Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals for Construction Pros
Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals for Construction Pros

Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals for Construction Pros


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Cyber Monday will still hold up as the second biggest online shopping day this 2020 even though many similar deals are available online for a few weeks. With this seasonal shopping holiday rapidly approaching, we highlight some of the best deals on construction gears and tools that are coming up this Cyber Monday. It includes various sets such as mobile workstations, tool kits, extension cords, and other construction tools essential to daily work where the job is made easier and productivity increases.

Let’s begin discovering some of the best Cyber Monday deals for construction tools and gears.

1.       4-in-1 Mobile Work Station

Organization and sorting out tools is an essential aspect of being a successful construction professional. You can do yourself a favor, and so as your team by purchasing a 4-in-1 mobile work station originally from Stanley. Shop now.

2.       Portable Monitor for Dual Screens

Construction is a large and complex type of business. To run it successfully and appropriately, you need to use the right and high-quality construction tools. A portable monitor might be different from the rest of the tools, but it can really help productivity. If you need to make some upgrades, Amazon sells them for an affordable price this Cyber Monday. 

3.       DeWalt Wheeled Air Compressor

This machine from DeWalt is proven to be a very great compressor for construction sites. 225 psi and twin couplings of air pressure will give the machines a surprising capability despite its small size. It can be stored vertically, and the handle telescopes inwardly to make it much more compact.

4.      Bosch 12-Volt Cordless Tool Set

This kit is always available for several years in the PM shop. It has a very excellent power-to-weight ratio and is very easy to use. Also, it is convenient and compact to use for smaller installations and in any construction work.

5.      Rigid 10-Inch Jobsite Tablesaw

Despite how pricey it is, you will never find a better saw. This table saw has a 10-inch blade and already in full size. It is powered by a 15-amp motor that is capable of making a 3.6-inch deep cut. The rip capacity of this saw is a 30-inch right of the blade. If this tool is not used, it can be folded up and rolled out of the way.

6.       Craftsman 20-Volt Combo Kit

There is no way that Craftsman power tool will never be included in Cyber Monday deals! This is a lot of fastening power and hole-drilling. It consists of an impact driver, drill drivers, and two batteries with a charger). A soft-sided carrying case is also included in the purchase. Additionally, these tools don’t equip with brushless motors. However, most cordless tools aren’t exceptionally equipped just until recently. 

7.       Bostitch Cordless 16-Gauge Finish Nailer

Finish nailers are best to use for crown molding or trim installations. This tool will fasten and tighten anything without the need for compressors. Appropriately sized fasteners and trims are the items required for this tool. Also, gun shoots nails typically from 1.25 to 2.5-inches long.

8.      Southwire Leather Tool Pouch

If you’re a contractor and have added new crew members, give him new tools like this five-pocket tool pouch. It is built from saddle leather with no less at all. It is also convenient to carry the essential pliers even without being bulky. It is fastened alongside with sturdy washer head rivets to provide several years of use.

9.       Woods Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

A 50-foot replacement from Woods is the best option for taping up extension cords. This 15-amp cord is often rated both for exterior and interior use alongside a heavy-oil resistant vinyl jacket. Also, it is perfect and safe to use while at work.

10.  Milwaukee Packout 22-Inch Rolling Tool

Tools are handy when you have them with you. The Milwaukee Packout is proven to have a respectable capacity worthy of talking about. The large all-terrain wheels are the main reason why the toolbox can go anywhere and do any transportation solutions. Construction workers cannot crack it very quickly because it is durable and measures 22 inches wide.

Why You Need to Avail Construction Schedule Software this Cyber Monday?


The construction industry is consistently keeping an optimistic outlook over the years. On a global scale, public works and commercial building constructions are projected to grow rapidly. Should every construction business consider investing in any integrated software solutions? The answer to this question is an absolute yes. This type of software solution has played a critical role in any construction business. Today, over 90% of construction companies implement this software and prioritize project management for construction projects. Planning, managing organizing projects have never been this easy to execute.

This sophisticated and well-designed software is purposely made for project management purposes, specifically for the construction industry. Below are the top 4 benefits of deploying a cloud-based software application.

1. It has full control on construction files and documents

The construction business handles tons of paperwork, and every documentation should be stored securely. This scenario is already updated because such software has made file storing much more manageable and secure. All participating crews and members can access and saved these files anywhere and anytime.

2. It aids efficient service delivery

Most project managers have considered project management tools as the map to business success. This top software tool is fully integrated and well-designed, and it helps to complete the project on budget and on time. In essence, all project managers, designers, builders, and tradesmen working on the project will follow the same mapping until the work is complete.

3. It makes the execution of a construction project a lot easier

Project managers use this software tool in adopting a systematic approach during the execution of construction projects. Only the best software tool is easy to understand and easy to navigate. Thus, it gives the crew the ability and control to ensure each project goes according to plan. Consultants, clients, project managers, and subs can instantly share work-related data and information.

4. Improves the quality of project development

Every project manager has to consider safety and security during construction. With the use of this tool, it improves the project’s development. It helps to control, plan, and coordinate the project from the very start to end. This particular software provides better communication and collaboration. It also lessens costly delays, enabling the entire team to work at their fullest potential.

5. It improves business development and growth 

In general, construction projects are usually undertaken by a team of highly-skilled workers, a group of skilled tradesmen who work quickly yet efficiently to execute and complete the project. When building a project team, it is crucial to embrace sophisticated construction software. Investing in such applications will instantly create a collaborative project team and harmonious set-up. Software is handy and beneficial, not just for the team’s overall development but also for business growth.

Good News! If you are looking for a functional construction crew scheduling software, Pro Crew Schedule offers a promo as part of the Cyber Monday Deals! By availing of a 1-year subscription in any offered plans, you can immediately get a 20% discount! Request a live demo now.

Best 3 Websites for Cyber Monday Shopping


Pro Tip: Before shopping this Cyber Monday in any of your desired construction tools and gears, make sure to add the Capital One Shopping browser extension. Once you stumble to Amazon, receiving alerts for your chosen products with affordable prices is easy and faster. Capital One Shopping will also immediately add available coupon codes in any of your orders. 

Here are the top 3 websites to visit during this Cyber Monday:


It is the best-known and largest online merchandise retailer in U.S. Anyone can buy all the latest items and gently used on Amazon, including the top construction tools and last year’s top favorites. This Cyber Monday, Amazon will be offering a series of 1-day Deals. This online merchandise retailer is also offering Lightning Deals or flash sales, covering only specific items. Check the site out.

2. eBay

eBay is rolling out new flash deals for a whole day this upcoming Cyber Monday. Therefore, you’ll find some rotating crops of sudden Cyber Monday deals during the course until Thanksgiving. The best eBay deals typically feature electronic devices and construction gears and tools. Most of the eBay sellers offer free shipping this Cyber Monday. Check all item listings to confirm.

3. Best Buy

Shopping here on the Best Buy website this Cyber Monday is also a great option. It has a growing number of retailers that certainly offer Cyber Monday deals online and in-store. This season’s latest and hottest construction tools and gears are available at 50% discounts or more. Make sure to check Best Buy’s Top Deals of the Day page to determine all featured sales.

Key Takeaways


Cyber Monday deals are time-sensitive. For the complete range of live deals, make sure to check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals page and eBay’s Deal Drop page. Most major retailers usually offer their Cyber Monday deals ahead. However, Amazon usually extends the online promotions for another week, and it is called Cyber Monday Deals Week! Start checking out now these construction tools.

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