happy electrician engineer workers
happy electrician engineer workers

Top 10 Electrical Subcontractors for Construction and Commercial Services


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No commercial, industrial, or residential building can run without electricity today. That said, electrical works are vital in any construction project, hence making electrical subcontractors one of the most in-demand tradesmen these days. 

But electrical works can go wrong and disasters can happen like fire or electrocution of occupants when done improperly. This is why contractors are now being extra cautious when hiring electrical subcontractors to work on a project with them.

With so many firms registered as electrical subcontractors, it can be difficult for contractors to determine the right team to employ. So today, we rounded up 12 of the best electrical subcontractors to work with. 

Hiring the Right Electrical Subcontractor 

Working with the right electrical subcontractor can bring a bounty of benefits to the construction project. They can help contractors hit the budget, deliver the project within the schedule, and achieve the requirements set by the client.

Earning a good reputation in the electrical subcontracting industry goes a long way. Years may be required just to prove a company’s competency. But one successful project has led to most of the leading subcontractors to their successes. 

The right electrical subcontractor embraces trends to keep up with the competition. He sees to it that his crew members are properly trained so they can deliver the best possible project. They use technology to streamline processes, which helps in meeting the deadline and boost efficiency.

There’s so much more that defines the success of an electrical subcontracting company. The firms we listed below are the best we can find based on their revenue, company achievements, and size.

They cater to industrial and commercial projects so if you have any projects in those fields categories, then this is the list you should be referring to.

10 Best Electrical Contracting Companies 2020 

  1. Quanta Services

Quanta Services is probably the widest-reaching electrical contractor on this list. They already have 20 years of service in their portfolio and you’ll know that they’re successful because they’re now past the $11.2 billion revenue mark!

With over 40,000 total members, Quanta has grown into a multi-national company that operates in the North and Latin Americas, Australia, and Asia! Among their most notable works are the Fort McMurray West 500-kVAC Transmission project, Labrador-Island Link Transmission Line, and Entergy Lake Charles 230/500kV Transmission project.

Quanta has perfected its delivery of impressive customer service and has always been prioritizing safety, which is two of the reasons why they grew into the big company that they are today. So when it comes to industrial electrical power, setting up substations and transmission lines, as well as generating stations, Quanta’s highly skilled workforce is the right people to hire. 

  1. EMCOR Group Inc.

You’ll know that you should trust this company because it is among the Fortune 500 companies. Based in Connecticut, the company is now worth over $8.1 billion and has a geographic footprint in over 170 locations. With over 33,000 skilled workers and professionals working for the company, this electrical contractor is consistent at delivering strong and lasting projects. They specialize in creating new electrical systems and maintenance works for transportation, commercial, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

Some of Emcor’s most notable projects include the Molina Healthcare Office Towers, George Washington Bridge, and Port of Miami. Their edge over the others? They use only the smartest solutions to boost energy efficiency.

  1. MasTec

This $7 billion-worth electrical contracting company is based in Coral Gables, Florida. It is fast-growing with over 22,000 workers. MasTec is known for its electric power generation and transmission, but it also specializes in other fields like oil and natural gas pipelines, communications, and technology delivery among many others.

Why work with them?

They have been around the industry for more than 80 years now and they have the most complete industrial offerings that aren’t limited to the construction industry alone. Their solutions are smart and efficient. Some of the high-profile projects that placed them to the most preferred contracting companies are the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Solar Power Project, Wind Farm Construction, and Burlington, CO.

  1. Rosendin Electric

Rosendin is one of the biggest electric contractors in the U.S. as it hs been founded in 1919. It has already surpassed the $2 billion revenue mark they made in 2018 and it’s keeping its company manageable with only 6,000 employees.

For over 100 years in the industry, Rosendin is now a legend in providing electrical services as it was able to maintain the high ethical standard they had when they started out. Today, they are respected for their high-quality work that revolves on sustainable designs and practices. Their commitment to innovation puts them on top of the competition as they provide the most efficient services that the latest technologies provide.

  1. MDU Construction Services Group

MDU is complete in its construction offerings from electrical to fire, mechanical, underground utilities, and transmission lines. One of their winning assets is their ability to understand and deliver what their clients are looking for in a contractor. They operate across 43 states and now grown into a 5500-employee company. It has gained a total revenue of $3.3 Billion in 2018 and has grown even bigger since. Some of their jobs include the Avaya Lab Relocation, University of Kansas Security Systems, and the Stillwater Geothermal Solar Hybrid Power Plant. 

  1. Cupertino Electric, Inc.

Cupertino specializes in electrical engineering and is based in Califonia. It’s a mid-range company with 1000-5000 employees but its net worth is already over $1 billion. Clients tap them for electrical system installations that the company deems as “first-of-their-kind.” They quickly rose to fame after they helped several clients innovate to tackle technological challenges. They are known for delivering projects without delays while prioritizing excellence, safety, and their people. Some of their biggest projects include the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium and Los Angeles International Airport Systems. 

  1. MYR Group

MYR has been serving the construction and other industries for over 125 years now, but has kept its company size to just less than 6,000. The company specializes in electrical services including transmission, distribution, and substation. Among their clienteles are industrial and construction companies in the States and in Canada whom they create electrical infrastructures for. 

Providing superior services is their aim and they have been building rewarding relationships with their clients because of their exceptional work. In fact, they are the company behind the Clover 345kV/138kV Substation, Lexington-Dooms Transmission Line, and the Eastern Maine Medical Center. Now revenuing over $1.5 billion, this legend continues to be a force to reckon in the electrical trades industry.

  1. IES Holdings, Inc.

The IES Holdings or Integrated Electrical Services offers their expertise in electrical, communication, low voltage, and security alarm systems to commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Founded just in 1997, IES is now present in 114 locations with over 5,000 employees serving their clients. The company is now at the $900 million revenue mark and is continuously moving towards diverse platforms to become a bigger name in North America. Some of their biggest projects include the Valent BioSciences Industrial Plant and Medford PP Mix Spheres Project.

  1. MMR Group Inc.

The MMR Group is probably the biggest open-shop for electrical and instrumentation needs in the U.S. and has now surpassed the $650 million revenue it made in 2017. The company has a diverse client list that spans to industrial,energy, chemical, offshore, petrochemical, and manufacturing sectors. With over 50 years of serving the nation, MMR has now expanded from its offices in the US to Canada and South America. Clients continue to choose them over the others because of their consistent acknowledgement in the Engineering News Record’s Specialty Contractors List, which only proves their excellence. Some of their notable projects include the Navasota Energy 550 Megawatt Power Station, Chevron Big Foot Production Platform, and Baton Rouge.

  1. Five Star Electric Corporation

The Five Star Electric Corporation was founded in 1959 but it has only grown to an organization with less than 2,000 employees. It was only in 1990 that it took over the limelight for being the most prominent electrical contractors working for NYC schools. The company claims that it is equipped with the tools to do diversified work for different markets and applications. They are known for using exemplary troubleshooting techniques before starting the job to get the project done right the first time. Their estimated revenue is now beyond $600 million.

Some of their projects that gained them some bragging rights in the industry include the Madison Square Garden Station Rehabilitation, Helen and Martin Kimmel Center, and the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant.

Final Words

Finding the right electrical contractor to work with shouldn’t be that difficult. The companies we listed above have already established a good reputation in the industry and hiring them in your project will surely mean safer and more efficient results. You can also find more through your friends in the industry who works consistently with a single electrical contractor for all their projects. 

In choosing the right team, be sure to go through their portfolio to see whether their experience fits the requirements of your project. Check on the technologies they use too if they can help make the process more efficient, safer, and accurate like subcontractors scheduling software and other innovations which we discussed in our blog 8 New Technologies and Innovations in the Electrical Trades

All these and our list can help you get the best electrical contractor to work with you in delivering an impressive project result.

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