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15 Best UK Architectural Firms This 2020


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The architects in the UK are pushing architecture to its limits creating amazing and great architectural eclecticism. Architectural firms comprehensively combine elements for design and art. The best architects to work with are those who can materialize artistic visions, have a firm understanding of engineering principles, and use project management software. However, finding the best architect for a project might require tons of effort and a longer time in researching and comparing options.

Today, we’ve painstakingly compiled a list of 15 best architecture firms in the UK that have contributed a huge outstanding impact towards the constructed environment and are consistently showing potential in innovating, exploring new design tactics, and affecting social change. Take a look below.

1.      House Architects UK

This architectural firm offered many specializations, including re-configuring, re-designing, and extending houses to ideally create the desired homes that work for the clients, their family and making sure that it is perfectly suitable for the current lifestyle. House Architects design over 100 house extensions over the years and the firm has continued to do so. They are also known to use advanced video game technology to create photo-realistic visuals and animation to beautifully showcase your home project that has not yet been built.

A winner of the Creative conscience award for Architecture and Interior design in 2013 and Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise in Architecture in 2013, Catherine Traynor, is the lead director of House Architects. From 2014 to 2017, she worked in a medium-sized practice concentrating on residential, healthcare and schools design. 2017 when she began to focus exclusively on domestic residential design.

House Architects UK is currently based in the North West of England. The entire team covers areas like Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Wirral, and Glasgow as well.

Scope of Services: Architecture, Remodeling, Interior Design, Planning Application and Management

Built Projects: Residential, Healthcare, School

2. Stride Treglown 

This architectural firm located at Bristol, UK is an employee-owned architectural practice. The company has more than 300 people who love to explore more new ideas and tactics and is definitely open to all proposals for clients, consultants, and research organizations about the latest and new initiatives. Stride Treglown focuses on five major threads: Sustainability, Usability, Design, Research, Evidence-based BIM and Collaboration. On the other side, achieving real-time collaboration and teamwork consistency is easy using construction schedule software.

Scope of Services: Architecture, Building Surveying, Graphic Design, Master planning and Urban Design

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial 

3. Abacus Architects + Planners

It is an award-winning complete service design firm and is currently located at Boston, Massachusetts. The firm is very particular with sensitivity to context, innovative designs and cost-effective sustainability. They have been serving private and public clients with state-of-the-art design solutions for all emerging challenges and providing clients with a unique set of aspirations and needs. Abacus Architects + Planners are working alongside with their partners David Pollak and David Eisen.

Using also the best construction management software like Pro Crew Schedule, it ensures to develop a real-time collaboration and consistent communication to the entire team.

Scope of Services: Master Planning, Architecture

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Government, Education, and Healthcare

4. John McAslan + Partners

An architectural firm based in Edinburgh, London, and is an award-winning architectural practice. The company’s practiced ethos is to further provide an innovative and outstanding architecture that suitably works in the entire context of social needs. Furthermore, the company has an international portfolio that includes the redevelopment of historical establishments in Moscow. Today, the implemented architectural practice has won several international awards, more than 90 in number, including RIBA Awards and Architectural Practice of the Year.

Scope of Services: Architecture, Graphic Design

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial

5. HLM Architects

The architectural firm has showcased an exceptional “one-team culture-based” that is considered as the collective founding elements of it. It is based in Cardiff, United Kingdom and is comprised of amazing and talented professionals that are best managed with the implementation of construction crew management.

Scope of Services: Architectural, landscape, sustainability services, interior designs,

Built Projects: Asset and Workplace, Residential, Civic Sectors

6. The Harris Partnership

This firm has proven to have a strong reputation in the profitable field commissions on the entire UK. Harris Partnership is also a national architectural practice based at Wakefield, United Kingdom and the firm’s multiple award-winning portfolio has included residential, industrial, retail, private social housing, etc. The firm has been working alongside its sister companies, HPM and Vector.

Scope of Services: master planning, interior and architectural design, 3D Visualization, space planning

Built Projects: Industrial, Residential, Retail, Commercial, Mixed-Use

7. Lewandowski Architects

The firm is strongly founded on a collective wealth of hard work, perseverance and experience over the years from a considerable number of talented and creative individuals. It was guided and created by the talented Ron Lewandowski and the architectural practice has been comprised of many influential team members. The firm is located at Windsor, United Kingdom.

Scope of Services: Architecture master planning, graphics, interior design, space planning, furniture design

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Venues, Conservation, and Private Houses

8. SHH

It is an award-winning global architect’s practice that is based at Hammersmith, UK specifically in the west end of London. It was created by Graham Harris, David Spence and Neil Hogan that have been working globally. SHH is greatly experienced at working and collaborating across different disciplines and sectors. The ultimate goal is to vastly offer an entirely bespoke, multifaceted design services that are solely focused on obtaining the best possible results.

Scope of Services: Architecture master planning, Interior Designing, FF& E

Built Projects: Commercial, Hospitality, Residential

9. Archer Architects

Archer Architects which is based in Manchester, UK is a medium-sized architectural practice. Additionally, it is also an RIBA Chartered Registered Practice. The firm has extensive experience in handling challenging planning applications and take pride in their architectural practices. Archer Architects is collectively made up of many designers and architects from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures.

Scope of Services: Interior Design and Architecture

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality

10. . ADP Architecture

The firm is comprised with team members that are personally invested towards the overall success of projects and has a vast variety of expertise and experience to suit any projects. This employee-owned practice firm operates locally and nationally from 9 different locations across the UK but the main place is just around Birmingham.

Scope of Services: Interior Design, Architecture, Master Planning, Heritage Consultancy

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, and Retail

11. Barclay + Phillips Architects

It is a very well-established architectural firm with offices in Liverpool and Salisbury, UK, yet the latter is the main headquarter. The firm is also a certified RIBA Chartered Practice that has started over 30 years ago and still continues to be fully committed to humanistic and social values in their work. Through the years, the company is able to create stronger relationships with a range of planning authorities and successfully acquired a visible reputation in the industry.

Scope of Services: Interior Design, Architecture

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, and Retail

12. Arc Partnership

It is a pioneering joint venture established by Nottinghamshire County alongside the Scape Group. The main headquarters is located at Nottingham, England. The ultimate goal is to successfully deliver built environment projects across wider public sectors, specifically in Nottinghamshire.

Scope of Services: Interior Designing, Architecture

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Public Buildings, Offices, Education Buildings

13. Barton Willmore 

It is considered as the UK’s leading and largest independent design and planning consultancy at Reading, United Kingdom. It serves both private and public development clients from over 13 regional offices across United Kingdom. In fact, Barton Willmore is also a direct network of local offices that are spread evenly throughout England, Wales and Scotland. No matter what are the locations of a scheme, the experts from this firm will certainly provide the targeted inside to continuously produce greater results.

Scope of Services: Architecture, Master planning and Urban Design, Town Planning, Graphic Communication

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial

14. Howie Architects

This professional practice architectural firm is currently located in the city center of Norwich and based in Norfolk. The firm is working together with clients in the area of Norwich specifically in the Golden Triangle area and at the same time across the county and beyond. The team is expertly lead and managed by Alastair Howie who has wide experiences in this area and has a strong full focus when it comes to subtle contemporary design solutions. The firm has an expertise in making open-plan family spaces alongside extended and existing footprints.

Scope of Services: Architecture, remodeling, conversion, extension, period property

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial

15. Jessop & Cook Architects

It was established by Graham Jessop together with John Cook, both having a solid commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The firm is exceedingly proud to have been broadly recognized for numerous local nominations and wards, including RIBA award for Best Educational Building, Two Civic Design Awards, etc.

Scope of Services: Architecture, space planning, master planning, interior design, conservation consultancy

Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, and Educational

Key Takeaways

Choosing the best architect firm is one of the many crucial parts of any building project. While it is essential to have the best architect for the projects, it is also equally important to further understand the local planning regulations and rules. Finally, ensure that the firm is capable of covering a wide array of architectural areas – residential, commercial, education, industrial, conservation works and many others.

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