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New York is one of the biggest urbanized states in the US. With significant aid from a construction schedule software, it has all sorts of buildings filling up the streets, from skyscraping office buildings to locally-owned restaurants, from a range of hotels to many residential buildings. As the state is one of the more populous ones in the US, state of the art HVAC systems and a good subcontractor scheduling software are musts to keep New Yorkers and all those visiting safe and comfortable indoors.

New York’s Extreme Temperatures

Moreover, the Empire State is also known for its extreme weather. The coldest temperature recorded in the state was 52 degrees below zero in a hamlet in upstate Herkimer County, Old Forge. Managed by the best construction management software, HVAC installers can help also help people stay cool from the extreme heat. In fact, just last year, New York experienced it’s tenth hottest July ever, with temperatures going well over 100 degrees. So naturally, high quality working HVAC systems are a must in New York. A builder schedule can guide contractors in delivering the best for New Yorkers. 

Common HVAC Problems In New York

New York is a state that is always active: constantly moving and continuously working. Because of this, heating and cooling systems are seldom turned off. Because of this, it’s imperative for contractors with project management tools to install durable systems in buildings and for the occupants to maintain it properly. If not, some HVAC problems will arise.

Blocked air filters

New York is crowded, urbanized, and full of activity. These factors contribute to the state’s air pollution, mainly a combination of smoke, dirt, and exhaust. Consequently, the air filters in HVAC systems get blocked due to those buildup substances, reducing airflow to and from the unit. If this were to be a prolonged issue, it could cause the unit to freeze up and shut down entirely.

1. Frozen coils

Alternatively, environmental elements might cause the unit to ice up. New York is known for its harsh winters and they could also take a toll on heating systems. A small amount of ice in the unit is normal during winter. But if this problem escalates and the ice build around the coils up is severe, it could hinder heat transfer through the system.

2. Clogged drains

Besides air filters, drain lines are another part of an HVAC unit that dirt can damage. The excessive buildup is difficult to remove. When dirt clogs these lines, excess moisture will be trapped, preventing the unit from running smoothly.

9 of New York’s Top HVAC Contractors and Repair Services


1. Just The Appliance Guy

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Just The Appliance Guy is one of the leading repair services for appliances. Their services include installing and repairing windows and central and ductless mini-split air conditioning units for air conditioning. In addition to that, they also specialize in installing and repairing other household appliances. Their website even claims that their “highly skilled” technicians can repair almost any brand, make, and model.

In terms of guarantees, Just the Appliance Guy promises its customers quality services. To make sure of this, they have a 30-day customer service guarantee. Should an appliance fail after their repairs, they will perform the next service and purchase needed parts free of charge.

2. Divergent HVAC Solutions, LLC

Location: New York, NY

Divergent HVAC Solutions, LLC has been in the HVAC industry since 2002. They have made a name in servicing, installing, repairing, and replacing HVAC units in New York in those years. While they provide air conditioning and plumbing services, most of what they offer revolves around heating and furnace systems. They repair heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, radiators, and thermostats.

While many fear being taken advantage of, plenty of online reviews praise Divergent HVAC Solutions, LLC, for being honest and reliable. They also commend the company for being punctual with their work and friendly.

3. 365 Kool Heating & Cooling

Location: New York, NY

Although they do not work on window units, 365 Kool install and repair mini-split ACs, boilers, and water heaters. They also pride themselves with the other HVAC services they offer, like same-day emergency service, 60-minute service calls, and service contracts.

Other than the prompt customer services, 365 Kool claims to work with a variety of brands. For residential installations, Coolair, Amana, and Ice Air are listed on their website while CarrierGoodman, and York are just three of the many brands they can install commercially. Plus, multiple clients have said that the initial prices discussed were the prices that came out in the end, earning their trust.

4. Premier HVAC Services

Location: Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westbury, NY

Besides the usual heating, cooling, and ventilation services that HVAC units need, Premier HVAC Services also provide chimneys work. The workers are trained and combine old-fashioned ”elbow grease” with today’s advanced technology to clean chimneys and fireplaces, making sure they are safe and efficient. 

Many of their customers have also left positive feedback online, applauding the company for their professionalism, proactiveness, and knowledge to give a quick but reliable diagnosis. 

5. HANDYMACK Construction & Renovation

Location: Fresh Meadows, NY

Originating in Georgia, HANDYMACK Construction & Renovation is a family-owned and -operated construction business that now has a branch in New York. Being a construction company, HANDYMACK has an array of services ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to appliance installations, to cleaning and maid services.

Be that their air conditioning services are not lost in the sea of construction work done as it may. The company can:

● Install and repair central humidifiers;

● Install and repair central air conditioning;

● Install and repair central air cleaners;

● Service, install, and repair window air conditioning units; and

● Install ductless mini-split air conditioning units.

They also offer many heating services that include installing and repairing:

● Repairing heat pumps;

● Furnaces (electric, gas, oil);

● Boilers (gas and oil);

● Thermostats; and

● Electric baseboard or wall heaters.

The company also installs ducts and vents and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

6. Richards Heating & Cooling

Location: Lindenhurst, NY

Richards Heating & Cooling is also a family-owned and -operated business that focuses on heating and cooling. They understand the importance of having a comfortable home; that’s why they offer 24-hour emergency service, should serious problems arise.

Working on furnaces, boilers, oil tanks, and water heaters are only a fraction of the company’s heating services. With the cooling aspect, they can install new AC systems and repair old ones of any make and model, and service ductless mini-split systems. Plus, Richards Heating & Cooling offers service contracts and annual maintenance.

Besides being polite and giving prompt services, the company is also being applauded for its reasonable prices, saying it gave “an excellent price” and has the “best value and best price.”

7. AC In NYC

Location: Brooklyn, NY

As the name suggests, AC In NYC solely focuses on air conditioning. In addition to the standard installation in the lower window, they also put on brackets to buildings that need it. They also install Plexiglass for ones who want more light to come through and make an installment in the upper window pane possible.

But they don’t stop with installations. They make their client’s lives easier with sales and deliveries. From just a few simple questions, AC In NYC can determine the right unit for the customer. And with their delivery services, they will pick up the unit and bring it right to their clients, whether they have an elevator.

8. Air Conditioner Installation By SuperCoolNYC

Location: New York, NY

Similar to AC In NYC, Air Conditioner Installation By SuperCoolNYC only offers AC and bracket installation. However, they make up for their lack of variety with quality services. They not only work with the units they have but will also install, repair, and remove other units if the client already has one.

If the customer chooses to purchase from them directly, they carry Frigidaire and Kenmore window units and factory- and custom-made mounting brackets. Plus, SuperCoolNYC delivers right to the door (or window).

Many New Yorkers find SuperCoolNYC’s services exceptional. One online review says they are “absolutely fantastic” and continues to say that they quickly responded and gave immediately gave an estimate. 

9. National Plumbing & Heating Corp.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Unlike the two that came prior, National Plumbing & Heating Corp. specialize in heating and plumbing services. This family-owned and -operated business is insured and licensed and offers 24/7 emergency service to provide free estimates.

This company takes pride in being very knowledgeable and highly skilled in installing boilers, repairing heating systems and plumbing, always ready for any questions and concerns their customers have.

A lot of their customers have left raving online reviews for National Plumbing & Heating Corp. In one review, the contractor was praised for his “commitment to stand by his work” and the “fair and reasonable” pricing. Another one gave positive comments on the company’s professionalism and ability to deliver each time.

The Bottomline

New York is a highly populated and very urbanized state. Because of these, good working HVAC systems are a must in almost every building, whether commercial or residential. Whatever the case, these systems are essential and need care when choosing and maintaining them.


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