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Ideally, HVAC contractors would make their living going to buildings to install, repair, or replace heating and cooling systems. If they need more hands for bigger projects, a subcontractor scheduling software is a perfect tool to track their crew.

Unfortunately, the pandemic this year has taken a toll on their means of survival. There should be minimal to no human contact to stop the virus’s spread, which means contractors have had to stop doing their job. Even with the best construction management software, the virus is too dangerous to take risks.

That’s where the popular video platform YouTube comes in. Aside from it is full of entertaining videos, it’s also a relatively good source of income. Many contractors have taken to YouTube to post tutorials and other informational videos. If the views and AdSense are good, they may be decently compensated for it.

YouTube is also an excellent avenue for those aspiring to enter the HVAC industry. In the past, you had to learn everything there is to know about the trade through courses and apprenticeships, from the basics to the specializations. But with the video platform’s help, people can now learn the basics by merely watching the videos. And when they enter an apprenticeship program, their mentors can take them on general contracting projects and sharpen their knowledge and skills with hands-on experience.

Moreover, HVAC YouTubers have also helped the general public through this ordeal. Since contractors couldn’t answer that many housecalls just yet, especially during the pandemic’s early months, their informational HVAC videos guided homeowners in fixing their problematic units.

13 HVAC YouTube Channels

YouTube is a prime avenue for entertainment; it’s the number one platform people go to to watch funny videos, snippets of their favorite shows, or even listen to music. But YouTube is also an excellent place to find very informative and educational videos. Thousands of content creators have posted several tutorials and lectures on a wide variety of topics– from make-up to science, from DIY crafts to car maintenance.

Moreover, many HVAC contractors have turned to this platform to inform their viewers of the many things to know about HVAC systems. Although the topic HVAC doesn’t have a significant following and some channels on the list have stopped posting, the content is very insightful. Here are 13 HVAC channels on YouTube that are very helpful.

1. HVAC School

With 97.1 thousand subscribers, HVAC School is one of the most popular channels that post HVAC-focused content. They regularly post detailed videos about everything HVAC, like explaining parts, replacement tips, tutorials on repairing, and debunking myths and controversies, just to name a few. They also post some vlog-type videos that show what it’s like to work in the industry, like being an apprentice or miswiring a thermostat

2. Word of Advice

Run by Jay Lekh, Word of Advice is a channel dedicated to useful information, but mostly appliance-related content. Because Jay went to HVAC school, a lot of his videos are about Air conditioning. As a matter of fact, the channel’s most popular video, which has 1.4 million views, systematically explains how to fix an AC unit that doesn’t turn on.

3. HVAC with John Israel

John Israel is a professional HVAC contractor who uses his YouTube channel to talk about his HVAC jobs, like service calls and installations. He started the channel in January of 2012 and has since gained 32.1 thousand subscribers. For content, he not only talks about his jobs but actually films them, showing “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly,” as his channel description says. 

4. TitusHVAC

Titus is a leading distributor in the HVAC industry, particularly air conditioning. On their website, they have a variety of products that include diffusers, grilles, and air handlers. But to reach a wider audience, the company started a channel in 2011. On it, they delve into the science and mechanics of the industry. Many of their videos talk about the math related to HVAC systems, while other videos are more straightforward, such as security applications of HVAC and classroom applications of displacement ventilation.

5. Trane Commercial HVAC North America

Trane is another leader in air conditioning systems, services, and solutions. Most of their videos focus on what the company can offer in terms of products and services on their YouTube channel. In fact, some of their videos are of case studies where there services and products were applied. The case study video about The Alchemist Brewery shows how Trane and the brewery worked together to develop a unique brewhouse system.

6. Stephen Rardon

With a substantial following, Stephen Reardon runs an HVAC-focused channel with a diverse list of content. You can find vlogs about some of his jobs on his channel, of him sharing tips and advice, and reviewing new tools. His most viewed video has 2.7 million views and shows him brazing refrigerant lines

7. edisonhvac

Unlike the other channels that post HVAC tutorials and tool reviews/explanations, edisonhvac is a YouTube channel dedicated to guiding helping out aspiring HVAC technicians with EPA certification. The majority of this channel consists of lectures and study guides on specific topics such as leak repair requirements. But the channel also has tutorials with practical applications for visuals. With 319 thousand views, the most viewed video on edisonhvac is troubleshooting a mini-refrigerator.

8. hackfreehvac

Started in 2008, hackfreehvac is run by an HVAC/R technician in Phoenix, Arizona. Initially, he posted videos that showed his viewers HVAC system hacks found in his area. Today, the channel has evolved to add automotive content to what was primarily about HVAC systems and hacks. Some of the videos only last a few seconds to a few minutes showing the equipment’s condition. For longer videos, they are more in-depth when explaining the situation and what must be done.

9. Anti DIY HVAC

Although many HVAC YouTubers post tutorials to help the average homeowner with HVAC problems, this channel goes against that idea. Their description says that they want to show DIYers that HVAC services should be left to professionals, warning people not to try anything seen in the videos without training and experience, hence the name. As for the channel’s content, viewers are taken to various HVAC shops and are shown how things should be done.

10. Andrew Greaves

Andrew Greaves started his channel in 2009 to guide tradespeople who are fresh in the industry, hoping to correct anything wrong early on. Even though there hasn’t been a new video in over a year, the ones already posted are very educational and insightful, showing first hand what it means to be in the HVAC trade.

11. HVAC Life with Alex

Even with a small following of 7.95 thousand subscribers, Alex shows first hand what it’s like to be an HVAC technician. Starting at a young age, he has been working in the industry and is now sharing his experience and knowledge through his YouTube channel. In many of his videos, you’ll find him just sitting in his car, talking to the camera about helpful tips and advice about the trade. In other videos, he takes viewers with him to some of his jobs.

12. Pacific HVAC Air conditioner

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner is primarily an HVAC contractor based in Englewood, New Jersey. They specialize in installation services and repairs for some major brands like MitsubishiSamsung, and Fujitsu. You can find short videos of the cooling and heating units they have installed or repaired around the Tri-State Area on their YouTube channel.


With a substantial following of 85.9 thousand subscribers, Chris of HVAC VIDEOS regularly hosts live streams where Q&As about trade occur. Other than that, his channel consists of lengthy videos of some of his HVAC jobs.

Construction Industry: Reshaped with Technology

Technology has made a significant impact on the construction industry. Things even as small as posting construction videos on YouTube are a step progressive step for the field. Other than that, there have been major technological advancements in the past decade alone that have significantly pushed the industry towards the future.

Improved safety rates, lower overhead costs, and efficient project progress are just some of the positive results technology has produced. This is because project management tools have played a huge part in helping management teams track their crew and project more conveniently and remotely. On just a single platform, contractors and project managers can store important documents, oversee the structure’s progress, and create a builder schedule for a stable structure and organization.

Apart from aiding construction management, various equipment, devices, and construction software have notably affected the construction industry’s direction towards development. These include smart and durable wearables improved workers’ safety, and 3D printing and robotics successfully targeted efficiency, especially if paired with augmented and virtual reality devices.

However, it doesn’t end there. With innovative minds constantly working on technological advancements, there will always be an invention, a tool, a device, a technique, or a method that will push the construction industry even further.

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