8 Construction Professions that Work Way Better with Construction Technology
8 Construction Professions that Work Way Better with Construction Technology

8 Construction Professions that Work Way Better with Construction Technology


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When digital software tools cross your mind, you probably imagine a typical gal or desk-bound guy in the IT department who helps when forced to update your computer. You might not be thinking of field service managers, plumbers, or field service managers utilizing construction techs.

Yet, software technology has a significant potential to impact many parts of the construction business, including yours. In fact, the impact of technology goes far and beyond. We suggest you read this blog to see how construction technology affects and elevates ten different areas of the construction project team.

1. Executive Team and Owners

Any owner who manages large capital budgets typically needs focused visibility towards the contractor-led processes. To ensure the company’s overall health, owners and executives need accurate and faster information. But perhaps, the most crucial issue is that the information is being presented in the terms and format that they generally care about.

Using construction software will help you take and sort out information associated with your business. You can access and accumulate information in the format you prefer. Having a construction tech will not just give details in different formats but also different metrics.

2. Finance Professionals

Suppose you are the director of finance/controller(CFO) responsible for the company’s financials. In that case, you are constantly working with the numbers to maximize the company’s profit margins and ensure all projects will stay solvent. In addition, your responsibilities also include fixing your eyes on the cost of ownership, vendor payments, billing, and best practices for financial reporting.

Good thing that construction software techs these days will make your work much easier in many ways:

  • Avoid risks with SOC 2 Type II compliance, regular monitoring for cybersecurity threats, and user-level access and permissions.
  • Accurate job costing on the payroll, equipment, materials, construction punch list, subcontractors, as well as productivity
  • Project managers get reliable project reporting dashboards, updates, and alerts.
  • Connected estimating and project planning make projects go faster. Updated resource allocation and labor lessen possible risks.

To put it simply, construction technologies keep data consistent and accurate, so all financial estimates and budgets are correct and trackable throughout the project!)

3. Operations and Construction Management

Successful operations and construction managers direct a web of equipment, people, job costs, safety, progress reports, and many more to manage construction risks and complete any projects within time and budget.

In project management for construction, construction technology has three core advantages:

  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Keeping every single one involved accountable, including the stakeholders, etc.
  • Accurate operational data to keep every project with schedule and on budget.

Other benefits of using construction tech for project management include:

  • Manage risks and possible alterations to your construction project
  • Record construction site activity, get detailed audit history of actions and correspondence.
  • Bring structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical together in a complete constructible model. (To be clear, it is finding and solving potential conflicts before they become real-time problems)
  • Control and track business-critical data with role-based permissions.

There are numerous moving parts in every single project in construction that it is almost impossible to be the perfect project manager. That is why without construction project management tools like Pro Crew Schedule, it is harder for project leaders to navigate every aspect of the business, especially when managing construction projects.

4. Field Management Professionals

Everything comes together on the job site. However, the reality is it can all fall apart. With just one single mistake, other parts will crumble. To put it all together, you should maintain a constant need for updated and accurate information to keep the hammers swinging. Also, the mobile will be excellent!

If you are working in the field, mobile accessibility is a must. The latest construction technology advances are now bringing powerful features and capabilities. Below are some of the best features of construction techs that you can expect:

  • Stay up-to-date on reviews and notifications.
  • Manage construction tasks proactively, including unapproved invoices, scheduling management documents, equipment, material needs, and labor hours.
  • Automate and integrate unique workflows
  • Manage the approved-for-construction set of drawings.

Take Note: One of the most prevalent challenges in construction field management is the nonstop tracking down of information. But with mobile techs, data and other information are ready to access.

5. Service Management Professionals

The main backbone of the business is the service contracts. The key to a thriving service business is smooth, responsive customer service, so you can bill and get cash fast. So, any advances in construction tech will help service managers focus more on service work and not paperwork.

With construction techs, service managers can:

  • Create, track and manage service agreements, serviceable items, and scheduled maintenance.
  • Create mobile work orders to capture digital signatures via mobile.
  • Assign materials and labor costs directly to work orders and to track profitability
  • Make customized task lists, forms, and templates, for an updated process from job to job.
  • Get paid fast, bill past, and reduce possible disputes.

Apparently, there is a direct correlation between the speed of payment and speed of billing, and new tech tools designed for construction are now closing the huge gap.

6. Equipment Management Professionals

The cost of fleet equipment can significantly impact your construction company’s bottom line. Between preventative maintenance, tracking depreciation, and managing assets, you have to be a machine to care for the machines. The way construction equipment is managed is a huge difference between costing and saving money.

So, protect your equipment investment with the proper maintenance and billing. Ensure to implement the following:

  • Create and manage any form of agreements, scheduled maintenance, and serviceable items.
  • Assign labor, equipment, and material expenses directly to work orders. Doing so will let you track profitability easily.
  • You can capture photos, input notes and reminders, and store them in cloud-based construction tech like Pro Crew Schedule.

7. BIM and Detailing Professionals

You can take a standard model from the architect or engineer and turn it into a highly detailed 3D model… but can you do it all without affecting and slowing down the project? Today, one of the most common headaches for integrating procuring materials, prefabrication, and handling with installation is that certain info is stored somewhere.

But worry no more because task management programs help you communicate precise design details to everybody who needs them and collaborate to prevent potential clashes and issues before installation. New advances in construction software tools, like Pro Crew Schedule, bring all information together in one central place. This cloud-based software tool will help you:

  • Determine possible clashes and coordinate between different trades
  • Share updates about current projects, whether generic models or design and detailed, accurate models.
  • Communicate project information as well as model changes to the involved teams.

8. Construction Estimating Professionals

Have you heard, “When you bid too low, you lose money. Bid higher, and you lose the job”, The major pressure is on to precisely estimate all project materials, labor costs, equipment, and quantities? The main answer is actual costs, so your bids will win, and you will not get sucked in the profitable trade.

With construction software tech, it will improve both accuracy and standardization:

  • Connect estimating and online/digital takeoff
  • Automate data entry to minimize data entry mistakes and duplication, and save tons of time.
  • Track estimates and detailing thru the entire project lifecycle to further understand profitability.

Estimators walk in a delicate thin line, but the latest advances in construction tech offer real-time, data-based insights, giving a significant boost to your best.

Every Construction Professional Needs Pro Crew Schedule!


Construction scheduling software is a powerful and helpful tool for construction project leaders and construction professionals. This software application stores all important documents and information in a single, central platform that all team members can access easily and quickly. This is the ultimate time-saving solution for construction professionals like you who oversee all parts of your business.

If you’re still in doubt, we will share with you some of the best features of the Pro Crew Schedule!

  • Management – It can make the job much easier and improve your team’s overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Organization – One of the significant benefits of this construction tech is, most likely the one you always think the least, a straightforward organizational system. With everything in one place, you can store all information and access your team who needs it.
  • Budgeting – You probably have learned now how project management software can save you money and time. You can input any financial statements and track each, helping you sort out overall expenses and budget.
  • Convenience – Pro Crew Schedule is available for mobile use like other construction software tools today. Take all of its features and collaborative elements with you, whether on-site or off-site.
  • Communication – Get real-time alerts and updates about significant changes across teams and departments with this fantastic tool. You can quickly and seamlessly communicate with those responsible for certain tasks and activities, giving you in-depth answers when you badly need them.

With everything stated above, it is clear that you and your people need Pro Crew Schedule! Request for a live demo to see and explore its powerful features!

Key Takeaways


Companies deploying the latest construction technologies and software tools are proven to have a much higher competitive advantage in their capacity to move faster, stick to a fixed budget, and obtain a more strategic, higher-level view of the profitability of their business. So, to be successful in the modern world and remain competent in the construction industry, every job function in your construction company needs access to data, information, processes, etc., that are relevant to each of them.

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