to extend the estimated due date without any questions.

8. Invest in Staff Training and Experience

Do your people have enough training and experience to be involved in the project? If your team lacks experience and training, the chances of poor quality work, human errors, and project delays can increase significantly.

So, investing in workforce training is necessary if you want to form a sustainable construction workforce while ensuring your project is done on time. Training your people will enhance the skillset required to perform their jobs. The more skilled and experienced they are, the easier projects are to carry out and deliver.


Pro Crew Schedule can Save You More Time


Today’s latest technologies have revolutionized the construction sector and offer various tools that can make the delivery of projects so much easier and faster than it was many years ago. Nowadays, you can easily find reliable project management software for the construction industry to manage all aspects of your projects. From resource management and reporting to documentation and scheduling, this software solution can take care of all support functions so that you can focus on the most important areas.

Pro Crew Schedule, a cloud-based scheduling software, has transformed how you can enhance your construction projects’ efficiency. Using this software, you can streamline your processes, reduce paperwork, and make overall project management extra convenient, accurate, seamless, and hassle-free.

So, if you both want to get your projects done with lesser time and save more time, look no further than this sophisticated software. Start your free trial today.

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