Tips on Creating Better Construction Daily Reports via Mobile


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In a workplace where everything is physically tiring, making daily reports becomes the last priority. In the construction site, for example. Workers would rather take off early and rest than spend another 10 minutes writing reports. But in a business where data is vital, daily reports are something that should be faithfully delivered.

But how important is data in construction?

The data being talked about in this industry refers to the daily progress, cost, equipment usage, safety, design, and other factors in the site that makeup facts and should be documented. In construction, a huge sum of money is being invested by the owner and for that reason, he couldn’t let a day go by without knowing what’s happening in his investment. Data is now used to deliver a complete report to the owner so he can assess the value of his investment.

Another instance where data is needed is when disputes arise. It’s difficult to get your way out of litigation if you lack documents. This makes daily reports important as they serve as references and evidence you can use to support your claim.

Data is also necessary when making another bid. And as we mentioned before, complete documentation of your project (from photos to videos and text reports) can help you make a better bid with more accurate estimate. And with a more realistic presentation backed up by solid reports, you can easily win new projects.

Creating Daily Reports

Believe it or not, the construction industry requires more paperwork than other businesses. Every day, crew members need to refer to documents like the blueprint, daily task schedule, procedures, equipment schedule, and so on. In the old days, all of these were in paper form and it was ineffective and stressful. The delivery of paper from the office to the field takes so long, causing delays. Once a document is misplaced or torn, the office needs to reproduce a copy, doubling the cost and the time in delivering the files.

But that was so ten years ago.

Thankfully, digitalization has influenced the industry that most of the construction firms in the world are now using a type of construction project management software. Today, almost 50% of Americans own a mobile device or two, often an iPhone or an Android. These smartphones are internet-capable making them the perfect tools to leverage in the site to make daily reports easier as well as filing paperwork, real-time collaborative project meetings, to taking professional-quality photos.

The Best Way to Create a Daily Report

Luckily, the pen and paper way of making daily reports is over. Construction firms are now using construction project management software that is also available in their mobile app versions like Pro Crew Schedule. This makes it so much easier for firms to capture and share their daily reports. Utilizing mobile devices increases the amount and type of data you can record. Moreover, it improves the shareability of data and puts all of them directly in your pocket. There is also the ability to sign the documents digitally from the field and the reports can be shared via the cloud so everyone who needs to see them will see them

Pro Crew Schedule is becoming an industry standard for construction project management software for subcontractors. It provides mobile solutions for daily reporting that allows document security and unlimited storage through the use of cloud technology. With the ability to create daily report templates, crew members can easily and quickly fill out their list of activities via their own mobile devices.

All these make it easy for project leaders to monitor work progress without having to visit on a daily basis. Clients can build the confidence that they invested on the right team. Furthermore, Pro Crew Schedule makes it possible for multiple parties to submit supporting data like photos and videos from multiple locations. This eliminates further delays by eliminating frequent face to face meetings to share information.

Possible Parts of an Effective Construction Daily Report

Daily reports can vary depending on what the project manager deems necessary to appear on the report. There are a few key components that make up a good daily report for construction sites and they are summarized below.

Who creates daily reports?

Everyone in the team should submit a report whether it is a project daily report or a work log. Foremen, supervisors, project managers, safety engineers, designers will, of course, have more reports to make. Typically, depending on the size of the project, a general contractor relies on his or her subcontractors to complete the daily reports for construction sites. And this will be easily done with the help of a construction project management software for contractors. An additional benefit of using software like Pro Crew Schedule is that the daily reports from every subcontractor can be combined into a single file.

Be sure to provide a strong connection at the site for your subcontractors and crew members can connect to the cloud server anytime they need to. Orient everyone on how to create their daily reports and think about making a template that everyone can easily fill up. Make a cohesive and standardized format for all reports. Turn this into a single PDF construction report without any additional work for you. These are ways on how you can improve your daily reporting in your firm.

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