Amazon Black Friday Deals for Construction Professionals
Amazon Black Friday Deals for Construction Professionals

Amazon Black Friday Deals for Construction Professionals


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Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or an upcoming birthday, gifts are a fantastic way to show your workers or colleagues in the construction industry that you care for them. You may be asking yourself what great gifts for them that you can get this Black Friday. Any ideas? Fear not. Here are the best deals for every Construction Professionals that you can check-out on Amazon.

This is also an opportunity to get a nice gift for yourself if you’ve been looking for new tools this year.

8 Best Deals for Each Construction Professional this Black Friday


1.        Architects – Bosch GLM Laser Digital Measuring Tool

Architects are always very precise with their dimensions, scales, and plans. You will find them carrying a measuring tool every time they are out in the field; that is why this digital upgrade will undoubtedly elevate their game. 

This measuring tool features an auto square function, which instantly calculates the square footage gross with a push of a button. The easy-to-read backlit display of this tool provides excellent usability and visibility for its users. This laser length measurer offers real-time measuring, adjusting as you move closer or farther away from the target, like a traditional tape measure. 

It takes one and instant measure for up to 165 feet to assess the job in seconds, with an accuracy up to +/-1/16 inches. Its compact size fits in your pocket or tool belt for easy access, like when you are doing inspections on site. Built to withstand dusty or rainy conditions, it is a robust tool with an IP54 rating.

The whole set from Amazon includes 1 GLM165-10 Blaze Laser Measure, 1 hand strap, 5 target cards, 2 AA batteries, and 1 pouch.

From $69.99 to $39.00, you save 44% when you buy now!

2.        Civil Engineers – Casio FX-991EX Engineering or Scientific Calculator

From college classrooms to professional fieldwork, a durable and dependable scientific calculator is a Civil Engineer’s best friend— they use it more than they use their phones. Most of them will stick to their old calculators in this progressive time because of its sentimental value, but maybe it’s time to let it go and consider more advanced options.

Perfect for Civil Engineering students and professionals, this tool is excellent for Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra and provides a 4×4 matrix representation of the data you get from your calculations. This new high-performance scientific calculator with a high-resolution display shows more of your work to minimize unnecessary scrolling.

It also offers advanced calculations that let you quickly and efficiently work through multi-step problems, which is vital when solving statistical problems on-site; this cutting-edge tool will streamline a construction project’s execution.

Pay 47% less this Black Friday and spend $15.99 instead of $29.99.

3.        Electrical Engineers – AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Digital multimeters are the most fundamental tools for an Electrical Engineer. Whether it is for debugging a faulty circuit or wiring construction equipment, it is always handy to have a multimeter nearby. These tools are easy to use and safe to operate, which will let you measure seemingly everything.

The new AstroAI Digital Multimeter is designed to be accurately and safely used by professionals for wide-range tests such as AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Continuity, Resistance, Capacitance, test diodes, and even Frequency and Temperature. This tool also features auto-ranging capability and True RMS (Root-Mean-Squared) measuring for easier troubleshooting of electrical problems that may arise on site.

In terms of safety, this digital multimeter is integrated with fused with F500mA/600V and F10A/600V with an explosion-proof ceramic exterior to provide maximum safety and overload protection in all ranges. 

With the 3 Year Warranty Provided by AstroAI and a 5% discount, you can get this device for just $23.99.

4.        Mechanical Engineers  DJI Mavic Mini Drone

Whether you perceive it as a useful tool or a cool toy, a drone is an instrument that would streamline a Mechanical Engineer’s duties, especially in the construction field. Tasked with many responsibilities on-site and sometimes overlapping operations in different areas of the project, a drone would act as a life-saver and substitute in overseeing some of the works to make the job efficient for an Electrical Engineer.

Mavic Mini is DJI’s most portable and lightest drone to date, weighing just 249 grams. With its 30-minute maximum flight time, it is the perfect drone for professionals looking to simplify inspections without spending more time. By pairing it with the DJI Fly app, it enables you to shoot photos and videos and also edit them in the same app. This tool also provides a 12MP camera capable of shooting 2.7 Quad HD videos and a mechanical gimbal of 3-axis, giving you super-smooth and ultra-clear footage for your daily construction updates.

Additionally, its QuickShots mode features allow you to instantly upload generated short videos for uploads to make updates for your team manageable with just a few pushes in the buttons. 

Get it for $399.00 instead of $434.89 this Black Friday at Amazon.

5.        Plumbing Engineer – Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

One of the primary responsibilities of a Plumbing Engineer is to prepare detailed layout plans and water supply systems for projects. Apart from that, they also need to perform regular inspections and even assists in fabrication if required. Hence, they need equipment to carry a laptop to make all the necessary adjustments instantly, with space to also bring their tools for inspection- the Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack is the answer.

This army assault backpack is essential for every professional who needs to carry many tools with them daily. Made of high-density fabric durable polyester with 1475 cubic inches compartment, this backpack also features mole webbing throughout its exterior for attaching tactical pouches or gear. It is also waterproof, making it perfect for plumbing inspections, especially when the plumbing system is already operational.

Furthermore, it is also made up of heavy-duty zippers and a gear compression system on both sides for breathable and comfortable but highly-functional carry-on they can use anytime, anywhere.

Bag this ultimate deal for just $27.30 and save 15%! 

6.        Geodetic Engineer – Rite in the Rain Waterproof Paper Geological Notebook

Geodetic Engineers always report on duty rain-or shine- not even the weather can stop making rounds of surveying and gather on-site data. As the construction process’s frontrunners, any delays on their part would push the whole construction schedule and delay the operations. With this information in mind, they need a tool to accompany them whatever the season.

This Rite in the Rain waterproof paper notebook is equipped with geological references, rulers, and numbered pages that Geodetic Engineers will find useful. With its fabrikoid cover and 160 sewn-in pages, this all-weather-notebook is something a field engineer needs to carry around. 

Get it for $23.50 and save 19% of its original price this Black Friday.

7.        Safety Engineer – Pyramex Pathfinder Aviator Safety Glasses

Safety Engineers are the construction professionals who need to stay in the field for a longer time. They must continually observe if all the workers diligently follow the safety protocols on-site and follow them correctly. To protect their eyes from the intense heat of the sun, this Pyramex Aviator Safety Glasses is an excellent choice of gift to give them.

The metal frames of these glasses feature a traditional aviator style to look a little bit cooler in the field. Plus, the lenses are coated for superior scratch protection with and with side shields permanently attached. These stylish glasses also offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays that will enable them to do their responsibilities even in the most scorching heat.

Grab a pair for just $8.89 instead of $10.19. A limited offer only. 

8.        Office Engineers – Engineer Nutrition Facts – Glass Coffee Mug

Office Engineers act as the liaison between site engineers, project managers, and clients on construction projects, providing administrative and technical information to all the construction projects’ stakeholders. They mostly stay inside the office to manage paper documentation, update records, monitor the construction process costing, and report directly to the project managers instead of being out in the field.

A perfect deal for them is this Engineer Glass Coffee Mug to accompany them inside the office and to keep them awake in doing their tasks. This mug is an excellent conversation starter and sure to amuse anyone who will see it. 

Make an office engineer smile by gifting this for only $13.96 at Amazon.

Key Takeaways


Working in this industry and managing construction can be stressful for everyone, especially during these unprecedented times. That’s why it’s essential to give tokens of appreciation to your colleagues or friends to motivate them in their professions. Take advantage of these Black Friday deals and receive full smiles from them at a discounted price. It can also be an incredible gift for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Season, or just because.

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