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Top 10 Metal Roofing Suppliers in the U.S.


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With the market share getting steady and trending up continuously for the rest of the year, metal roofing is dignified to have a strong year this 2020. The market share data indicates that metal re-roofing accounts for 15% of the total commercial re-roofing market in the United States. With that being said, it makes metal roofing as the second most preferred roofing material.

Today, a wide range of commercial and industrial roofing is available. The list includes built-up, bitumen as well as green roofs. However, metal standouts among the rest and has considered as one of the most durable roofing types. We will go over the top 10 suppliers of metal roofing for today’s blog, specifically in the United States, including several critical considerations before selecting the best supplier.

1.       Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc.

This supplier from Sandy Lake, PA, offers siding panels, metal roofing including full industrial metal buildings. The company’s metal roof options include standing seam, through-fastened and curved panels in steel and aluminum. Ever since 1969, Flexopan has been continuously providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

2.       Pioneer Roofing

Industrial and commercial metal roofs are what this supplier offers, including architectural sheet metal. Also, they offer roof maintenance, repairs and coatings. Roofing profiles include rib, vertical seam, V and U panels, corrugated and flat sheets. Expect to be provided several unmatched design-to-delivery services from this company.

3.       Creative Building Supply

This supplier is based on Lakewood, NJ and provides light gauge and standard corrugated metal roofing, metal panels and roof decking. Other industrial and architectural applications are services they offer also. Additionally, roofing is available galvanized, galvalume and painted.

4.      Continental Steel & Tube Co.

It provides corrugated galvanized metal roofing for buildings. The available thicknesses they offer are from 0.15 to .0276inches. Additionally, the company is also offering roof coils, particularly for truck trailers. Custom and insulated metal roofing is also included in their offerings.

5.       MP Metal Products

It offers molded panels for several applications including different roofing types like P-101, 102, 103, 105,106 and 107 panels. This company is supplying and offers custom manufacturing services such as forming, design, perforating, punching, packaging, assembly, and labeling.

6.      Marlin Construction

The company is located in Houston, Texas and offers a standing seam roofing system and exposed fastener in various styles, colors and gauges. There are also other options included like adhesives, coatings, restoration systems and mastics.

7.       CASCO

It is also based in Houston, Texas and the company supplies industrial roofing systems and siding. Both of the systems are available in insulated and uninsulated types. The company also offers 18-26 thickness of gauge in steel and aluminum with a wide variety of finishes.

8.      D-Mac Industries, Inc.

This supplier is very particular in fabricating A, B, F and N steel decking for roofs. The gauge thicknesses available are 16-22 with already galvanized finishes. Also, everything is prime painted already which is a huge plus. They are also offering form deck, floor deck and other trending deck accessories.

9.      A.C.T Metal Deck Supply

They provide 7/8 inches and ½ inches corrugated roofing and siding. Roof decking such as A, B, C and N are what they also supply. A wide variety of deck accessories is available too.

10.  Corrugated Metals Inc.

They supply steel and aluminum roofing as well as siding both in standard and custom forms. It includes sinewave, R and A panel, V beam, N and B decking, and various ribbing types for standard roofing shapes. In addition, the metal roofing has included locking seam, ribbed, corrugated and concealed fastener.

7 Main Considerations in Selecting a Metal Roofing Supplier

As you begin to search for the best metal roofing suppliers in U.S., it is never unusual to discover that every roofing supplier is focusing more on offering various types of metal roofing. While the roofing experts are searching for the best one to negotiate, they also consider using a construction scheduling software, particularly for project management purposes.

Still, roofers need to essentially consider the 7 listed factors below before negotiating a roofing supplier.

1. Styles and Types of Metal Roofing

There is a common distinction that should be acknowledged between suppliers. You must find a supplier that focuses on offering different metal roofing types. Ensure that the suppliers are also the stayed-up-to-date on all roofing trends. Today, modular panel roofs and vertical seam roofing has been considered as the latest trend. For roofing experts, the subcontractor scheduling software is the number one trend in construction software applications.

Additionally, a buyer like you will distinguish with the suppliers offering the same products like nail hem panels, exposed fastener and many other more.

2. Location

Taking into account the residing location of the new roof is found to be very crucial. If a roofing contractor like you has chosen a vertical seam roof for a client, the needed panels can be ordered most likely in customized lengths. The sizes for it can start from the bottom of the roof straight to the peak. Buyers must take note that the shipping of the panels can be quite expensive, especially over long distances.

To make things easier, modular metal roofs like wood shake, shingles, and slates are convenient and easy to ship. The panels are not palletized which makes it easier to ship out. Using also a builder trends software, the delivery of these materials is easily trackable which is very convenient for all.

3. Raw Materials

Be sure to confirm the grade and quality of metals and coatings offered by the suppliers you consider. Several manufacturers utilize non-North American metals when it comes to the roofing systems. Using non-North American metals just because it is less expensive is never a good indication. If purchasing a roof made from the USA’s raw materials is more important for you, seeking out companies that supply products only from domestic raw materials is preferred.

Additionally, one good way to determine the quality of raw materials is to seek out suppliers that exceed the Metal Construction Association’s requirements. Raw materials and other resources are best managed using construction management software. Roofers use this software tool to monitor and track crew, resources and the like.

4. Experience

One of the most important things to consider is the experience level of your chosen roofing supplier. There are many things that suppliers have learned to get better in their business over the years. Installation details, flashing design and long-term roof performance are the few areas where companies have been focused on improving. Also, manufacturers provide the product warranty for the purchased roofs. Hence, seeking a manufacturer with an established reputation and proven history indicates the ability to support your future warranty claims.

5. Pre-formed accessories

Most metal roofing manufacturers and suppliers usually offer pre-formed accessories. These accessories accommodate all specific roofing details and angles. It is found to be very important as their accessories are often made from similar raw materials. Thus, it will carry the same warranty. These things will also be tested and time-proven from time to time as part of the roof system.

If the metal roofing supplier does not offer these pre-formed accessories, then roofing contractors will have to form these accessories onsite. Working things like this onsite is easier with the deployment of a builder software. Expect productivity will boost and so as the team collaboration. Roofers also need to meet the specifications given by the roofing manufacturer and have to verify who is warrantying the items as well as the metals.

6. Warranty

One of the many things offered by various roof suppliers is the Product Warranty. This warranty varies significantly in terms of coverage, length and transferability. Make sure to receive two written contracts during the completion of metal roof installation. The two written warranties are referred to as Product warranty and workmanship warranty. The first one covers the product’s performance and integrity, while the latter is the other way around.

The workmanship warranty usually comes from the contractors who are tasked to build metal roofs. On the other hand, the product warranty comes from whether suppliers or manufacturers.

7. Service and Delivery

It is strongly suggested to do a little research first with the chosen metal roofing supplier. By doing so, buyers like you can determine if they are responsive or not. The supplier’s responsiveness is really one huge factor to consider since it is essential to know how long it takes the roofing materials to arrive. Search the suppliers on the web since there are tons of information and reviews about them.

Reaching out to suppliers is also suggested so that questions can be answered technically. You must prepare the questions and make sure to ask the possible costs of their services and delivery fees. Observe how responsive these suppliers are and see how long it takes to answer your questions.

Key Takeaways

The presented summaries and guidelines above regarding the top metal roofing suppliers in the United States will help you determine what is best for your roofing projects. Also, the seven critical considerations in the selection of metal roofing suppliers will help further help roofing experts in the decision-making process.

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