The Best Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Construction Team This Year
The Best Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Construction Team This Year

The Best Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Construction Team This Year


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You know things will look very different for this year’s Thanksgiving. However, you can still give thanks, celebrate and enjoy the company of your construction team while staying safe. As Thanksgiving 2021 approaches, many companies are starting to make plans. So, if you are in charge of putting together company events either on-site or at the office, begin brainstorming ideas now.

To make it easier for you, we have pulled together a list of some fantastic options for fun Thanksgiving events for your team. It includes activities for virtual events and in-person events that can, either way, improve your construction employee engagement despite today’s situation.

What to Know About Thanksgiving?


We bet you do not know much about Thanksgiving, its history, and why it is celebrated every year. So, before we proceed, we dig first into the back history of this holiday season to refresh your knowledge about it. Celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 is much more meaningful if you know its significance and purpose.

Thanksgiving is the second-most widely held holiday in the United States after Christmas, with nearly 90% of Americans celebrating each year. This non-denominational celebration appeals to a broader swath of the population. And while celebrating Thanksgiving might vary from year to year (ops! Excuse the pandemic) – one thing remains the same. All people are looking forward to celebrating it together, to cherish and pay respect to tradition.

Tradition holds that the first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 when English settlers held a three-day feast to celebrate the successful harvest. It was then widely accepted that the Pilgrims (English settlers), would not have survived the winter season without the help of some local Native American tribes. From then on, a national day of Thanksgiving was observed intermittently in the early days of the U.S. By 1863, and it was finally proclaimed an official holiday by Abraham Lincoln.

So, there you go. We hope you revive and refresh some of the things you know about Thanksgiving. We hope that as you celebrate this wonderful season, you celebrate it with more meaning together with your loved ones, friends, and of course, your construction team. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving-Themed Ideas for Your Construction Virtual Team


Today’s technologies continue to improve, and it even contributes to celebrating important events like Thanksgiving 2021. If your construction team is entirely remote, there are many great options to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. See below:

1. Online Trivia Night or Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Prepare and customize a virtual- team-building event with your construction team. Bring everyone together and celebrate the season. Announce it to your team. Post your plans and announcements to an all-sharing platform like subcontractor scheduling software where all your crews can see and respond it in an instant.

Have your team participate in this virtual event. For sure, they will be entertained. The set-up is utterly perfect for the type of team that is all remote.

2. Virtual Volunteer

Volunteering is one great way to do some team building during this Thanksgiving season. Again, the main concern here is your team – most of them are remote. We have already mentioned online trivia, and now we will go down to virtual volunteer events. It is one of the many options that you can take advantage of, especially in this season. 

You can check the list from United Nations volunteering online page. The organization offers a lot of opportunities to help different projects. It will be an excellent way for you and your team to work together towards a non-profit. What a way to give back this Thanksgiving 2021!

3. Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have become popular over the past years. During the pandemic, a lot of companies begin offering virtual escape room experiences. The experience will be enjoyable for your crew members. The escape room is nothing but a thrilling challenge where your team needs to solve puzzles and look for clues that can help them navigate the escape. This option is unique, but it is sure fun and exciting to do.

4. Virtual Thanksgiving Meal

Even if you and your team are not all together, you can still absolutely enjoy a meal over zoom during the Thanksgiving season. Consider sending everybody a gift card for a food delivery service. From there, decide the time to gather and enjoy a meal together. You can open up and start conversations with your team. Allow everyone to share something and participate in the conversation. 

You can even host some exciting games like charades if you want to. Mechanics of the game should be posted earlier. A project scheduling software can help you spread the instructions and further announcements in an instant. 

In-Person Team Building Set-up for Your Team


1. Feed Your Crew

Thanksgiving is a holiday season that centers around food. So, do not underestimate the power of free food. During this Thanksgiving season, one way to win the hearts and stomachs of your crew members is by feeding them. While having boxes of pizzas is a great option, this year’s holiday season has to level up! While we do not suggest you treat your construction team to a five-course fancy dinner, just upgrading a company-provided meal is such a big deal. It does make your staff feel like they are valued and appreciated.

2. Make their Morning

How a morning plays out can either make or break a day. Your construction employees are used to getting up before the sun rises. They need that extra kick to get the best energy. One easy way to lift the early morning routine of your team is to provide them with a gift card to their ultimate favorite coffee chain.

Caffeinating your employees maybe not be your thing, right? Like what was stated earlier, never underestimate the power of free drinks and food. So, go for this kind of treats, especially during the Thanksgiving season!

3. Give Your Team Gratitude Gifts

You may be looking for other options for a Holiday gift exchange or Secret Santa. Gratitude gifts during this Thanksgiving season are one great option. You can give your team some valuable gifts like construction gear.

The right swag and customized construction gear can put a smile even on your most serious-looking laborers and workers. There are a lot of construction gear suppliers and vendors today. Make sure to pick the best one. You can also buy custom t-shirts for your construction team where an inside joke or punch line is printed. It’s all up to you. 

Another added advantage of availing personalized construction gear for your team is team-building on the job – because a team that dresses the same together stays together!

4. Dog Days of Winter

Dogs have a special place in the hearts of your construction workers. In many instances, you see dogs wandering to a job site or at the office. If your construction company does not have an open pet policy, you may consider bringing dogs on a workday. Animals like dogs have a way to lift spirits during the holidays, especially this Thanksgiving!

5. Thanksgiving Day Parade Themed-Event

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the favorite holiday traditions in the U.S. It will make an excellent theme for a job site event. Challenge your construction team and other departments to team up and create a thanksgiving parade. Start parading around on-site and have everyone vote for their favorites. Of course, also prepare for some prizes for the winners. It will be a fun way to incorporate the holiday tradition and have people cooperate.

6. Happy Holiday Hours

After a long and tiring day of work, a glass of wine or beer can help your construction workers wind down, chill and relax. A company-sponsored Happy Holiday Hour can show your heartfelt gratitude to your employees. However, keep in mind that if you plan on hosting a Happy Holiday Hour for your construction team, make sure that everybody has a safe ride home. 

Safety is just as important as your crew members enjoying themselves.

Give Genuine Gratitude – All Year Long!


The Thanksgiving holiday is an easy way to show your appreciation to your team and employees. Nevertheless, showing your gratitude should not just be limited to this particular time of the year. Any of the above suggestions can be made all year long. In fact, giving more thanks every now and then maybe a good New Year’s resolution to add to your 2022 personal and professional goals. 

Showing more gratitude is a win-win for you, your employees, and to your construction company. Spend more time with your team just like you spend time and show support to your family. Express how grateful you are to your construction crew. Showing gratitude towards the people you work with is crucial to your projects and overall business. 

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