What Are Some Tips On Attracting And Hiring Good Construction Workers
What Are Some Tips On Attracting And Hiring Good Construction Workers

What Are Some Tips On Attracting And Hiring Good Construction Workers?


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To the average person, the hiring process for construction workers is simple and easy. They think that any able-bodied person can join the crew. But little do they know that hiring construction employees is as meticulous and intricate as managing construction projects.

The best construction management software and the latest construction project management trends help a lot when onsite construction begins. With these, managers and contractors will track employee activity, monitor the project’s progress, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency. Construction scheduling software even allows them to create schedules for better organization.

While you may have mastered management, that would all be a moot point if you don’t have the right people on your team. From the get-go, make sure you hire workers that are not only skilled and talented but have the attitude and passion for complementing the team.

Why Hiring Is A Critical Process In Construction


1. You’ll have skilled and talented people on your team.

Construction projects are only as good as the crew working on them. So, if you invest time and effort in selecting your team members, you’ll have a crew who can and will get the job done right.

This, in turn, has a plethora of benefits. For one, a well-rounded crew will get the job done with efficiency and will maximize productivity. They will seem like a well-oiled machine. Two, customers will be overly satisfied with the quality of work and spread the positive things about you, giving you more job opportunities. Lastly, when your crew works well together, there will be little to no delays and issues.

2. Cut costs on the hiring process and avoid wasting time.

The hiring process is not cheap, nor is it quick. Plenty of time, money, and energy, which could be spent on productive construction work, is put into creating job postings, background checks, skills tests, and interviews.

When you take on the “wrong” person, you’ll have to start the process all over again, spending twice as much. But when you hire the right person right off the bat, you can avoid wasting any more time, money, and effort.

3. The image of the company depends on it

Bad hires can take a toll on the company on several levels. One, they can damage your image and hurt client relations. Lousy workers can produce subpar structures. Consequently, this can give your company a bad reputation. Two, they pose a safety risk to everyone on site. If you don’t scrutinize the candidates, you might end up with someone who has no knowledge or skill in construction and compromise clients, colleagues, and management’s health and safety. Three, there’s even a risk of them stealing from you. This kind of situation is not limited to monetary theft. They could be stealing trade secrets and selling them to competitors.

In conclusion, avoid bad hires as they will ruin your business one way or another.

4. Better construction crew management

With overseeing all the project details and monitoring crew activity, contractors and project managers have a lot on their plate. Things will get more chaotic if you have bad employees on board. Instead of doing more productive tasks, you’ll have to keep an eye on them.

But with upstanding and qualified employees, you can rest assured they’re doing well. They’ll be easier to manage and you can go about doing other parts of your job.

How To Attract Talented Workers


1. Put out a good job ad.

The first thing you need to do to attract potential construction workers is to post a good job ad. Your job posts should spell out the necessary information: what it entails, responsibilities, work hours, the company’s location, and benefits. The more detailed the posting is, the better candidates you’ll attract. The posting should be informative but attractive.

Moreover, post it to as many places as possible; just putting it on your company’s webpage will severely limit your chances of getting candidates. Also, take advantage of the Internet. While newspapers are still floating around and an effective strategy, you’re more likely to get contacted by someone who sees it online. You should post them on professional job sites, such as LinkedIn and significant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. 

You can also post on job boards like Indeed, Craigslist, and Monster. But if you think you aren’t getting enough applications despite having a well-written ad, you may need to turn to niche job boards.

To amplify your reach, encourage people to share the post with qualified candidates. This will allow you to reach larger groups. Additionally, you should always be posting and actively seeking out workers ups your chances of finding great ones.

2. Have a company culture that attracts talented workers

Instead of seeking out potential employees, let them come to you. Be the company of choice, a company people want to work for. To do this, make sure you offer competitive wages and benefits, such as health insurance.

In addition to that, be a company your employees are proud to be apart of. Always treat them with kindness and respect. Also, ensure them that yours is an environment that encourages growth, challenging and rewarding. The good word about your company will reach other desiring candidates; then, they will actively seek you out.

3. Offer apprenticeships

Another way to attract candidates is through apprenticeships. People would find this appealing as these programs teach, train, and pay apprentices. You could partner with schools and companies to fulfill apprenticeship programs. But make sure to advertise to increase the visibility of opportunities properly.

Tips In Hiring Construction Workers


1. Know exactly who you want

Before you hold any interviews, know precisely what you’re looking for. This allows you to minimize hiring errors and hire the best person for the job.

Another factor to take into account is career goals. Most people, usually young ones, want a career path. If their goal is to specialize or move up the ladder, this is important to think about. Forcing someone into a position they are not interested in will cause problems.

2. Don’t wait for the “perfect” candidate

It’s not often that the perfect candidate walks through the door– one that has all the skills, education, and experience. You’ll end up wasting your time waiting for that person when you can go to more productive things. Chances are, you’ll end up with someone that has the necessary skills but lacks experience or vice versa. You may need to put in the work to train them, but it’s better than ending up with no one. It’s better to have someone with a work ethic and is trainable. 

3. Do interviews right

Interviews are an integral part of the hiring process. This is when you gauge the candidate’s personality and initially assess their skills and knowledge. Contrariwise, interviews are also where applicants get to know their potential employers. That’s why professional interviews are critical.

Know how to present yourself. If you look bored, the interviewee might lose interest. If you’re too straightforward and easy to read, this could alert them to tell you what you want to hear. Look closed off and they might be too afraid to open up. Keep it professional but open.

Additionally, have the right kind of questions prepared. Ask relevant questions about the position. However, you can also ask slightly obscure questions to gauge their personality and knowledge even further.

4. Hold sample tests

Interviews are essential, but it’s not enough for this industry. Construction is one that highly relies on skill. So, if and when a person passes the interview, hold some practical tests to see where their skills lie. 

5. Check their character and attitude.

While skills and knowledge are critical in construction, the right attitude is paramount in any workplace. Having a person on board that makes the environment toxic will be detrimental to any construction project and the company.

Moreover, employees represent your company. If you hire difficult employees, this could damage the company’s reputation.

6. Do a thorough background check.

No matter how well a candidate presents or how filled up their resumés are, you must always conduct a background check. This is to verify that the information they provided is real. Also, they could be keeping vital and damaging information from you or faking some details.

Background checks are not limited to checking their educational, criminal, and employment history. Their social media accounts are another avenue to check on them. In fact, you can learn a lot about a person from their social media.

7. Follow up on references.

When you conduct background checks, don’t forget to contact their references. They know the candidate better than you and may be able to give you more information. From past issues to skill strengths, references can help you decide whether the person is right for the job.

Following up on a few can save you trouble down the road.

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