Top 10 Most Trusted Brands for Construction Power Tools
Top 10 Most Trusted Brands for Construction Power Tools

Top 10 Most Trusted Brands for Construction Power Tools


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If you have new construction projects, you know exactly what tools you needed. In fact, it’s very easy to notice how important it is to have not just construction inventory software but also some power tools. Power tools are what construction professionals like you frequently use to accomplish any easier and faster construction work. With that being said, you don’t want to end up with a tool that isn’t durable and breaks down all the time.

This is the main reason why you should invest in the best power tool brand. But with so many brands available today, it can be tougher to pick which one is the best. Today, we will cover some of the best and most trusted brands of power tools used in construction.

Read further so that you’ll get a clue on which brands are right for you.

1.       Makita

Makita is a well-known brand that has been established since 1915. However, the brand wasn’t recognizable as the power tool company today until 1958. Planer was the first tool they created, then drills, and followed by everything else. You will find Makita tools easily on workshops, warehouses, and construction sites around the world. The power tools from Makita are solid. The company also offers yard equipment and a wide range of pneumatic tools.

The tools are now being manufactured globally, without any drop in quality. Makita power tools are the ultimate favorite on the job site. All of their tools are complemented by extra convenience equipment like drills, fans, etc. Makita is very popular for its cordless platform and streamlined systems, where such systems feature one voltage where others have multiple batteries. 

If you’re looking for simplicity, then Makita is the right one for you.

2.       Milwaukee

The company has had quite a long journey since its inauguration in 1924. Over the years, its ownership has changed hands and later on has been owned by Techtronic Industries. These ownerships have all been intended in order to keep such a unique brand afloat to keep making some of the best tools.

The power tool company is widely recognized for being innovative, considering it was the first to create a lightweight one-handed drill. The drills have the one-fourth-inch chuck, making it very versatile. And as much as other brands may catch up, being the pioneer for a particular technology always makes the company brand very recognizable.

Today, Milwaukee still makes multiple power tools continuously used in construction and other necessary outdoor equipment. The most amazing tool they created is the reciprocating saw that offers the best functionality and versatility.

3.       Black and Decker

You must have heard about Black and Decker brand mainly because it makes tons of products and power tools. The company has been founded way back in 1910, making it over a hundred years right now. The company has survived for over a century and it goes to show how established and reputable Black and Decker is.

They first invented the first portable electric drill. And since then, Black and Decker have become the frontrunner in coming up with innovative tools. 

In case if you didn’t know, Black and Decker has acquired DeWalt in 1960 and had helped the company to become more profitable and well-established. The company also made the DeWalt brand more focused on making tools for construction professionals while also focusing on the consumer side. It’s absolutely a win-win!

Since Black & Decker is primarily focused on the consumer-oriented model, you can see it branching out further to produce other equipment effectively.

4.       Craftsman

Craftsman is one of the top power tool brands in America that you can consider looking at now. Craftsman was founded in 1927 by a retailing company named Sears. Over the years, the company has continued to make the best power tools under its name, despite the fact that a new owner owned it. And just like many top brands in this industry, Craftsman has indeed possessed a portfolio of power tools. 

The company is known for making cordless, corded, and gas-powered tools. The company also makes a variety of notable outdoor equipment. For construction professionals, if you want to own a range of hand tools, then consider checking out Craftsman. Currently, it has the best Versa system – an important system for organizing your tools in the workshop. 

Apart from organizing tools, it’s also practical to have inventory management software to better control all your items, stocks, and other materials. A more organized inventory is a contributing factor to your business success other than having the best tools.

5.       DeWalt

Raymond E. DeWalt is the known inventor of the radial arm saw back in 1923. And the result of that is the multinational business that is still around today. Dewalt is recognized as one of the original power tool manufacturers in the world. The success led to the acquisition of the company by Black & Decker, as stated earlier. However, a bleak period lasted for a couple of years as people viewed Black and Decker as an amateur power tool company. Nevertheless, DeWalt still became a leading option amongst construction professionals. 

DeWalt manufactures a wide variety of power tools with cordless and corded options. In fact, the combination of power tools, hand tools, and construction scheduling software became widely known with many contractors, resulting in a growing industry reputation. Today, they offered accessories, construction tool boxes, job site aids, stands, and many more. Based on the opinions of others, DeWalt has the best concrete tools on the market!

6.      Ridgid

While several other power tool brands make equipment and tools for multiple purposes, Ridgid targets plumbing, HVAC, and construction professionals. Ridgid’s origins started in 1923 in Ohio. The company itself has a reputation as a frontrunner in pipe wrench manufacturing.

Many professionals in the industry view Ridgid’s pipe wrench series as one of the best tools available in the market. Though contractors and construction workers are less likely to use Ridgid wrenches, they’re still using the brand’s powerful tools, including impact drivers, drills, and saws. 

Today, many of them also consider adopting the best construction inventory management software for inventory purposes and tracking construction equipment, tools, materials, etc. 

Properly managing your inventory is critical to your business success. It’s the right time to make use of this specialized software. Get started with your 30-day FREE trial!

7.      Klein Tools

The man behind the origins of Klein Tools is none other than Mathias Klein. Since the 1850s, Klein and his people collaborate to help the company grow from manufacturing pliers for electrical and telecommunications services to a leading tool brand.

Today, Klein hand tools are synonymous with construction, electronics, mining and general industry. Over the years, Klein continues to make the best products and tools for construction professionals and others who use them daily for multiple purposes.

Klein still delivers when it comes to power tools! Quality materials, rigid manufacturing standards, superior workmanship are what it offers to ensure that all products can handle any professional-grade job.

8.       Bosch

Bosch is a very familiar name among contractors in many different industries. It was Robert Bosch who founded the brand in 1886. And although the company manufacturers exceptional and incredible products and tools, Bosch has a strong reputation as a highly charitable brand. And though Bosch is substantially higher in quality and more expensive than other tools, its tools and products are an excellent option for anyone who takes their projects very seriously, both for professionals and semi-professionals.

Like any other contractor, you can surely appreciate the reliability, robust performance, and quality of Bosch tools! Huge thanks to the brand’s innovative technology and batteries, Bosch has a continuous impressive lineup of cordless tools.

9.       Hitachi/ Metabo HPT

Hitachi is the former name of what people now recognized as Metabo HPT. The brand deals in more than power tools. It is a corporation that manufactures many products, including construction machinery, batteries and other components. Today, Hitachi rebrands itself and has a good lineup of hand tools and power tools, including impact drivers, drills, cut-offs, and other cutting equipment.

Metabo PHT manufactures a great collection of 18V tools and MultiVolt cordless power tools like 18V Triple Hammer impact driver.

10.   Ingersoll Rand

One of the oldest American power tool brands is Ingersoll Rand. The company was founded in 1859, which makes it over a century old right now. It’s easy to see why it comes out as one of the best, huge thanks to years of experience in creating quality power tools. Ingersoll Rand specialized in making equipment, techs, and other related power tools.

The best part is that the tools they manufacture are within the affordable range so that any construction professionals, semi-professionals can afford to purchase the items. Ingersoll Rand has taken strides on cordless tools as well. With these tools, you can experience better portability and versatility. You can also take these power tools with you to different sites; even the site doesn’t have any electrical connection yet.

The company also offers lifting machines and compressor systems. Just in case you don’t know, many professionals find it a versatile brand. It’s the main reason why they often highly recommend it to those who prefer quality and affordability at the same time.

The majority of construction professionals also recommend specialized software tools for project management for construction. These cutting-edge software solutions can help a business owner or contractor like you to have complete control over all aspects of your business, which is critical to your company’s bottom line.

Key Takeaways


The power tool industry includes various brands that claim to offer the best power tools and equipment for professionals. But when searching for the best brand, you have to consider everything starting from the company’s reputation to the product range and affordability. When you have a thorough understanding of what power tool companies offer, it’ll be easier for you to identify which brands are best for your needs.

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